Are you struggling to increase conversions on your website? Tracy Brinkmann shares 10 proven tweaks that can help in this episode.

This episode revolves around increasing conversions on landing pages and other website pages. Tracy Brinkmann shares ten proven tweaks that can help increase conversions, such as adding a call-to-action in each section, removing all navigation options except for the desired action, and making all text easy to read. They emphasize that these tweaks have been tested and proven to work, and encourage listeners to implement them to see increased results.

Ideas To Drive Website Conversions

Tracy discusses several tips to improve conversions on landing pages, including making the page visually appealing and easy to read, engaging readers with questions and customized results, using GEOIP to personalize content, adding calls to action within blog content, and making the landing page congruent with the ad that brought the traffic. Tracy also suggests using a GIF in exit pop-ups and recommends services that can help create interactive quizzes. These tips can increase conversions by up to 30% or more.

Multiple Call To Action Buttons

One of the tips discussed is to add a call to action in each section of the landing page, while the second tip is to remove all options and navigation to go anywhere else. The third tip is to make all text easy to read. The speakers emphasize the importance of actually using these tips and testing them to see what works best for each individual business.

Congruent Landing Pages

Tracy advises making it difficult for customers to buy a product as it can increase conversions, by making them jump through a few hoops to qualify for the product. They suggest taking customers to a landing page that is congruent with the ad or page that sent them there as incongruencies can cause them to leave. Another tip is to add a checkout bump to the order page, offering a second product at a discounted price, which can increase profits. Tracy recommends pricing the checkout bump at 50% or lower than the main product and explaining the benefits in just a few sentences.

Make It Difficult For Them To Buy

Tracy Brinkman discusses the counterintuitive technique of making it difficult for prospects to buy a product in order to increase conversions. He suggests making the prospect jump through a couple of hoops to see if they qualify to buy the product, by asking them questions about their age, health, etc. This technique can be used to weed out customers who are not a good fit for the product or to make the prospect work to earn their right to buy the product. Brinkman advises testing this technique and all others to see what works best for each individual business.

Using GEO IP In Content

Tracy suggest adding calls to action inside blog content instead of just placing them in the sidebar or at the bottom of the blog. They also recommend using GEOIP to personalize landing pages with location-based language, which can bump conversions by 10 to 25%. Another tip is to make your landing page congruent with the page that visitors came from, to avoid incongruencies that could cause them to bail. Finally, adding checkout bumps to order pages can increase profits, and they should be priced at 50% or lower than the main product.

Quick Summary

In conclusion, this episode provides several tips to increase conversions on landing pages and other website pages. The speakers emphasize the importance of testing these techniques to see what works best for each individual business. They also promote the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast as a resource for entrepreneurs struggling with technology overwhelm and imposter syndrome.

Podcast Chapters

[0:00:00] “Boost Your Landing Page Conversions: 10 Proven Tweaks for Success”

[0:01:48] “10 Proven Tips to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates”

[0:07:48] “8 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Website Conversions: Tips from a Professional Writer”

[0:10:16] “10 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales and Increase Profits”

[0:13:35] “Using Counterintuitive Strategies to Increase Conversions: Making it Difficult to Buy”

[0:15:22] Podcast Episode: Boosting Conversions on Your Website with Tracy Brinkman

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