In this podcast, Tracy Brinkman discusses how to turn old magazines into valuable content that can be sold online in this unique side hustle idea. He explains that this can be a great way to make money while decluttering your home. He also offers tips on how to get started, including finding sources for cheap or free magazines, and choosing which ones to sell.

In this conversation, Tracy talks about how entrepreneurs can take old magazines and turn them into valuable content or even make money online with them with this unique side hustle. He explains that if you have a collection of magazines, it likely means you have a passion for something, and that these magazines can take up a lot of space.

Tracy discusses choosing the right magazines to turn into online content notes that it is important to carefully select magazines that will be most valuable to whatever audience is consuming the content. He advises to consider magazines that are still relevant today, and offer timeless tips in areas such as style, cooking, and DIY projects.

Tracy discusses that to be successful with this side hustle there is an importance in finding old magazines that are still relevant today. They suggest looking for magazines with unique and hard to find information, as well as those with well-written and informative content.


0:00:00 How to Turn Old Magazines Into Money Online 0:01:46 How to Turn Old Magazines Into Valuable Content and Money 0:03:30 How to Choose the Right Magazines to Turn Into Your Online Content 0:05:10 3 Tips for Finding Valuable Vintage Magazines 0:07:00 How to Choose the Right Magazines to Turn Into Online Content 0:08:43 How to Make Money With Magazines: A Step-By-Step Guide 0:14:19 How to Create Engaging Social Media Content from Articles 0:16:18 How to Make Money by Reading Old Magazines 0:17:53 The Dark Horse Entrepreneur: How to Make Money from Old Magazines


Tracy Brinkmann goes to the garage sales and buys up all the old magazines that he can find. Now, he says the older the better. And I would concur on this because obviously, the recent magazines, everyone’s probably already read them, right? So if you can go back and find old magazines, like I said, I got some from the 70s here.   Maybe you create a tutorial or how to video an article that contains the instruction tips on how to do something. Hey, you’re going to do this, then you’re going to do this, then you’re going to do that.   Do you want to learn how to make money with magazines? You’re like what?. And now here you are listening to it. And then now you give the introduction, the hook.   Content that you find valuable, that you think your readers will find valuable and relevant. And when you’re doing that here, I want to give you a couple of tips here.   So I want you to consider those four things as you try to choose the right magazines to turn into online content and ensure that content that you create brings value to your audience.

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