SUMMARY: The Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast is all about helping entrepreneurs who want to build a business online but are feeling overwhelmed with technology, procrastination, and even imposter syndrome. In this episode, the focus is on helping those struggling to come up with sales ideas for their product or service. The conversation offers a few tips to get started.


In this episode, Tracy Brinkman discusses how to take advantage of the many holidays in December to market your business. She recommends sending out two emails each day with a different holiday-themed campaign. For example, on Catherine’s Day, you could offer a discount for people who send you a photo of their cat. This is a fun way to engage with your customers and promote your business at the same time.


In this episode, the speaker discusses some of the unique opportunities for sales that are available in December. Christmas Lights Day, World AIDS Day, and Rosa Parks Day are just a few of the days that present opportunities for marketing campaigns. The speaker encourages listeners to have fun with their emails and to be tongue-in-cheek in order to engage their audience.


Tracy lists different niche holidays that occur in December, and how businesses can take advantage of them to market their product or service. For example, International Volunteer Day or World Wildlife Conservation Day. The speaker also mentions how some of these days, like Christmas Card Day or Lost and Found Day, could be used to market products or services related to those topics.



0:00:00   Sales Ideas for the Holiday Season

0:01:21   How to Use December Festivals for Marketing Campaigns

0:04:12   December Sales Opportunities

0:05:43   Marketing Your Business with National Days

0:09:20   December Marketing Ideas

0:10:49   Marketing and Promotional Ideas for December

0:12:27   99 Marketing Ideas for December



On the 14th, easy Money Marketing right there. On the 15th, there it is, Catherine’s Day. Rehifting Day, international Tea Day, and Cupcake Day the 16th. The 16th chocolate covered anything day.


You have International Cheetah Day, right? Maybe your product is fast in its solutions. You have cookie day, santa’s list day, and world wildlife confederation, the world wildlife conservation day.


So if you’re advocate of any of those, you can use them as part of your marketing campaigns. But now, let’s go day by day, shall we, and talk about some of the unique opportunities that you have.


And I think that’s one of the key things about good marketing is to have fun with it. Let’s say you send out two emails each day during the month of December.


No matter what kind of how to product that you’re selling this day, that particular day is tailor made for one of your sales campaigns. Then there’s the app day or cookie day or ready for this one Catherine’s day.

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