SUMMARY: In this episode of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, Tracy Brickman helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators who want to build a business online but are battling technology, overwhelmed procrastination, and even imposter syndrome. He shares tips and advice on how to successfully overcome these obstacles and build a successful business.

Tracy discusses the reasons why someone might start podcasting or creating an online course, and shares some of the things she wishes she had known before she started doing either of them. He stresses the importance of knowing your audience and offers some tips on how to create content that will appeal to them.

The best time to start a successful and popular podcast or online course is before you press the record button for the first time. However, it can be a hard slog for creators to learn what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately, some tips can help you learn from the mistakes of others.

Knowing what you want to get out of your course or podcast is important, as it will give you a clear reason for creating it. Additionally, your email list should come before your product, as it is a slow process to build one from scratch. Finally, social media can be a helpful tool for promoting your course or podcast to your target audience.

Tracy explains that if you want to be successful in launching a podcast, it is important to have an email list, social media following, and something to sell from day one. Without these things, it will be difficult to get people to listen to your podcast and you will likely end up spending more money than you make.


0:00:00   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: Tips for Building a Successful Business Online

0:01:52   The Benefits of Podcasting and Online Course Creation

0:03:36   The Benefits of Knowing What You’re Doing Before You Start a Podcast or Online Course

0:07:00   3 Ways to Make Your Podcast More Successful

0:09:03   The Benefits of Creating an Online Course

0:12:15   5 Tips for Marketing Yourself as a Celebrity in Your Niche

0:14:17   7 Ways to Make Your Podcast or Course More Attractive to Guests and Students

0:18:49   7 Ways to Make an Impact as an Entrepreneur


Interview some big shots in your niche, even go outside of your niche, but somehow relates to the theme of your course, of your podcast. I’ve had folks from way outside the entrepreneurial, the podcasting, and the online course realm, right? But I was always able to take their knowledge and relate it back.

You need to choose to be a celebrity from day one, all right? You need to choose to be someone who is bigger than you are in real life, someone with a memorable name and a personality.

What that means is whatever money you’re spending on ads and the costs it takes to get a prospect turned into a paying customer, at the end of the day, the cost of the course pays for that ad.

You’ll be investing your time to create your episodes, to create your lessons, and to edit those episodes and added those lessons into marketing and finding people to come in and talk, doing everything else that needs to be done or you’ll be hiring someone to do it.

You’re going to send your subscribers and your social media friends to your podcast to get that critical mass, that boost as soon as you hit itunes, to jump you up in the lists so that you can grab more listeners and more subscribers and then really start to build your email list.

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