Welcome to a new chapter of The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, where we’re shifting our focus towards parents eager to embark on the journey of becoming digital nomads via side hustles.

The Journey to Digital Nomadism: A New Focus

Our host, Tracy Brinkmann, draws on their personal experiences of juggling work, kids, and the arduous quest for a work-life balance. Realizing that a large part of our listeners share similar struggles and dreams, we’ve decided to gear our podcast to cater explicitly to hardworking parents.

Reasons for The Shift: Parents and Side Hustles

This shift in focus isn’t just on a whim. We’ve narrowed down three compelling reasons why parents are the perfect candidates for starting a side hustle:

Financial Pressures Faced by Parents

Parents face unique financial pressures, such as daycare and education costs. A side hustle can alleviate these pressures by providing an extra income stream.

The Quest for Time Control

Parents yearn for control over their schedules to spend quality time with their kids. Side hustles offer the flexibility to achieve this.

Setting a Good Example for Your Kids

Parents aim to set good examples for their kids by demonstrating that hard work and creativity can lead to success. Side hustles are perfect platforms to demonstrate this.

Quick Tips for Parents Considering a Side Hustle

In this new chapter, we also share practical advice for parents ready to plunge into the world of side hustles. Here are three quick tips:

Passion Over Profit

Start with something you love. It’s easier to find time for a hustle when it’s something you’re passionate about.

The Power of Starting Small

Start with achievable goals, celebrate small victories, and allow your hustle to grow organically.

The Importance of Patience

Remember, you’re a parent, you’re working, and you’re starting a business. Take it slow and be patient with yourself.

Join us in our new journey on The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, where we transform from hardworking parents to trailblazing digital nomads. Let’s make the dream a reality, together! Oh and don’t forget to check out EP 417 How To Earn 6 Figures By Capturing Birthdays.

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