Being a Parent and Entrepreneur

Are you a parent aspiring to be an entrepreneur or a digital nomad? This episode of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast dives deep into the challenges and opportunities that come with balancing parenting and entrepreneurship.

The Tale of Two Parents: Sarah and Mark

Meet Sarah and Mark, two hardworking parents with similar backgrounds and the same challenges. They both aspire to be digital entrepreneurs but take different paths, leading to vastly different outcomes.

The Diverging Paths: Choices Matter

Sarah chooses to listen to the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast and apply its actionable tips, while Mark decides to go it alone. The results? Sarah enjoys success and more family time, while Mark struggles with overwhelm.

The Results After One Year: Success vs. Struggle

After one year, Sarah successfully launches her online course and enjoys more time with her family. Mark, on the other hand, is overwhelmed and has little time for his loved ones.

Three Actionable Tips for Parent Entrepreneurs

Learn the three actionable tips that made all the difference for Sarah: the importance of continuous learning, effective time management, and investing in the right tools and resources.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

Time Management for Parent Entrepreneurs

Investing in the Right Tools and Resources


In this episode of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast, we explore the journey of two parents, Sarah and Mark, who aspire to be digital entrepreneurs. Using the “2 People 1 Difference” technique, we delve into how their choices in continuous learning, time management, and resource investment lead to contrasting outcomes. Sarah enjoys success and a balanced family life, while Mark faces struggles and overwhelm. Tune in for actionable tips and strategies to help you succeed in your own journey as a parentpreneur.

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