Jeremy Gislason on spending money to learn, building your list, others promoting for you, building passive income and turning a customer into a partner.

Edgar Blazona shares on trusting yourself, how the experience shouldn’t suck, easing out of norms, showing them you mean business, it’s not about being the best it’s about…

Lois Koffi Shares Her Story And Thoughts On; Squashing Your Dream; Building Your Contacts & Influence; And Having A Coach To Help You.

Mike shares; how he had all the trappings but zero idea on how to be productive; how Stigmas, Beliefs & Standards Serve You Until They Don’t; What is high performance and its five supporting pillars.

EP 107 Jason Linett  Change Your Words Change Your Business and Change Your Life
Can your words help your customer literally sell themselves on your product or service?

  • Jason Talks About How You Only Have A Few Seconds So STAND OUT! 
    no matter what you are selling and let’s be honest we are always selling something. It may be your product or service, it may be your fb group or getting someone to engage with you on social media or just simply getting your prospect or customer to simply take the first step of raising their hand and showing they are interested.
  • Jason reminds us to Enhance Relationships Then Present Value
    We have discussed this fact in the past but it is so important that here we are again yet another one of my guests emphasizing the importance of building rapport and enhancing the relationship with your prospect or client before presenting the value.
  • Jason says that Explanations up front = education; Explanations afterward = excuses
    By being clear and up front from the beginning you can not only level set expectations but you can pre-frame a desired outcome for both you and your prospect.
  • Jason Shares That You Should Get yourself into state before trying to get your audience into one
    We as humans tend to make our initial decision based on emotions then we back them up with logical explanations.  So, many entrepreneurs focus on getting their audience, their prospects into a state that would better enable them to make the buying decision the product creator wants them to make.
  • Jason Reminds Us That Different is better than better
    As I call out in the start of the interview, Jason stood out to me via that way he presented his desire to come onto my show.  Remember thought #1 one here – STAND OUT.

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Tracy discusses the 7 stages of the customer journey and how that creates a successful & profitable model for your business.

EP 016 Tracy B The Plight Of Procrastination

  • How do you avoid getting hung up in the plight of procrastination?
  • Tracy shares some of the key procrastination drivers how we all fall prey to the plight of procrastination
  • Tracy shares some great tips and ways of curbing your procrastination
  • Tracy shares a simple tactic you can put in place today to avoid your procrastination

John shares his sales niche story, the value of grit, about taking in the useful, focusing on strengths and reminds us of some key sales tips!

EP 014 Christina Vitagliano Turning Monsters Into Money

  • Christina reminds us of the importance of continuous learning, building your skills and leveraging them into your business.
  • Christina reminds us if you’re not happy SELL IT! Then tells us what to do next.
  • Christina talks about how no matter how much you plan, it will NOT go the way you plan.
  • Christina shares the secret sauce of hospitality and training.
  • Christina shares her top tip of being a successful business owner!

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EP 012 Tracy Brinkmann 12 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of work, a lot of vision and a lot of perseverance. Today your humble host, Me, shares 21 tips, that I have gleaned from my experience and from other driven entrepreneurs who have already found success, some of which have been guests on this show. By sharing them I am hoping they will help you navigate your path much more easily.