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Unlock Millions: The Unique Top 100 Marketing Strategy Revealed

In this episode of ‘The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast,’ Tracy Brinkmann reveals Russel Brunson’s unique ‘Top 100 Strategy.’ Learn how to craft your ideal customer avatar, connect with key influencers, and build trust and authority within your niche. Tune in for actionable steps to transform your business and earn millions.

Stand Out with Simplicity: Doja Cat’s Bold Move & How to Use Authenticity to Get Noticed

Discover the power of simplicity and authenticity in entrepreneurship. Learn from Doja Cat’s 2024 Met Gala look and uncover strategies to stand out and succeed with genuine expression. Tune in to the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast with Tracy Brinkmann for actionable insights and tips to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

Beat Content Creation Burnout: 5 Proven Strategies for Consistent and Impactful Content

Struggling with content creation burnout? Discover 5 proven strategies to keep your content fresh and impactful. Learn how to overcome creative blocks, streamline your workflow with Asana, master content repurposing, leverage AI tools, and infuse your content with purpose. Listen to The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast now!

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About Tracy Brinkmann

From hitting the rock bottom of drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and even the death of an 18 month old daughter. To running the planning & marketing departments of some of corporate America’s finest companies to his own company helping driven entrepreneurs, scale their businesses, by crystalizing and monetizing their passions, and now hosting his podcast focused on Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneurs.

Tracy Brinkmann, is a business coach, success coach & product creator that realizes life isn’t fair and participation awards do not feed your family (or your drive to succeed)… This Driven Dark Horse Entrepreneur is looking to share all that he has learned and is still learning about starting, restarting, kick starting and stepping up your entrepreneurial game all while not ignoring that amazing tool between your ears!