SUMMARY: The conversation is about a trick to get more people to leave comments on your blog or social media posts. The trick is to ask a question at the end of your post. Asking a question will encourage people to leave a comment because they will want to answer the question.


Tracy is an entrepreneur who is still learning. He believes that it is more important to know who the person is that you are to get your content in order to get better rankings. The reason for this is because they are likely driven and want to build their business into an empire. The interviewee then shares a tip on how to get more people to interact with content, which in turn will improve the ranking of that content.


The conversation is about how to get people to comment on your content, and the best way to do this is by asking them to do so. Tracy also mentions that he is going to be giving away a free copy of his new course to one lucky person who comments on the content.


Tracy discusses the idea of using a contest to increase engagement on a video or article. The prize for the contest is a free, valuable gift that is related to the topic of the video or article. The contest can help to increase the average viewing time of the video or article, and the prize should be specifically targeted to the audience who would be interested in the topic.



0:00:00   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: How to Get More People to Interact with Your Content

0:01:28   The Benefits of Getting More Comments on Your Content

0:02:57   How to Get More Comments on Your Content

0:04:26   How to Increase Engagement on Your Videos or Blog Posts

0:07:52   How to Use Contests to Boost YouTube Views and Engagement

0:09:22   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: Free Course Giveaway



You’ll be seeing it announced here on the podcast and all the platforms that I publish on, but you will get your free copy if you’re picked as one of the winners.


Try doing this across a couple of posts, a couple of podcast episodes, a couple of videos on your YouTube and watch the magic happen in your comment section. So let’s see if the magic works.


And there’s a couple of big metrics that YouTube uses to determine whether or not they show a video to additional people. Views in the first 24 hours are specifically important if we’re talking about YouTube to help get your video seen by more people.


The more comments you have, the higher your chance of you ranking higher in the searches. And when you get your readers and your viewers and your listeners to interact with your content, by leaving their own comment, you’re increasing their perceived ownership of that content.


Why do you want people to interact with your content?. Well, more often not, it’s because it will quite often give you a better standing in the search. And you’ve talked about social media content.

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