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How Can Persuasive Storytelling Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Just as a captivating story has the power to engage and move an audience, persuasive storytelling can transform your content marketing strategy, driving results and building a loyal customer base. By crafting narratives that resonate with your target audience, you can create emotional connections that inspire action and influence purchasing decisions. Let’s probe into how the art of storytelling can take your content marketing to new heights.

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What Impact Does Message Personalization Have On Your Content Marketing Outcomes?

Many realize the significant impact of message personalization on content marketing outcomes. From increasing customer engagement to improving conversion rates, tailoring your messages to individual preferences can make a remarkable difference in the success of your marketing efforts. Lets dive into the importance of message personalization and how it elevates your content marketing strategies.

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4 Secrets of the Content Marketing Funnel

Unlock the Secrets of the Content Marketing Funnel: 4 Steps Of Content Marketing

Discover the power of the content marketing funnel in this episode of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast. Learn practical strategies for each stage—Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase, and Delight—to enhance your content strategy, engage customers, and drive sales. Perfect for entrepreneurs ready to transform their marketing approach and achieve business growth.

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Know your audience

Know Your Audience

🎯 Attention, healing coaches & service-based entrepreneurs!
Did you know that the key to a wildly successful podcast (or Product) lies in knowing your audience like the back of your hand🤚?

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EP 406 7 Steps To Creating Cornerstone Evergreen Articles


This conversation is about the importance of Cornerstone Content on websites. The host of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, Tracy Brinkman, provides seven easy steps to creating these anchor pieces of content. She then explains that she has been in the coaching, course creation and online space since the 90s and is still learning. Tracy then encourages entrepreneurs, coaches and course creators to take action and learn tips from the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast. She believes that driven entrepreneurs should start or restart their businesses with great marketing, personal, or business tips and results.



Cornerstone content is the key to growing a business into the empire it deserves to be. These articles provide the most important, complete information on the topic and should not be written with the goal of selling. They help to raise brand awareness, rank higher in search engine results, and attract prospects that can be nurtured into customers. Writing and publishing this content helps to position oneself as an authority in their industry and builds trust in the brand and its products. Ultimately, the goal is to help other people and build relationships.



Creating Cornerstone Content can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. By following seven easy steps, anyone can create content that will attract their ideal customers. Step one is to choose a topic. When deciding on a topic, it is important to consider if it aligns with your business and will attract customers, if it is something that would make your customers life easier, and if it interests you. If you choose a topic that you are passionate about and have a bit of knowledge on, it will be easier to write and optimize the content.


Creating content for your business can be an intimidating task, but with the right preparation and research, it doesn’t have to be. The first step to creating great content is to do extra research which will help your prospects and customers. Research what your customers want to know, talk to existing customers, read posts, books, and interviews, and take copious notes to quote as sources. Once you have a plan, start outlining topics and subtopics, and then write the content. Make sure it is clear, concise, and genuinely helpful in solving one or more of your customer’s problems. Also, include links from expert sources, build your keywords in naturally, use tools like Grammarly or Hemingway to make it easy to understand, and get a few people to read it in advance. Lastly, optimize your article with your primary keyword in the URL, title tag, and headline.




0:00:00   “Creating Core Content: 7 Easy Steps to Becoming an Authority in Your Field”


0:02:10   “Unlock the Power of Cornerstone Content to Build Your Business Empire”


0:04:17   “7 Steps to Creating Cornerstone Content for Your Business”


0:06:10   “Tips for Writing Effective Content”


0:12:08   “Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines: Tips for Improving SEO”


0:13:50   “Six Tips for Promoting Your Cornerstone Content”


0:16:39   Creating Cornerstone Content: 7 Tips for Successful SEO and Reader Engagement




Contact every expert and website that you quoted inside your article and let them know about it. Some of them heck, many of them will tell others through their social media, right? Sometimes they’ll even link to your content from whatever the article or whatever piece of content that you referenced that you used. They’ll link them together. Now you’re getting some of that Linked use. You might even consider investing a little paid promotion as well. You can reach a highly targeted audience this way and use the new traffic to further build your email list and becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Make it simple for visitors to share your content with others by adding social media buttons, share me links, email, all the little tricks.


Use your social media accounts to tell your followers about the article, right? Schedule social media posts several times a day for the first couple of days after you post that Cornerstone Content, and then periodiotically afterwards, re remind them. Use personalization whenever possible. Thank you, guys, all my sales folks. I did this amazing piece of content about handling objections, right? I drew blank there for a second. Whatever it might be, you can even take a snippet of this piece of content and use it as your social media content and say, hey, this is just one piece of this amazing piece of content. Put it out there, click the link down in the Show notes or whatever it is, and check out the full content, right?


So wherever your keyword you’re trying to tweak for, you’re trying to optimize for. Make sure it’s an url in the title tag and in the headline. Ideally, the title should answer an exact question being asked in Google, so it might be part of your research early on. What questions are being asked on this topic? Create subheadings that hold keywords as well as other keywords being populated throughout your text.. This will help your readers and the search engines alike to recognize the relevance of your content. This search engine have gotten really smart over the past couple of decades. And so make sure you don’t know we’re not talking about keyword stuffing here. We’re just talking about make sure it’s relevant to the content you’re trying to the questions you’re trying to answer and the content you’re trying to share.


Right? Tip number three plan your content. Now this is where the fun begins. You might be writing something called the Complete Guide to Blank whatever the Topic Is or everything you ever wanted to know about. Blank. Again, whatever your topic is or how to achieve blank whatever your topic is. Once you have a basic plan of what your article will achieve, start outlining your topics and your subtopics.. You might want to use a step by structure from beginning to end, or a list, like we talked about in episode 348, ways to Make Your Listicles Amazing. So you can create a listicle or whatever works best for the topic that you have chosen. Okay. By the way, you might want to go back to listen to episode 348 where we talked about listicles. Listicles are very popular. You see them all the time. Where it’s like the top ten ways to X or the top whatever. Anyway, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I won’t beat that one to death.


Please do not be intimidated into thinking that it’s beyond the scope of your abilities to create this kind of content. Why? Because I’m about to break it down into seven easy steps. Here we go. Step number one pick your topic. There are three questions that you’re going to want to consider when choosing a topic. Does it align with your business and will it attract your ideal customers? Right. Does it align with your business and will it attract your ideal customers? For example, let’s say you’re in the niche of stock investing. You don’t want to create some cornerstone Content about buying a home.

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EP 403 Why Your Storytelling Might Be Ruining Your Business


Tracy Brinkman is the host of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast, which is designed to help entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators who feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their business or technology skills in the online space.

In this episode, Tracy talks about the importance of storytelling and how it can be used to build an empire. Storytelling, Tracy argues, is a great tool for entrepreneurs to reach their audience, build their brand, and create an unforgettable experience for their customers. By sharing their own stories and experiences, entrepreneurs can create a powerful connection with the people they are trying to reach, helping them to stand out from the competition. Storytelling can also help to inspire others, giving them the courage to take action and pursue their dreams. Tracy encourages entrepreneurs to use storytelling to connect with their audience and create an unforgettable experience.


Tracy is advocating for the importance of storytelling, and is hosting a free summit on the topic. However, he believes that the same storytelling strategies that gurus use to gain followers can actually be detrimental to businesses. He gives an example of a story that is often used, where someone goes from being in debt to becoming successful. He argues that this type of story does not actually help customers because it does not provide actionable advice. Instead, he encourages businesses to focus on providing useful tips and strategies that can help customers.

Tracy Brinkmann discusses how rags to riches stories work, and how they may not be the best option for attracting high-ticket customers. He advises using discounts, time-sensitive offers, and stories that illustrate how easy and fast a product will work to attract lower end customers. He suggests dampening the rags to riches stories in order to attract more high-end customers, and to use content that demonstrates results. He suggests doing an A/B test to compare the results of a rags to riches story with more powerful stories such as Here’s how we increased our conversions by 93% in 8 weeks.

Tracy shares the importance of using winning stories and messages when trying to increase conversions. Tracy gave examples of stories that could be used to better engage customers, such as earning free publicity and gaining subscribers, customers, and sales in a short period of time. He also suggested telling a story of building a business from $0 to generating revenue in 14 months. He also noted that it’s important to make sure that any stories used are ones that have actually been experienced by the speaker. He made the example of a rags-to-riches story to a more effective one of living in a 1971 Vega car to a 442-room mansion in only four hours of work per week.



0:00:00   “Unlock Your Potential with Storytelling: How to Level Up Your Business with Dark Horse Entrepreneur”

0:02:32   “The Dangers of Storytelling in Business: How It Could Be Ruining Your Profits”

0:04:02   “The Power of Storytelling: How to Attract the Right Customers for Your Business”

0:09:36   “How to Increase Conversions with Winning Messages and Stories”

0:11:37   Heading: “Authenticity is Key: Proving Your Value to Your Customers”



But keep in mind, you’re going to have to continually focus on volume, volume, volume finding more and more and more of these customers to bring through your sales funnel to take them through your ascension letter.


Now, when you want to attract customers on the lower end of this financial spectrum, it’s great to use things like discounts, time sensitive offers and the sort of stories that illustrate how easy and how fast your product will work.


I’ve been there, right? And simply maybe they’re not as knowledgeable about the world of business and the world of marketing. Now, these folks, they’ll easily spend $17, $47 on a product, but they will likely never shell out hundreds or preferably thousands for training, no matter how good the promise, know how great the product is, or know how bad they need the result that they could get on the other side of it.


Your messaging, your story is going to determine what kind of client demographics you attract. Using a rag to riches story tends to attract the people on the lower end of the financial spectrum.


I just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal, or business tips and results, man, we got to get those results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the empire it absolutely deserves to be.

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EP 397 Huge Problem With SEO And The Simple Solution


The problem with SEO is that it can be difficult to get high quality backlinks. However, there is a simple solution!


In this podcast episode, Tracy Brinkman talks about the importance of backlinks in SEO. He explains that backlinks are a crucial component of SEO and that they can help you get more traffic to your website or blog. He also gives some tips on how to get more backlinks, including guest blogging and creating great content.


The secret to getting organic backlinks is to rank number one for low or no competition keywords. This is because as the top pages get more exposure, they get more backlinks.


In order to get ahead of the competition, it is important to create quality content for terms that have little to no competition. This can be done by researching new terms that are being coined in your niche, or by creating content for terms that are already in use but don’t have any definitive content. It is important to update your content regularly in order to maintain your position in Google.



0:00:00   The Benefits and Power of Backlinks

0:00:53   SEO Backlinking: The Key to Successful Digital Marketing

0:02:36   The Secret to Getting Organic Backlinks: Rank Number One for Low or No Competition Keywords

0:05:55   How to Rank on Page One of Google

0:07:49   The Benefits of Creating Content for Low Use, Low Competition Keywords



And so you’re in the blue ocean creating the great content for those low use, low just up and coming red ocean keywords. And as your articles, your videos, your podcasts and content rank number one for these multiple keywords, you’ll start to get your backlinks.


Now, in the experiment that they did, pages on the top spot for low or no competition keywords earned an average of 24 backlinks every year. That’s because as the top pages get more exposure, they get more backlinks.


The secret to building organic backlinks is to rank number one for a low or no competition keywords. Yeah, let me say it again. The secret to getting organic backlinks, high quality organic backlinks, is to rank number one for low or no competition keywords, right?.


According to this study, top pages in the top spot get the top number of backlinks. Yeah, okay, stick with me for a minute. I’m going to Roy you the rest way through this.


Well, they’re a crucial component of SEO. Now, you can’t buy them in bulk well, you can, right? But you can’t buy them in bulk and expect to get results.

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EP 395 10 Websites Are An Endless Source Of Content Ideas


SUMMARY: The Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast helps entrepreneurs who are struggling with technology, procrastination, and imposter syndrome. In this episode, Tracy Brinkman discusses how to generate endless content ideas. He recommends ten websites that entrepreneurs can use to get ideas for their next piece of content. These websites include sites like BuzzSumo, Quora, and Reddit.


Tracy discusses how important it is for experts in their field to come up with content ideas, and provides a list of ten websites that can help generate an endless stream of content ideas. The websites listed include: Quora, Reddit, Google Trends, and BuzzSumo. Tracy  emphasizes that the purpose of the list is not to provide ideas that can be copied and pasted, but rather to give experts an idea of what their audience might be interested in.


The conversation discusses the website Socrates which is a search engine designed to help you learn more about your target audience. You can use Socrates to find out what topics and keywords that are already popular inside your target audience as well as common problems they’re facing and questions they’re asking. The information from Socrates can be used to create content that is relevant and useful to your audience.


Quora is a website where people can ask and answer questions on any topic. It is a great resource for finding content ideas, as you can easily find questions relevant to your niche or industry.



0:00:00   10 Websites for Endless Content Ideas

0:02:14   10 Websites to Help You Generate an Endless Stream of Content Ideas

0:03:51   How to Use Socrates to Learn About Your Target Audience

0:05:34   How to Use Quora and Answer the Public to Create an Endless Stream of Blog Post Ideas

0:07:07   Quora: A Great Way to Generate Content Ideas

0:08:28   How to Use Various Websites to Generate Content Ideas

0:13:17   How to Use Various Online Platforms to Find Content Ideas for Your Life Coaching Business

0:19:04   How to Use Google Trends to Find Out What’s Being Talked About in the Coaching World

0:20:36   10 Ways to Find Ideas for Your Life Coaching Business

0:22:21   Ten Websites for an Endless Source of Content Ideas



This is a great way to find some visual content that is relevant to your audience to help you come up with ideas that are both interesting as well as being visually appealing.


Now in this particular example, it’s actually the introduction to one of the people Twitter is trying to get me to follow. But if I click on their profile, they have a whole host of great pieces of content in here.


And as you might expect, these conversations can be a great source of content ideas to get started. Once again, type in the keyword or phrase and see what people are tweeting about.


How you can as a life coach to keep up with this example and I beat this one down the ground, could give your prospects, your clients, your customers some great ideas for motivational gifts for their loved ones on the holiday season.


Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world and it’s also a great source of content ideas. Simply browse through all the various Reddits. Some of you may think of them as forums and see what people are talking about.