https://DarkHorseSchooling.com   Adam Adams is the founder of Grow the Show, a company that helps podcasters get their message out to the world. In this conversation, Tracy and Adam discuss the importance of competition in the podcasting space, and how it can benefit both podcasters and their listeners. They also talk about the importance of marketing and personal branding, and how to grow a show without all the hard work and guesswork.   In the conversation, Adam Adams discusses how he got into the podcasting business, and how it has benefited his real estate investing business. He also talks about how podcasting can be used to build an audience and how it can be used to serve that audience.   Adam Adams talks about how he got into podcasting and why he decided to sell his show. He explains that he felt that real estate was getting heated in 2019 and that he wanted to pivot to something else. He launched a podcasting company and sold his show in 2020. He discusses how podcasting has become a big part of his life and how it has grown and changed over the years.   The person being interviewed discusses some of the reasons why people start podcasts. These include wanting to be funny or entertain others, wanting to get paid through sponsorships, or wanting to attract new business. They also talk about how starting a podcast can be beneficial, such as providing value to listeners or growing a coaching business.   03:45 What led you into the podcasting arena? 09:49 Podcasting as a lead generation tool. 15:28 The power of podcasting and micro content. 19:08 The importance of understanding your audience’s needs. 23:59 How can you help a passive investor? 28:48 How to stop telling and start asking people. 34:08 Engagement and the 8020 rule. 40:06 The power of sharing. 44:47 How to make sure you’re doing all three. 51:33 The power of lead magnets. 55:11 Do something compelling to get listeners to take action. 1:00:15 How to sell the lead magnet. 1:04:38 How to create value for your audience. 1:08:58 Door-to-door sales. 1:12:29 Adam’s podcast is a free resource. www.growyourshow.com   #Podcast #podcasts #podcasting #podcaster #podcasters #podcastlife #podcastshow #podcastlove #podcastaddict #podcasthost

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