Winning the Entrepreneurial Race Unleashing Motivation And Mastering Goals

Winning the Entrepreneurial Race: Strategies for Unleashing Motivation and Mastering Goals

Dive into “Winning the Entrepreneurial Race,” a compelling episode of The Dark Horse Entrepreneur, where we explore the essence of motivation and goal-setting in the entrepreneurial journey. Uncover actionable strategies to overcome common challenges and set a clear path to success.

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EP455 Unlock Your Life’s Thrill: Mastering the Anticipation Engine

Join Tracy as he unveils the Anticipation Engine, a transformative approach to infusing your daily life with the excitement of anticipation. Learn how to energize your routine and make every day an adventure with practical, actionable tips. Tune in to rediscover the joy of looking forward to life’s moments!

Unmasking Reality Unleashing the Power of Healthy Skepticism

Unleash the Power of Healthy Skepticism

Join Tracy in this transformative episode, as he delves into the art of healthy skepticism in our information-overloaded world. Discover practical tips, inspiring stories, and the undeniable benefits of digging deeper to understand the core of situations and people. Learn how to navigate through the noise, challenge your assumptions, and unlock a world of deeper connections and success. Tune in now to transform your perception and propel your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

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Embark on a transformative journey with the podcast. Dive into the secrets of unlocking your true potential, exploring actionable tips, engaging stories, and thought-provoking reflections on personal development, accountability, adaptability, and the myth of the magic bullet. Join Tracy Brinkmann as we navigate through life’s journey to become the person you were always destined to be

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Unlocking the Power of Transitional Identities in Navigating Life’s Pivotal Moments

Unlock the secret to navigating life’s pivotal moments with ease in this transformative episode. Dive deep into the concept of Transitional Identities, your bridge from the present to the future during significant life changes. Join us for a journey filled with relatable anecdotes, expert advice, and actionable insights that promise to enlighten and empower you through your personal and professional transitions. Don’t just witness change; master it with strategies that ensure you thrive amidst life’s inevitable shifts.

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EP 401 Paralysis To Entrepreneurship With Nick & Karen Fitch

This conversation introduces the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs, coaches and course creators who want to build an online business but are struggling with technology, feeling overwhelmed, and battling imposter syndrome. The host, Tracy Brinkman, has been in the coaching, course creation and online space since the 90s, and is still learning new things. He believes that the listeners are driven entrepreneurs, ready to start or restart their business and kickstart their marketing, so they can build their business into the empire it deserves to be.

Nick and Karen Fitch are a couple in their twenties who have purchased a farm and a heard of cows. One morning, Karen wakes up and is unable to move from the neck down. It is a devastating event, but the Fitches refuse to be held down by it. They have found ways to adapt and take on their challenges with optimism. The conversation is about how they have navigated their situation, started a business, and how others can find inspiration in their story.

Nick and Karen are an amazing couple with an inspiring story of entrepreneurship. They started an online business selling pictures of their beloved cows via their website, CuddleCowCompany.com. They have overcome a lot of obstacles to reach the level of success they have today. The podcast is full of personal and business advice that can be taken away to help listeners become successful entrepreneurs. Nick and Karen shared a bit about their story and how they were able to start their own business.

Three years ago, the Karen woke up paralyzed from the neck down and had to spend six months across three states and seven hospitals. She was closer to death multiple times during this period. In April of 2020, the Karen was sent home from the hospital as the doctor believed it was the best way to keep her safe from infection. The Karen, Nick returned to a small town in Iowa and were determined to pay forward the help they received during their hospital stay. Reflecting on their blessings, they wanted to do something to help others.


0:00:00   “Welcome to the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: Learn Tips from Business Owners to Build Your Empire”

0:02:13   Interview with Nick and Karen Fitch: Overcoming Adversity and Creating a Life of Abundance

0:04:28   Interview with Nick and Karen: Founders of Cuddle Cows

0:06:02   Heading: Reflection on a Journey of Hospitalization and Recovery

0:07:52   Heading: Conversation with Nick and Karen about Cuddles Out and Their Cow Farm in Nowhere, Iowa

0:11:51   Conversation with Nick and Sarah about Starting a Business and Living with an AVM

0:16:59   Heading: Neurosurgery Journey of a Kid with Spinal Cord Issues

0:18:38   Heading: Spinal Cord Injury and Respiratory Failure: A Story of Recovery

0:20:11   Heading: Reflection on Overcoming Adversity and Finding Purpose

0:22:07   Conversation with Karen and Nick about Starting a Blanket Business

0:25:50   Conversation Summary: Navigating Sales Tax as a Small Business Owner

0:27:24   Conversation Summary: Starting a Business with Limited Knowledge

0:29:33   Conversation Summary: Adapting to Life with a C6 Spinal Cord Injury

0:31:14   “Entrepreneurial Journey: Nick and Karen’s Experience with CuddleCowCompany.com”

0:34:05   Interview with Entrepreneurs Karen and John on Spinal Cord Research and Bootstrapping a Business

0:38:28   Interview with Karen and Nick of Cuddle Cows: Giving Back Through Cuddly Cows and Cute Shirts

0:40:02   Conversation with Nick and Sarah of Cuddlecat Apparel: A Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

0:44:47   Discussion on the Evolution of Marketing Strategies

0:46:40   Interview with Nick Carryman: How to Start a Business for Free and Sell Your Products Without Ads

0:48:11   Interview with Nick and Karen Fitch of Cuddle Cow: A Story of Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success



Be a part of the solution, not the problem. All right, so I want to be mindful of your time where I could sit here and pick your brain all day long because I’m like you.

But spinal cord injury is just kind of an underfunded area where there’s not a lot of funds going towards that. But actually, in the last year or so, there’s actually been a few new drugs that have been invited and therapies that are going into like a testing phase with the FDA.


And that’s the bulk of our income through that. And then I also do a little bit of social media consulting and stuff with people on Facebook stuff because, I don’t know, that’s one of my passions.


And then here they are given with cuddle cows. You guys got to check this out. The link will be down in the show notes, everybody. I’m going to put all your links, the Facebook link, the TikTok link is going to be down there.


And if this business ends up becoming more part of our income, that would be great. But I would say we started this mainly for how we become part of the solution to find a cure for style for style burden.