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EP 152 Alex Vonderhaar From Cleaning Flotation Pods To Neuromarketing Generating Millions


  • What we see isn’t always what it is – Alex embarked upon his journey into neuro-science almost as a spite to his elders during his college career – but ended up liking it and clearly leveraged that knowledge into a pretty darn good career and business.
  • You Don’t Know What You Know Until – While working as the spa boy for his friend’s float tank business, Alex offered to help him with his digital marketing.  He started by researching the digital marketing landscape.  Getting input from the real influencers that were having success at the time.  To his surprise he realized this marketing ‘stuff’ was all his psychology and neuroscience classes rolled together to create a desired action a.k.a. Neuro marketing.
  • If you can’t beat them – join them –  Alex gave some great examples of engaging your market where they are.  If they are a 20 year user of a specific brand you are competing with, the odds of you converting them over to your brand is highly unlikely.  So, instead ask  how you can engage with that 20 year habit and insert yourself into that daily routine.


  • Focus on the 6 Human Needs – Alex dropped some major knowledge here.  We need to be focused on the 6 human needs in our copy.  They are: Certainty, Novelty, Significance, Growth, Love & Connection, Contribution.  You marketing should have all of these included.

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EP 102 Ari Gronich From Deathbed To Healer Motivation Means Nothing Without Action

  • Ari shares that no matter the road, hard or easy, it is up to you!  About the importance of learning from wherever you can, to stand up and fight for what you believe in and how motivation means nothing without action.


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