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EP 389 3 Money Generating Campaigns You Need Right Now


SUMMARY: The Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast is all about helping entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed by technology and imposter syndrome. In this episode, Tracy and Jasmine discuss three old school marketing campaigns that are still relevant today. First, they talk about the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Then they discuss the power of direct mail campaigns. Finally, they emphasize the importance of building relationships with influencers. These three campaigns may be old school, but they’re still incredibly effective.


Tracy Brinkmann explains that coupons and discounts are a great way to generate sales, but it is important to keep them on a schedule so that customers don’t get used to them. He argues that this is an especially effective marketing tactic in a struggling economy.


Tracy discusses the idea that offering a discount or coupon with a deadline can be an effective way to increase sales. They note that this strategy can be especially effective if the target audience is already interested in the product but may be hesitant to make a full purchase.


Tracy explains that one way to increase sales is to offer a discount or coupon to new and existing customers. She notes that this offer can be continued indefinitely as long as new people are seeing it for the first time. She also suggests that another way to increase sales is to make customers qualify for your product or service. This campaign works better for higher price points, and it allows you to reset the sales dynamic.



0:00:00   3 Old School Marketing Campaigns That Will Help You Succeed

0:01:44   3 Old School Marketing Campaigns That Will Generate Sales

0:03:31   The Power of Discounts and Coupons in Your Marketing Campaign

0:04:58   How to Use Discounts and Qualifying Questions to Boost Sales

0:09:09   3 Simple Sales Funnels That Will Help You Make More Money

0:13:51   The Benefits of Giving Away Freebies to Qualified Prospects



And here’s one of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur, is you start watching sales and marketing pieces with a different eye, right? You’re looking at this going, okay, that was pretty good.


That paid offer makes enough sales to cover the cost of the advertising. The funnel is financially self liquidated, and the marketer is building a list for zero costs at the end of the day, right? So pay attention to some of these.


It’s a self liquidating offer, and many marketing sales funnels begin with this type of free offer or self liquidating offer if you’re paying for something. But even the free offers and the self liquidating offers will be immediately followed by a paid offer.


Yet sometimes we just tend to forget these bedrock campaigns that the marketing industry, let alone the online marketing industry, have been built upon. Think about someone as big as McDonald’s does something like this several times a year.


You’re flipping the sales dynamic in this particular instance from convincing them to buy to qualifying to buy. And you’ll be shocked at how this resets your own attitude, let alone the attitude of your prospective client.

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EP 388 3.5 Types Of Content You Need To Update NOW


SUMMARY: In this episode, host Tracy Brinkmann talks to business owners about how small updates to Evergreen content can lead to big increases in traffic. She also discusses which content is most likely to benefit from updates and how to go about making these changes.


In this conversation, Tracy talks about the importance of updating old posts on a website in order to increase traffic. They mention that it can be difficult to know which posts to update, and suggest that the best posts to update are those that are evergreen, have received a lot of traffic in the past, or are outdated.


You want to update the posts with the most traffic so that you can keep the traffic up and prevent any drops. You can use Google Analytics or other SEO tools to find out which posts are getting the most traffic. You also want to update the posts with the most impressions and the most backlinks. Updating these posts can help you rank better and attract more backlinks. Finally, you want to update your high conversion content so that you can keep the traffic and conversions up.


The conversation is about how to keep a website updated in order to make money. Tracy says that it is important to refresh the page regularly and to keep the page up to date. He also says that it is important to have a page that is generating money.



0:00:00   Helping Entrepreneurs Overcome Technology Overwhelm

0:01:01   3.5 Types of Content That Need to Be Updated Regularly

0:02:47   3.5 Ways to Update Your Old Content for More Traffic and Conversions

0:08:25   Updating Your Website to Maximize Traffic and Revenue

0:10:06   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur: How to Win the SEO Race



Then I would go after the ones with the most backlinks, because that’s going to keep your authority on Google going up. Then I would go after the ones with the most impressions, right? Go after the look, go look out during your Google console under performance and then the ones getting the most traffic.


You might even be able to get these to rank for keywords and attract even more backlinks and improve your site’s overall authority. When you update these, you can use again, another SEO tool to track those posts that have the most backlinks.


So to prevent this from happening, you want to refresh that old content and keep it up to date for the best user experience. Now, how do I figure out which is the post with the most searches?.


So what I wanted to do is come in here and give you the three and a half types of content that are on your site that you need to update regularly.


Because I believe you are a driven entrepreneur, perhaps an infoener that is here because you’re ready to start restart or kick start or just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal, or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the empire it absolutely deserves to be.

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EP 148 Marketing Tactics You Need To Stop Wasting Your Time On

Tracy Shares The Marketing Tactics You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

  1. Bring on all the networks
  2. Multiple account on each network
  3. Chasing low DA backlinks
  4. High #s and low value blog content
  5. Responding to EVERY comment