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EP 137 Pam Christian The Right Mindset At The Right Time Changes Everything

  • They Only Person That Can And Will Change The Trajectory Of Your Life Is YOU – Look I get it you were dealt a bad hand, you ponied up to the bar of life and was given a glass full of something you found hard to swallow.  Guess what, you are not alone.  Drink it, don’t drink it, it is all up to you.  But here is where you can set yourself apart from the sheeple that are out there complaining about their life’s and doing nothing about it.  
  • Who Are You Really – Okay so I mentioned sheeple a little bit ago.  Perhaps that turned you off or perhaps you totally got what I meant.  Either way here is the deal.  So much of our world is set up to turn you into just that….sheeple.  
  • Find What Works For You – Discard The Rest – You have heard me mention this before.  This was something I was lucky enough to learn as far back as a teenager from some of Bruce Lee’s writings.  It has served me VERY well across my 50+ years on the big blue spinning globe and can serve you well every single day.

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