Do Your Landing Page Images Stink? – Boosting Conversions with Engaging Visuals

Are you tired of lackluster landing page images that just don’t convert? In this episode, we’ll reveal the power of using the right images on your landing page. We’ll show you how to showcase your product and evoke emotions that will make your visitors want to buy. Plus, we’ll share a surprise tip that just might revolutionize your image strategy. Don’t settle for subpar conversions – listen to this episode now and start optimizing your landing page images for maximum impact.

Now, if you’re struggling to come up with a great image for your landing page, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you. One great resource that I recommend is Icons8. They’ve got a myriad of design tools to help you create the perfect unique images for all of your marketing.

Remember, your landing page image is one of the most important elements of your page. It’s the first thing that visitors see, and it’s what grabs their attention and draws them in. So, take the time to select a great image that showcases your product, evokes emotion, is unique and memorable, works in harmony with your page copy and call-to-action, and fits with your overall color scheme.

Now, let’s talk about some actionable tips that you can take right away to improve your landing page images.

Showcase Your Product

Showcasing your product is essential, and you should aim to show it at its best. Think about a TV ad for a hamburger, for example. They always show a zoomed-in super closeup of a steaming hot burger. This image is designed to make you salivate and want that burger. Similarly, your landing page image should make your visitors WANT your product.

Evoke Emotion

Your image should evoke emotion and show your customers how your product or service will make them feel once they have it. For example, you could show your customer hugging your product and grinning, or you could demonstrate how badly they feel now because of their big problem, adding a second image illustrating how great they feel after using your product.

Do Not Stock Images

It’s tempting to find a stock image of a sexy woman looking over-the-moon happy, adding that to your page and calling it good. But in most cases, stock images LOOK like stock images, and they don’t resonate with your visitors. Instead, aim to use an image that is as perfect as possible at grabbing attention and making the conversion.

Consider The Page Copy And Call To Action

Your image needs to work in harmony with everything else on your page, including the copy and call-to-action. Consider how your image is being used. Is it the background to the entire page, the border to the page, or off to the left of the sign-up form? Location matters. If it’s the background or border, then it needs to support the copy without taking too much attention away from it. But if it stands apart from the copy, it can be more creative, more detailed and more attention-getting.

Consider Using a Cartoon

People can’t help but pay attention to cartoons, so consider using one on your landing page. If there is at least one cartoon person in your cartoon, it’s even better. The key is to keep the cartoon simple and easy to understand.

Think Twice Before Getting Fancy

Things like image carousels, auto-played videos, animations, and so forth can be extremely off-putting if the viewer isn’t ready for them. If you do include elements like these, give the prospect a super easy-to-find pause button.

Consider Your Color Scheme

Your image needs to seamlessly blend in with your overall color scheme rather than clash with it. If you have a particular style associated with your brand, such as colors and fonts, then make sure your image blends in with this scheme.


If you want to boost your landing page conversion rates, it’s essential to pay attention to your landing page images. Your image should showcase your product, evoke emotion, not be a stock image, work in harmony with your page copy and call-to-action, consider using a cartoon, think twice before getting fancy, and consider your color scheme. By following these actionable tips, you can make sure your landing page images don’t stink and are working hard to help you convert more visitors into customers.

But don’t just take my word for it. Go ahead and test out these tips for yourself to see what works best for your landing page. And if you want to learn more about how to improve your landing page conversion rates, be sure to Click here to listen to episode 415 of the podcast titled “10 Proven Page Tweaks to Massively Increase Website Conversions.”

There, you’ll discover even more actionable tips to help you boost your landing page conversion rates and grow your business.

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