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Know your audience

Know Your Audience

🎯 Attention, healing coaches & service-based entrepreneurs!
Did you know that the key to a wildly successful podcast (or Product) lies in knowing your audience like the back of your hand🤚?

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Ways to keep podcast listeners engaged

Are you a podcaster looking for ways to keep your listeners engaged and interested?

With so many podcasts out there, it can be challenging to come up with fresh and exciting ideas. Fear not, because we’ve got 7 quick tips on how to keep your podcast interesting and engaging!

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YouTube Doing Podcasts

YouTube🖥️ To Be the Go To Spot For Podcasters? WAIT WHAT? 🤯

Yes!! You heard that right, though currently YouTube is a hotbed for video podcasts, our video friendly Google-owned platform hasn’t quite make it easy for audio only shows… YET!! YouTube podcasting head announced recently that podcasts will be added to YouTube Music soon!!
“We will soon start to bring both audio and video-first podcasts to YouTube Music for users in the U.S., making podcasts more discoverable and accessible, with more regions to come,” said a YouTube spokesperson. “This will help make the podcasts that users already love on YouTube, available in all the places they want to listen.”
And Fear not my ear bud infused friends — background listening will be available for free, so even if you lock your phone while listening, your show will not be interrupted. However, the free service will be ad-supported. (yeah well they gotta get paid right?)
Podcasters will even be able to upload podcasts via RSS feeds directly to the platform – talk about EASY BUTTON simple.
Are you ready to be YouTube Searchable? Yeah so am I!!