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EP 402 How To Improve Your Email CTAs by 202%

Tracy Brinkman, host of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, talks about the importance of entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators who want to build a business online but are struggling with technology, overwhelmed, procrastination, and imposter syndrome.

Tracy Brinkmann talks about a study done by HubSpot that revealed personalized CTAs (Calls to Action) in marketing emails can result in a 202% increase in clicks, conversions, and revenue. When people join a list, they are at various stages of their journey. For example, some may not even have a sales funnel, some may have a sales funnel but not have started advertising, and some may have started advertising but not gotten it to work. To create an effective CTA, it should be personalized to the person joining the list and the stage they are in their journey.

In this episode, the conversation focuses on how to get the most out of your email marketing. Tracy suggests using personalized offers and segmenting your list in order to get a 202% response rate. Tracy suggests using a welcome email to segment the list by asking what problem they’re trying to solve. They also suggest creating a series of emails to help guide subscribers along their journey and offering a bribe to encourage them to complete the segmentation process. Finally, Tracy stresses the importance of follow-up emails, as many subscribers won’t respond to the first one.

In this episode, Tracy Brinkmann is giving advice on how to offer bribes to potential customers. A Suggestion of creating four different free offers, each tailored to a different level of customer. The offers could be cheat sheets, learning videos, or anything else that the business chooses to create. When a customer chooses one of the offers, they will be tagged in the business’s email list. The key is to give something first, and to ask the customer a question that offers three options, each with a different free offer. This will help the business better serve the customer by segmenting them down.



0:00:00   Welcome

0:02:00   How to Improve Your CTAs by 202%: A Step-by-Step Guide

0:03:35   “Personalizing Your Offers to Maximize Your Results in Advertising and Social Media”

0:08:41   “Creating Free Offers to Increase Social Media Advertising Performance”

0:10:18   Heading: Taking Your Journey to the Next Level with the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast



Are you having troubles with your social media advertising? This free offer will help you. Is your social media advertising doing well, but you would like to do better?. This free offer will help you out.


And here’s where some of the magic is offering the right products and the right services to the right people to take them to the next level where you’ve already set up a series of emails and a series of products and services to help them get to the level after that.


Creating a great sales funnel that’s optimized for social media advertising, getting started in social media advertising, or fixing your social media advertising problems, or optimizing your current social media campaigns to maximize your return.


Now, let’s start with how to improve your CTAs by 202%. And I come up with this one because there was a study done in HubSpot which they, they analyzed over 300,000 marketing emails, all of which had Calls to Action or CTAs.


And I believe the answer to that is you are a driven entrepreneur, perhaps even an infopreneur that’s here because you’re ready to start restart Kickstart, just start leveling up with some great personal marketing business tips and results.

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EP 393 5.5 Simple Steps To 3X Your Email Clicks


SUMMARY: The question is posed: does email marketing still work? The answer is a resounding yes – but times have changed, and so email marketing has to change as well. The key to successful email marketing in the current climate is to understand the needs and wants of your audience, and to craft emails that speak to those needs. This can be done by segmenting your audience and tailoring your message to each segment, or by using personalization to make each email feel like it was written just for the recipient. By staying up-to-date with the latest email marketing trends and techniques, you can ensure that your messages are always relevant and engaging, and that your business continues to thrive.


Email marketing is still an effective way to reach and sell to customers, but the landscape has changed. Marketers need to be aware of how email promotion has changed in order to be successful.


Tracy Brinkmann discusses how, in the past, people would write long emails that would often get lost in the shuffle and be forgotten about. However, they suggest that people update their workflow to send shorter emails instead. This way, people are more likely to read them and they can be easily incorporated into other pieces of content, such as articles.


Tracy is talking about how to increase the open rate for emails. He suggests sending out a short email with a catchy subject line that directs the reader back to the website. He also suggests focusing on creating a database of content, encouraging discussions on the site, and using the phrase to continue reading in emails.



0:00:00   Email Marketing: Does It Still Work?

0:03:23   The Benefits of Updating Your Email Workflow

0:04:54   The Benefits of Sending Short Emails

0:08:49   5 Tips for Writing Better Email Subject Lines

0:12:36   Email Marketing: How to Increase Your Click Through Rate

0:14:03   Email Marketing: How to Write Emails Your Audience Will Love




Use the to continue reading phrase in your emails that will click that will boost your clicks. You see, by using this method, you’re likely to see your click through rates greatly increase over time.


Step two is place your real efforts on creating a database of content. Here’s what I mean by that. Instead of having to write articles and posts in addition to your emails.


Then send your readers that super catchy email that lets them know if they want to continue reading. Well, here’s the link to do that, right? It’s like the episode I just shared with you not too long ago on how you can zygarnick your audience into submission.


By sending out a short email, a short catchy email that directs your subscriber back to your website, you, my friend, are increasing the odds of that email will land in their personal folder, and they’ll get to open it and they’ll get to read it.


Those long drawing on emails are a thing of the past. Write like when you write to a friend, right?. Are you usually sending them a thousand words?. I know a few of you who just said, yes, I do.