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EP 391 How to Zeigarnik Your Audience Into Submission


In this episode, the formula for creating addictive, memorable, and attention-grabbing content is discussed. This formula can be used to make people want to read your content, watch your videos, and buy your products. The formula is simple and easy to use, and can help you create content that people will love.


Tracy Brinkman explains that the Zeigarnik Effect states that people tend to remember unfinished tasks and incomplete tasks far better than they remember completed tasks. She gives the example of a waiter who is better at recalling orders that he has not yet delivered than the orders he has already fulfilled.


The Zeigarnik Effect is a technique that entrepreneurs can use to keep their audience engaged by opening up loops that the audience desperately wants closed. An example of how to do this is by asking questions in social media posts and then providing regular updates on the story.


The speaker explains how to use the Zeigarnik method to keep readers engaged in your content. This method involves teasing readers with something powerful, strange, or amazing that will be revealed later. However, the speaker warns against overusing this method, as it can anger readers and dissuade them from consuming your content.



0:00:00   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: A Formula for Addictive, Memorable, and Attention-Grabbing Content

0:01:05   The Zeigarnik Effect: Why Incomplete Tasks are More Memorable

0:02:56   The Zeigarnik Effect: How to Use Cliffhangers to Keep Your Audience Addicted

0:04:35   The Benefits of Using the Zeigarnik Method in Your Content

0:09:07   The Zeigarnik Effect: How to Use It in Your Sales Videos

0:10:59   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: How to Use Loops to Keep Your Audience Engaged



I delivered on the promise I gave you the tip or technique to use and to get your audience to listen to more of your content, consume more of your videos and listen to more of the podcast.


When you Zeigarnik your readers or your listeners or your viewers using this method, you’ll find them far more happy to read all of your blog posts, all of your articles, listen to all of your podcasts, or listen to more of your podcasts and watch the full video that you post out there.


How can I do this? Well, an example of how you could do this in social media is you can open loops between posts. You can do this by asking questions and then posting regular updates on a continuing story.


Your goal in using the Zeigarnik Effect is to open loops that your audience desperately wants you to close. Think of the cliffhangers I previously mentioned and you’ll know exactly what I mean now.


The Zeigarnik Effect states something to the effect that people tend to remember unfinished tasks and incomplete tasks far better than they remember completed tasks. And I’ll give you an example.