Boost Profits With An SMS Service: A Case Study & Guide To Capture Birthdays & Grow Your Business

Are you ready to discover a sneaky yet effective way to build an SMS list fast? Ready To increase profits for your small business? In this episode, we’re going to dive into a case study. Where Mark earned six figures by capturing birthdays and setting up SMS messaging for businesses. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a step-by-step guide. On how you can start providing this SMS service to business owners and see the same success as Mark. Time to grab a notebook and be ready to take notes!

How Mark Made 6 Figures With SMS Messaging

Mark is a successful entrepreneur who has earned six figures. He did this by taking advantage of a creative, yet effective way to increase profits for his small business. Capturing birthdays and setting up an SMS messaging service. This episode provides a step-by-step guide on how to provide this service to business owners and replicate Mark’s success. We will provide advice to business owners who are looking for ways to increase their profits. Mark’s story shows that entrepreneurs can be successful, despite feeling overwhelmed by technology.

Mark is an entrepreneur who works with businesses to implement an SMS messaging service. This service captures customers’ phone numbers and birthdays. The businesses then send out a free birthday gift redeemable on the person’s birthday. This strategy helps the businesses build an SMS list quickly. It also increases their profits. Two birthdays a week can bring in an extra 200, and ten can bring in an extra thousand. Mark suggests creating a real tangible product. Then, shipping this product out to the birthday customers. This commands a higher price and results in more positive reviews., making this strategy even more effective. To get started, businesses must implement the SMS messaging service and then begin capturing customers’ birthdays.

Start Your Own SMS Messaging Marketing Service

Tracy Brinkmann explores the concept of using an SMS service to help businesses build their customer list and increase customer loyalty. It is a powerful tool for increasing revenue and foot traffic, as well as saving on marketing costs. The steps for entrepreneurs looking to provide this service to businesses are outlined: research SMS services, create a website to showcase the services, and use Groove Funnels to collect emails.

Tracy talks about creating an SMS marketing service for businesses in the food and entertainment industry. The speaker suggests taking advantage of the free level of service for 30 or 60 days to get the service up and running. Potential clients should be identified, and customized SMS marketing campaigns should be created for each one. These campaigns should include personalized birthday greetings and incentives to encourage customers to visit the business. Staff should be trained on how to capture customer data and create an SMS calendar to include special promotions and offers for different times of the year. Tracy suggests leveraging special days of the month to build up to a big movie release or other promotional events. 

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0:00:00 “Unlock the Secrets to Building an SMS List and Increasing Profits for Your Small Business”

0:01:17 “Unlock Six-Figure Profits with Birthday Capturing: An Interview with Mark, a Savvy Entrepreneur”

0:03:46 “The Benefits of Using a Birthday SMS Service for Businesses”

0:08:18 “Creating an Effective SMS Marketing Strategy for the Food and Entertainment Industry”

0:09:47 Heading: Leveraging SMS Marketing to Increase Customer Loyalty and Profits

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