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EP 387 Two Simple Steps To Selling Anything


SUMMARY: The Dark Horse Entrepreneur explains that there are two simple concepts that anyone can use to sell just about any product. The first concept is to identify the customer’s problem and the second is to show the customer how your product can solve that problem. The entrepreneur goes on to say that being an entrepreneur can also be difficult, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed by technology or when you are doubting your ability to succeed. The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs who are struggling with these issues.


Tracy Brinkman discusses the two step selling process and how it can be used to sell anything. The first step is to determine what’s in it for the customer, or WIIFM. The second step is to make an offer that the customer can’t refuse.


The customer is always wondering what’s in it for me? and this question needs to be answered right away. Secondly, you need to join in on the conversation that the customer is already having in their head. This can be done by sharing your pain of their problem and how you searched for a solution. You’re essentially taking them by the hand and walking with them right up to the edge of the problem and pointing it out. Finally, let them know that you understand how much it stinks to have that problem and that you have found the answer.


The conversation is about how to best sell to potential customers by using the What’s in it for me? (WIIFM) approach. The idea is that you should focus on what the potential customer stands to gain from your product or service, rather than trying to convince them that they have a problem that needs to be solved. This is known as Occam’s Razor, and it’s a way of simplifying the selling process by getting rid of unnecessary information.



0:00:00   The Two Simple Steps to Selling Any Product

0:00:55   The Two Simple Concepts That Will Allow You to Sell Anything on the Planet

0:02:37   The Power of WIIFM and Entering the Conversation

0:06:30   The Power of WIIFM: How to Sell Anything to Anyone

0:08:36   The Three and a Half Types of Content You Need to Update Right Now



And then you’re taking them from the starting point through the process of realizing that your solution might be the one solution that really makes sense. And here’s the thing, it’s your solution.


Enter the conversation that’s already in the customer’s head. Your customer is already talking to themselves, talking to their clients, talking to their spouses. So just go ahead and enter the conversation where they already are.


Or you could just learn and practice two very simple concepts that will allow you to sell just about anything on the planet. You want to know what they are?.


So as I mentioned at the onset of this particular episode, you could buy hundreds and hundreds of books on how to sell, hundreds of books on how to make conversions, how to people to do things, how to influence people, and so forth.


That is here because you’re ready to start restart Kickstart or just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal, or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the empire it absolutely deserves to be.

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