Simple And Effective List Building Methods You Probably Have Not Thought Of

Tracy Brinkmann shares challenges of building and maintaining a profitable email list for entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators. The emphasis was on continually adding new subscribers to the list and offering simple and effective methods for doing so. He also shared the importance of keeping subscribers engaged and loyal.

Ask Subscribers To Forward Emails

Tracy discussed some simple and effective methods for building an email list faster. One strategy suggested was to encourage subscribers to forward emails by adding a button that says Email to a friend and including it in the call to action. Another strategy was to revive an old email list with an opt-in campaign, which involves creating a series of fun emails promising an awesome gift if they re-opt in. The third strategy was to add Easter eggs to your emails, such as hyperlinked words that lead to a surprise or clues to a special URL. Other methods include creating new lead magnets, free online tools, and unique email content.

Build Connection Via Email

The importance of providing value to subscribers with each email and making a human connection was emphasized. Tracy also shared tips for email marketing, including segmenting email lists based on demographics and interests, hosting contests, and providing value to subscribers in every email. Tracy emphasizes the importance of making a human connection with subscribers and offering specific freebies or surveys to understand their interests better.

Segment Your Email List

This episode continues with various strategies to increase email list subscribers, such as segmenting the email list based on interests, demographics, and psychographics. Another strategy was to host giveaways that require contact information to be entered, and to offer something that only the target audience would love. Shortening lead capture forms, adding CTA buttons to social media pages, and sharing newsletter previews via social media were also suggested. Additionally, adding gated content to Facebook, asking for feedback on websites, and adding outros to YouTube videos with links to landing pages were recommended.

Email Easter Eggs

Overall, the conversation provided 17 useful insights and practical tips on how to build and maintain a profitable email list. Whether it’s encouraging subscribers to forward emails, adding Easter eggs to your emails, or segmenting email lists based on interests, it’s important to make a human connection with subscribers and provide value with every email. By implementing these strategies consistently, entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators can build a profitable email list and engage their audience effectively.

Episode Chapters

[0:00:00] “Effective Strategies for Building and Maintaining a Profitable Email List for Entrepreneurs”
[0:01:58] “Effective Techniques for Building Your Email List Faster”
[0:04:03] “6 Creative Ways to Boost Your Email List and Engagement”
[0:09:04] Tips for Creating Valuable and Engaging Email Content for Subscribers
[0:10:24] “Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Segmenting Lists and Hosting Contests”
[0:12:38] Tips for Increasing Email List Subscribers through Social Media and Website Optimization
[0:17:56] 17 Effective Strategies for Building Your Email List: A Professional Discussion.
[0:19:48] “Tips for Building Your Email List: A Conversation with Tracy Brinkman”

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