The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators who want to build a business online but are struggling with technology, procrastination, and imposter syndrome. In this episode, Tracy Brinkman discusses five money-generating niches that entrepreneurs can focus on to build a successful business.


Tracy Brinkmann shares that the topic of health is one of the best money generating topics out there. She explains that the health and fitness industry is growing rapidly and is worth billions of dollars. If you are passionate about the topic of health, you can carve out your own niche and make a lot of money.


Tracy discusses how to become a successful fitness content creator by narrowing down your niche and providing value to your audience. They also talk about the importance of money in the fitness industry, and how to make and save money as a content creator within the fitness arena.


Tracy discusses different ideas of possible blogging topics that could be profitable. The topics discussed were health, money, food, fitness and.. one other area of passion. It was noted that while not everybody is interested in every topic, there are ways to cater to different interests within each topic. For example, within the topic of food, one could blog about recipes, cooking classes, or the best places to eat in a certain city. It was also noted that food bloggers tend to make a higher median income than bloggers in other industries.



0:00:00   The Five Best Money Generating Niches for Content

0:02:21   The Best Money Making Topics in the Blogosphere

0:03:59   How to Make Money in the Fitness Industry

0:05:24   3 Profitable Blogging Niches to Start in 2021

0:08:47   How to Make Money in the Food and Travel Niches

0:10:21   How to Create a Travel Blog That Makes Money

0:12:10   How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog, Video, or Podcast

0:17:29   The Benefits of Leveraging Your Experience to Create Products

0:19:03   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: Episode #1 – Why These Five Passions Will Work For You



You’ll find it far easier to sustain your blog, your video, your podcast, whatever medium you’re choosing to share your passion driven niche. You’ll find it far easier to get over the hurdles, to crack through the barriers, to dig under the walls that are going to be placed between you and your goal, which is probably earning some money with it, right?.


Heck, you could probably get the folks that come on to your videocast or your podcast or your blog to pay you via their marketing funds that they would use to pay for their advertising.


One of the ladies I’m trying to get on the podcast has five of them  (unique air BnBs) and they’re all ones like a spaceship. One is like shaped like a dog crazy.


Try creating a travel blog about the most unique airbnb’s that are out there. Think about that for a moment, just for a moment, would you? There are a number of very unique B and B’s out there.


There are some of them out there that are in the travel industry. So you could get your travel paid for, most likely, and enjoy the process at the same time.


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