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EP 385 Making Money Online From Watching VHS Tapes


SUMMARY : The Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast discusses how to make money online from watching VHS tapes. The podcast features business owners who share tips on how to be successful in online businesses. The tips include overcoming technology overwhelm, procrastination, and imposter syndrome.


In this conversation, the Tracy Brinkmann discusses how one can make money from watching VHS tapes. He explains that many people may have these tapes lying around their house, and that there is value in the content on the tapes. He talks about how one can monetize the tapes by finding local advertisements and news bulletins that people may be interested in.


The internet has created opportunities for people to make money in unexpected ways, including by curating old VHS tapes. Peter Dylan Trishard is one such person, who scours storage facilities for old tapes and then posts them online with witty commentary. Other VHS curators focus on different types of tapes, including old religious programs and personal development programs.


Tracy is talking about how they found someone who had old, televised versions of some content from Norman Vincent Peel. They say that this could be a lucrative hobby if done right, but there is a possibility of receiving a cease and desist notice if the content is still copyrighted. They end by talking about how old news bulletins could be compiled into a memorial for movie stars and other public figures who have passed away.



0:00:00   VHS Tapes: How to Make Money Online

0:01:25   VHS Tapes: A Lucrative Hobby?

In this episode, we explore the idea of making money from watching VHS tapes. This may seem like a crazy idea, but there is actually a lot of money to be made from these old, obsolete tapes. If you are a driven entrepreneur, this

0:04:54   VHS Curating as a Potential Money-Making Venture

0:07:02   Nostalgia Marketing: A Lucrative Hobby?

0:09:43   How to Make Money by Digitizing Old VHS Tapes

0:11:41   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast – Episode 2: VHS Tapes and Other Obsolete Technology



If you find something unique and a basket of old VHS tapes that you can bring to life and take people down memory lane once again, again, not operated content here, but sometimes you’re like, wow, remember when, right?.


Now, maybe there’s some old stories out that have been long since forgotten, and you come across someone who has all these recordings on VHS of to o television news broadcasts.


This particular business model, while it might not make you rich, it could be a lucrative hobby if you get enough followers and subscribers to tune into your broadcast to view your videos.


Imagine getting paid to literally watch old VHS tapes, to find those hidden gems within. And Pete isn’t only doing this, there are other VHS curators out there making money in various ways, including some turn the clips into stories, others who focus on old religious programs, others that focus on old personal development programs.


Because this is a business model that might not make your edge, but could be a very lucrative hobby. Now, for those who are perhaps too young to remember, VHS tapes were the predecessors to your DVDs.

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