Welcome back to another episode of The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, the go-to place for hardworking parents yearning for the freedom and fulfillment of the digital nomad life. Today, we’re diving into a powerful lesson on wealth creation from the esteemed marketing instructor, Dan Kennedy.

The Struggle Of An Entrepreneur

Imagine an entrepreneur, much like many of you listening right now, who hired Dan Kennedy to scrutinize his business. Despite having a team of five employees, the business was not reaching its full potential. Dan, being the expert he is, meticulously analyzed the entire operation, from top to bottom.

The Diagnosis

The Impact of Attitudes on Wealth Creation

After his thorough analysis, Dan identified the issue – the office manager. Despite being the longest-serving employee, she was sabotaging new initiatives, ignoring procedures, damaging morale, and driving away customers.

The Resistance

The entrepreneur resisted. He insisted that he needed the office manager and couldn’t possibly run the business without her. It took Dan an entire year to convince the client to let this person go. 

The Transformation

The Power of the Right Team in Business Growth

Once the office manager was gone, the business started to flourish. Sales increased, and within a year, the business was 30% more profitable. The remaining employees were happier and more productive, and the customers were satisfied. The entrepreneur’s net worth increased by half a million dollars, and he was finally able to launch a new business idea.

The Lesson

Key Takeaways from Dan Kennedy’s Lesson

This story highlights the significant impact of attitudes on business success. A negative attitude can act as a block to wealth, causing stress, anxiety, and ultimately, failure. On the other hand, a positive attitude can foster growth and prosperity.

The Importance Of Supportive Relationships

Actionable Tips for Parent Entrepreneurs

The attitudes of those around you, especially your spouse, can significantly influence your business success. A supportive spouse can contribute to your success, while a non-supportive one can stifle your growth. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s crucial to communicate your aspirations and seek their support.


The attitudes of those around us can significantly impact our business success. Surrounding ourselves with positive, supportive individuals can foster growth and prosperity. So, choose wisely who you let into your business and personal life

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