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How do you go from being unable to walk for over a year to running a successful fitness business? Stay tuned to find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? While that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is up What is up my dark horse friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of fit business learning or maybe it’s fitness in business learning. I don’t know. It’s one of them. Anyway, I’m your dark horse host Tracy Brinkmann and you Well, that is infinitely more important, my friend, you are a driven entrepreneur, or one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be. That’s why I’m here coming at you with another big episode today. Today, Lisa perenco shares how she went from being unable to walk for well over a year due to an accident to firing up and figuring out her own fitness business. And then how she pivoted when COVID slapped her business square in the face. Plus, I’m gonna let you in on next week’s interview episode guests, who watched one of the biggest WordPress software companies in Southern California, where their husband, now I know you’re getting value. If you’re certainly not getting value for me, you’re definitely getting value from these amazing guests I’ve been lucky enough to bring on so if you are I know you want to keep getting all these weekly interviews as well as the daily success tip. So please be sure you go on down there. Hit that subscribe button while you’re there. Yeah, that’s right. Go ahead. Leave us a five star rating. Drop us some kind words in the reviews. You see these subscribes, ratings and reviews? Yeah, they tell the podcast platform algorithms you know those little computer thinking brains right? To lift us up a little bit in the rankings so that we can reach more driven entrepreneurs just like yourself so again, I know you’re getting the value please take a moment show the love and help spread the word and yeah, as per usual these dark horse crowds are chock full of personal business and marketing g o l d spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse aren’t at entrepreneur HQ my my my tongue tripped over my it so I can’t see what I’m saying. So let’s get to the starting gate and go alrighty my dark horse friends and family Today’s guest is Lisa pronto. You know I didn’t ask her if I was gonna mention that say that correctly. I hopefully it’s right. She she’ll tell me if it wasn’t now Lisa has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry now. Wait, don’t leave me at stick with me on this one. Okay. She has worked in a diverse popular with a diverse population, including first responders athletes in adolescence. Her experience in the fitness industry has also included working with clients to rehab from a variety of injuries from spinal cord injuries to brain injuries recovering from childbirth, to sports related injuries, as well as joint replacements. Now her focus has always been to help her clients find their own strength and power through their fitness routine or from their fitness routine. Now she’s a PMA accredited Pilates instructor, a senior trainer, a certified CrossFit instructor, a certified cowbell instructor. Hold on stick with me here, a certified bar above instructor. Lisa is also certified in Paleo Nutrition, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in human behavior. Are you feeling a trend here? All right. She’s a contributing writer for health web magazine, as well as smartrip manure magazine. In addition to being the founder and CEO of healthful life, Lisa has been featured on various magazines and on podcasts beyond this one of course, but this is the most important one, like San Diego Voyager magazine combat divas the poorly written podcast and radical resilience. Now Lisa is here to tell her story. Teach us some lessons and drop some healthy value bombs. Lisa, welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur.

Lisa Peranzo  04:32

Thank you for having me. Every time someone reads my bio, and I’m like, holy crap, who’s that person? They sound fancy. I know.

Tracy Brinkmann  04:40

You’re like, shoo man. I’ve done a lot of stuff.

Lisa Peranzo  04:44

You know, it’s shocking because I’m still only 25

Tracy Brinkmann  04:51

I know it’s your so much packed in there. And before you know we started this actual recorded part of the interview. We were talking to Music and you shared you, you were on a different path. And so really I want to step back from the mic here and let you just kind of tell your story, the good, the bad, the ugly, the good road, the bumpy road that you have traveled to get to where you are today, and why you love doing what you do so much.

Lisa Peranzo  05:17

Oh, wow. Well, then I will start with the music part, because that’s kind of where we left off. And that was that was literally what I did. I started playing music when I was nine. And I still play music still to this day. Well, I should say not currently today, because I’m recovering from an injury. So I can’t play but that’s okay. That’s a story for another podcast. I I really thought growing up like that was what I was going to do. I was going to be a professional musician. You know, like I was telling you, Tracy, I wanted to be a studio musician, not the one on stage. Love the ones on the stage, not for me, I wanted to be the like, behind the scenes musician, and I got talked out of that path. And you know, right or wrong, whatever. I don’t feel like there’s any wrong answer for that. But when I started, like figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up when I was like 17, or 18, which side? No, that’s insane. Like, how do you know what you want to be when you’re big? When you’re like, 18?

Tracy Brinkmann  06:14

Thank you

Lisa Peranzo  06:14

barely just learn how to tie to my shoes, and you’re like, how are you gonna pay bills? And I’m like, what’s a bill? A credit card?

Tracy Brinkmann  06:21

I can’t even coordinate my clothing. How am I supposed to choose a career path,

Lisa Peranzo  06:26

budget, or career path? Like you’re telling me I need to go to college, and it’s going to determine everything in my life. So I went to college, I’m in Army ROTC, I actually ended up enlisting in the military. And I went the ROTC path, because in fairness, again, 18, not really knowing what I was doing. I got corralled into like the multipurpose room of my high school. And they were like, take this test. And I was like, I don’t know why I’m here. Sure. Cool. And I started about turns out, I was taking the ASVAB.

Tracy Brinkmann  07:00

Oh nice!

Lisa Peranzo  07:04

I ended up I had been getting contacted by recruiters prior to that to just flat in list. And then I took the ASVAB. And I ended up scoring so high on it that they were like, No, you need to go for ROTC. Like, we think it would be a really strong candidate. And I was like, that’s cool. I didn’t really think I did well on that test, because it was asking me stuff like how do you change the oil on your car, and I was like, I take it to the oil change. And they’re like, so you’re not going to be a mechanic? And I was like, probably not. So I went into Army ROTC, I loved it. Absolutely. I loved it. I loved everything about it. I love the structure it gave me I love the camaraderie that I got from the people around me, you know, gave me the opportunity to go to school, and about maybe like a year or two and I was on a training exercise. And I ended up getting very severely hurt. And I did not walk for the better part of year. And that was the beginning of my journey into fitness. Okay, that makes sense, right? Which was purely from the standpoint of figuring out how to have fitness as a component in my life to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, so that I could continue to be active and not live in a state of chronic pain. So because I know your listeners are curious people like me, and they’re like, well, how did she get hurt, though? And I want to know, I got you.

Tracy Brinkmann  08:27

That’s okay . I was gonna ask.

Lisa Peranzo  08:29

I know you’re like I can see I did see it on your face you’re like, and so I was doing an exercise called fast roping, which is a way to insert troops into tight areas via repelled tech. So if your listeners I’m not aging myself have seen Blackhawk down. This is my go to equivalent and it has been since I got hurt when they slide down the ropes out of a helicopter, that’s fast roping. That’s what I was doing. And I will also say I did it technically perfect. And there is also a picture of me or right before I hit the ground. I didn’t fall nothing like that when I hit the ground. The thought from my doctor is that I landed on a rock. And I didn’t have enough support and my boots and my right foot shattered, fractured and dislocated one fell swoop

Tracy Brinkmann  09:19

just everybody just cringed at the same time.

Lisa Peranzo  09:22


Tracy Brinkmann  09:23

Yes, right? Oh my goodness.

Lisa Peranzo  09:26

Total. Same.

Tracy Brinkmann  09:28

Now, what was this on it? This was during a training exercise. Okay,


yeah, we’re out on a training and I love rappelling I have pictures of me rappelling going like upside down and like doing all the crazy stuff. Now I have a huge fear of heights not gonna catch me doing that. That freaking call. I will rock climb. And then I hit a point on that wall and I’m like, No,

Tracy Brinkmann  09:51

that’s it. I’m done.

Lisa Peranzo  09:52

I’m done. Going back down the hall. So I spent the better part of a year honestly bedrest, multiple surgeries, tons of physical therapy, it took me pretty much that whole year to be able to walk without any sort of assistance, boot, cane, wheelchair, Walker, otherwise, all the all the things, all the things, and I was very blessed that what was being really drilled into me during that time by my family, who was I can’t speak to how integrated they were with me getting passes had I not had them, I don’t think I’d be where I am now. And so, um, and the medical care that I got also completely integral, they kept honing in on like this idea of having a healthy lifestyle, and what that would look like for me. Sure. And, you know, because by the time I got all this, like, wrapped up and could work out and stuff again, I was in my early 20s, which is when you think you’re invincible, and so. Yeah. And so I started like, severely pushing my limits, and like, seeing what I could do, I wanted to like test my strength and test Moyer my body was at, and, you know, just like, I didn’t want to be stuck into a box of like, she can’t do that because of an injury. Right? You know, or like, she can’t do that, because she’s disabled. I didn’t want that. Sure. And I should say, I should put this in more of a deeper context that when I got hurt, we were in the beginning stages of we were in the war against terror. We were in Afghanistan when we were in Iraq, but we’re in the beginning years of it sure, like the early deserts, Desert Shield stages. Yeah, like the early, early stages of it. And as I was getting hurt and recovering, I was seeing a lot of my friends either leave ROTC to go the enlisted route and go over on a combat front or commission and go into combat front, I saw a lot of people deploy, I saw a lot of people come home. And my mindset was really like, I mean, I have friends who lost their lives over there. So for me, it was like, my injury was not that significant in comparison to what they were experienced.

Tracy Brinkmann  12:11


Lisa Peranzo  12:11

Oh, I didn’t want to be given like a special label because I didn’t felt like I deserved it.

Tracy Brinkmann  12:16

Yeah, right.

Lisa Peranzo  12:17

You know what I mean?

Tracy Brinkmann  12:17

Yeah, I know whatcha mean,

Lisa Peranzo  12:18

Yeah. So I got through all of that and was like, Okay, well, I’m just, I’m going to go the traditional college route. And then I was like, I’m gonna go into corporate America. And then I was like, well, this doesn’t really work.

Tracy Brinkmann  12:30

This sucks.


And fitness had kind of become a side hustle, I got my CrossFit certification, I got the Paleo Nutrition certification. And I was just kind of going along and training on the side. And it was cool. And it worked. And then I got really disillusioned with corporate America, I loved what I did. At that time, I was working with victims of violence as an advocate, I felt what I did was extremely relevant, and had a very strong place in me giving back to my community, and then society and empowering people to be their best selves, which was what I wanted to do. I didn’t feel like my time was necessarily being leveraged as efficiently as what could have been. And I also felt like my reach was too small. I wanted to positively impact more people. And I just was getting to this place where like, fitness was lighting me up more, it was becoming more of a passion, I was becoming more curious as to like people’s underlying motivations for when it came to their fitness routine. Sure, you know, because there’s so much mindset stuff that goes into it. And I was getting so curious about, like, the biomechanics of the body and how the body moves, and you know how the body moves after being injured.

Tracy Brinkmann  13:48


Lisa Peranzo  13:48

And you know, how the body moves as you know, a young person versus like, you know, an

Tracy Brinkmann  13:54

old person?

Lisa Peranzo  13:55

No, I have you, Tracy. I have a client who is in her 80s. I’ll just share this story because she’s hilarious. And I asked her one day, I was like, I was like, You look so good. It’s like, You don’t look like you’re in your 80s. Like, she looks like she’s in her 60s. I was like, You look really, really good. How do you do it? And she was like, well, I drink red wine every day. And I’m divorced. And I was like, Oh,

Tracy Brinkmann  14:23

that’s awesome.

Lisa Peranzo  14:25

I was like, and I just I got to the point where it was like, I need to make fitness be this full time thing. So I quit my job with no game plan, which was not

Tracy Brinkmann  14:38

your not the first passion on this show that is said that.

Lisa Peranzo  14:42

Did she say not the first

Tracy Brinkmann  14:43

You’re not the first

Lisa Peranzo  14:45

I can’t imagine that. Much to everybody’s shock and dismay, um, and I just dove in two feet first, and I started. Now looking back on it. I’m like, that was really like the beginning of me being an entrepreneur. was me leaving corporate america and just like I’m okay with a very non traditional schedule, like, okay, I start work at six in the morning, I need to be there at 530. I’m going to work on the holidays, and I’m going to work on the weekends and making my initial goal was like, Alright, well, I want to set out to make as much money as I was making in corporate America and a third of the time and six months. Nice. And I looked forward to being able to do what I did every single day. I never had a case of the Mondays. You know, like Sunday night comes along, and you’re like, Oh, God, where’s the end? And so I don’t have that I yeah, I haven’t had that since I left corporate America. And it’s been the absolute coolest thing that people are like, Damn, you work every day. And I’m like, yeah, there’s something I’m doing for the business every single day. And it doesn’t feel like a chore.  It’s funny you say that I had. I’m going way back about 25 years ago, in my Coca Cola days, there was a color young lady and she was probably 15 years, my senior at the time, but her and her husband, Coco was going through some reductions. And she was offered this severance package to leave the company early. And she goes, I think I’m going to go ahead and take this package now. It was probably a 70% pension. And she was probably 10 years away from full pension. And what she did her and her husband did was that she went they went and bought a childcare franchise. And you know, I stayed in contact with her. And after they, you know, they pick, they got the site picked and did all the, you know, all the studies and everything. And they the building was built and everything and they got everything going. And I swung by and I was checking out checking up on her. And she was like, Man, I’m loving it. This is awesome. And so I said, so are you working last year working more? She goes, dude, I’m probably working 6570 hours a week. But I love it. And you can see it face was all lit up. totally excited. She was working more, but she was so enjoying every minute of it that it was it wasn’t draining, or like you’re talking about you got those Mondays, you had a lot to do this, right. It was actually building her up. And they ran that before I moved out of Georgia, at least three years. And no joke just comes back to the year eight year old client you mentioned, it seemed like she was aging backwards. Right? Yo, I mean, it was all in her face, you know. And it was it was amazing to watch that. Now, obviously, as things progressed, you know, they were able to hire people and staff. So she wasn’t continuing to work those that pace, but they bought another one and just repeated the process. And you know, they were making way more at the end of things and working way less. But again, they dove in, did all the work like you were talking about and the weekends and it was far more enjoyable for him in the process. I I’m sorry, I walked all over you on that one. But  I love it though, cuz it’s just as like the power of finding your passion. Yeah, I think for me, it all goes back to that injury of like a couple of things. One feeling like okay, I was given a second chance when a lot of people really weren’t on a lot of different levels. And I am of the belief that even that any action is an action, even if you’re not taking any action. Like if you were deciding to sit down and do nothing, it’s still an action. Absolutely right. Maybe it’s not the best one, but it is still one. And my thought was like I can’t sit here with idle hands and do nothing when I’ve been given this chance when, you know, I had, like I said friends who had lost their lives very unfortunately, or friends who were coming home who really were not the same as when they had left. And I know that I’m like that’s a whole other podcast, because that’s such a complex issue. Right? It is a whole lot of levels in it. This was just how it impacted me personally. Yeah. And then the other part of my thinking was also like this life, I truly got to see how this how short this life really is. And when I had gotten hurt, and it was in light, I mean, first of all, I was in a hardcore grieving because I was grieving the loss of a career that I thought I was going to have,

Tracy Brinkmann  19:15


Lisa Peranzo  19:16

And all those transition and changes that were very difficult for me, but I also got to hear like all the stupid things people say to you, and you’re in a grieving process. And what people were telling me was God saved you from something was happening. That was what they were. And I would be like, Okay, so what you’re implying is is that had I gone overseas, I would have died. I mean, that’s a really positive outlook for you to have. Yes. But also you have to understand that like I went into the military right after September 11 happened. I knew much like a many of us knew where that was going. I knew that that was a possibility. I knew that. I think a lot of us knew that. So what you’d like for me It was like falling on deaf ears. Like, you can’t tell me this when like, what I wanted to do was to be with my people over their service.

Tracy Brinkmann  20:07

Right? And oh, and so God saved me, but not them. What are you trying to say about that?

Lisa Peranzo  20:13

Exactly. And then it leads into that line of thinking. So like, what am I better than them? And then after a lot of years of unpacking it in a therapeutic setting, because that was most healthy thing to do,

Tracy Brinkmann  20:22

I was gonna ask, Where did you get assistance?

Lisa Peranzo  20:27

It was reasons aside, I don’t know why this happened to me. But I know that this happened to me. So if I’ve been given this second chance, what am I going to do with it? Yes. And I have been shown kindness and love and support and encouragement from everyone around on so many different kinds of levels I need, it wasn’t it wasn’t even a need. It was like, I have to pay this forward. And then everything I did from that, even working with the victims of violence, like I said, it was like, how do I empower my community? And what I do now? It’s like, how do I empower my community from the standpoint of taking care of yourself and not feeling bad about it? And also not feeling like you need to do what the person next to you is doing? So I like started this fitness thing. And I was going in and cranking along and then I had my daughter. She’s a Spitfire talk about a future podcast guest

Tracy Brinkmann  21:20

I can’t imagine where she gets it from. Let’s be honest.

Lisa Peranzo  21:23

She’s more like her dad than Okay. Very scary. And they’ll do a real he’ll look at me, and he’ll be like, that sounds like me. And I’m like, cuz it is you. Um, I had my daughter, and it was like, and now how do I make healthy living be a part of my life as a parent? Yeah. When you’re even more tapped out? Like I thought it was tapped out to a degree before. I was not this little bundle of trouble

Tracy Brinkmann  21:54

time to level up.


Yeah, the little bundle of joy who brought me to my knees. And now I need to level up. And I’m just like a holy moly. So I started like talking to clients about stuff. And I started talking to clients about my injury more, because that was not something I’d really shared in the past. Like, I would say stuff on a train. And they’d be like, I don’t know how you’re so motivating. And the way that I explain it is number one, I don’t remember the words that come out of my mouth. Sorry. Number two, I would say stuff. And it would be the words coming out of my mouth would be the visual in my mind would be like, from what I was hurt. I would be like picturing myself on bedrest with metal coming out of my foot posts for surgery, not knowing whether or not I was going to walk again. And I would tell them, if you can get through every single one of your bad days, you can get through this

Tracy Brinkmann  22:41


Lisa Peranzo  22:41

Yeah, like put it in, like put it into perspective?

Tracy Brinkmann  22:44

Well, yeah. You were coming. You were you were coming at to them from their point of view, although, and luckily, you were able to do that, because you had shared an experience that enabled you to come at them from their point of view. And I think there’s probably a number of folks out there that can learn from that lesson where they’re like, no, trust me what I’m telling you, I’m the expert, right? Listen to me just do what I said, No, no, no, you got to come to them from their point of view. So that’s a perfect example of that,


right. And the thing was, was that I had to learn how to make fitness work for me, given the limited capacities that I had. And so people will be like, you know, you’re like, you’re so strong, and you can do all of these things. And I never would have guessed that that had happened to you. Because you don’t move like that you don’t you know, you don’t walk like you have an impediment at all. You don’t talk about it really. And I, I started kind of sharing more with what had happened to me, because it was a really dark time, just quite frankly, got cute, uncomfortable overnight took very long time. But I started sharing that more of like, where I had to get my headspace to be to be able to come pass all of that. And knowing that, like, if I could find a way to step into my strength, I could help them do that for themselves, too.

Tracy Brinkmann  24:09

And I can only imagine I mean, just for the average Joe and I can speak first off, let me let me let you know. Thank you for your service. And I know it was only ROTC service, but for me, it still counts my dad 23 year life. Alright, lifer in the United States Army. I joined right out of high school six years. So I get all these connections about your friends going over there and what have you. So I totally get that. Now I just draw a blank of where I was going with this. Oh, man, I hate when that happens. Right? This old brain will figure it out.

Lisa Peranzo  24:43

25 not this old brain like every little

Tracy Brinkmann  24:46

you know, and there it is right there. I’ve got to watch the words right. But my wife has done amazing things for helping me so when I met my wife, my current wife and you’ll Gosh, we’re working on year four now. So I’ve met we’re about all working on seven years ago now i thought i was in okay shape i knew i wasn’t in great shape right but you know i was a cheer dad i had a daughter who was in those high end cheer competitions and i was that crazy dad who was running the flag around doing her hair very very active doing lots of things you know and so i felt i was like okay condition my tummy was a little bit bigger than i like but i can get to that later on that kind of it no enter from stage left my now wife and she’s very very fitness focused but certainly it’s a it’s an active part of her world right she monitors what she eats and she monitors her workouts used to do a lot of runs and i saw the medals up there in the background behind you i’m not sure if those are running medals or not but you know so is your nutrition and health was a big part of your life and we began working out you know like every day or every you know every third or fourth day and i started realizing okay i’m not in bad shape but i am definitely not in shape right oh my god oh my god but where it took me after that was i started feeling so much better about me so my i was already i already have a pretty good attitude about life in the first place just just totally lifted it up another level you know and so as i started hitting that you know 50 mark and 5152 we have changed where and she’s always been like this but i have changed it from being 50x years old to i am now level 55 yeah yeah i’m leveling up right this is a whole different point of view it’s a whole different mindset we’re like I’m now level 55

Lisa Peranzo  26:52


Tracy Brinkmann  26:52

yeah so anyway i did want to ask so when you first started you’re my friend zack zack babcock who has a podcast called the underdog empowerment podcast check it out if you haven’t heard it okay but he came on the show and he was talking about his journey and in his journey he said i jumped off the cliff and decided to grow wings on the way down which is his metaphorical way of saying hey i quit my job and i went out and he went out you know and got a loan one of those title loans on your car with those crazy interest rates he says this is going to get me in the door this mastermind these people that are going to i’m going to need to know i’m going to teach me these amazing things right and then then it’s all about hi i still got kids to feed alright i got to pay the bills so i got to learn it fast and i gotta go do it so you quit your job and you’ve got okay i’m gonna go do this physical thing i just this fitness thing how did you go out with me like what were the first couple of steps you said okay i gotta find a client and i gotta find a client it’s gonna pay me right how i would that look like

Lisa Peranzo  28:01

i was really really blessed that i got connected with a brick and mortar that i still train out of well we’re currently closed because of COVID but when we’re open currently train out of

Tracy Brinkmann  28:10

she’s in california everybody just so you know

Lisa Peranzo  28:12

california we’re in lockdown numbers 7000 it’s fine um i got connected with the owner of the brick and mortar that i train out of and she god bless her i love her it’s been almost 10 years of me working for her out of that brick and mortar and i won’t leave her she took a shot on me as a brand new nice trainer she was like yeah i didn’t even have a certification yet no she saw me like practice teach and she was like i’m gonna hire you pass your certification mean you have job and i was like sure okay and she i mean she took a total chance on me as a brand new instructor and mentored me and really encouraged me to step into my authentic self as a trainer nice you know and to be able to find my own style and how i would connect with people and how i would you know organize the workouts and organize like get the class flow and all the like particulars of stuff even down to like the music and people knew me as for a while like the pilates instructor who used to blast gangsta rap because that was what the clients wanted to listen to and i know that the mindset piece of this is so huge like we were talking about the music you were listening to when you were working out with your wife earlier yeah if you have something powerful on it will distract you from the pain you’re putting your body through and then you’re more likely to push through to the end or you see that like piece of motivation so for me it was like cool they want to listen to tupac

Tracy Brinkmann  29:46

why not

Lisa Peranzo  29:47

not my workout like i’m on it go for it i don’t care i listened to whatever i listened to whatever lights me up that day so it could be to bach or something else right but i was very lucky that i had someone take a chance on me and continue to take a chance on me and then i had my daughter and i started noticing this like pervasive issue with the parents in my community of like i want to work out i know what it takes to be healthy to have a healthy lifestyle like we’re smart people we know what that looks like it was a matter of i literally don’t know how to do this

Tracy Brinkmann  30:25

you’re now listening to a dark horse entrepreneur podcast

Lisa Peranzo  30:28

i don’t know how to put this into place i don’t know how to get from point a to point b and even the prospect of putting those tools into place is daunting because my to do list has 7 million different things on it and it’s ever getting shorter yeah and the thing that always gets pushed to the back is me

Tracy Brinkmann  30:46

yeah no that’s true we know


so true so i started a healthful life as blog because people were like man you’re so funny when you talk about your daughter like you’re so funny we need like that levity when it comes to parenting because it’s such thunderdome yes you know we need that humor and that like light heartedness you know we look forward people would tell me i know that your classes are hard as hell but i also know you’re super motivating and you know you’re funny af because you’re just a people will tell me i come to your class because you’re so entertaining

Tracy Brinkmann  31:18


Lisa Peranzo  31:19

to be like okay i don’t remember what i say that it’s i don’t

Tracy Brinkmann  31:26

i believe you

Lisa Peranzo  31:28

her stuff happens and then the class is over um so i started a blog and then people started asking for like you know workouts when i’m working from home monday and can’t get in or when i’m going on vacation or i’m doing this i’m doing that and then it just kind of snowballed into this monetize thing of having recipes and a youtube channel and instagram and they just kind of like built okay so building which is super super cool and when COVID hit that’s what i feel like it literally dropped off

Tracy Brinkmann  31:58

mic drop

Lisa Peranzo  31:59

mic drop and people started having to workout at home and i had already been doing that that worked the best for me because i have a young child right trying to factor in like the daycare component and all this it didn’t work they say it where they were telling me i don’t know how to do this at home i don’t know how to make this work i don’t want to see myself regress and i don’t know how long we’re going to be in this

Tracy Brinkmann  32:23


Lisa Peranzo  32:23

so i gave them like a couple weeks to be in their feelings because we needed to be and that’s fine and then a couple weeks went by and a group text messaged them and i was like look this might be a cluster but why don’t we try a zoom workout and they said okay and we’ve been doing zoom workouts live three days a week since the middle of march and

Tracy Brinkmann  32:41

i was gonna ask what what happened was COVID that was a perfect transition i can’t imagine zoom workouts is a big thing

Lisa Peranzo  32:47

what i can’t even and they know this they will listen to this yeah

Tracy Brinkmann  32:52

right on good

Lisa Peranzo  32:53

i like that they i think since you know end of march beginning of april have learned more than i think they ever thought possible as far as fitness goes not just about actual technique things because now that we’re a home i can pull in all 70 million of those certifications

Tracy Brinkmann  33:11


Lisa Peranzo  33:12

you know and i can use them all in one class

Tracy Brinkmann  33:15


Lisa Peranzo  33:15

but also learning more about how their body moves because i am on a screen with them they need to be more mindful in fitness that’s called proprioception the awareness of how your body moves in space in a physical capacity they need to have that mind body awareness so that they can keep themselves safe right which is all been amazing i mean they’re learning olympic lifting techniques they’re learning kettlebell stuff all of that we learned i taught them the whole classical mat series from pilates start to finish they learned every major olympic lifting move that you can do without a barbell because i wasn’t going to have them go and buy like a barbell and like a rack set or anything wrap right or like a platform or anything and we’re moving on to kettlebell stuff now

Tracy Brinkmann  34:03

have you seen in i only know about this i haven’t seen it physically but i heard about it from a marketing podcasts i listen to this gentleman over in australia it runs it and they were talking about this bar and it’s a weighted bar and it comes in different weights so imagine if you will if you ever looked under a four by four type of vehicle right and it’s got that that suspension bar hole helping balance things out it’s not a straight bar right so it’s got the little arcs that would go around your neck really well right and then it goes outwards and it comes in different weights and this gentleman and he’s i think he’s based here in the states that he was interviewing makes these bars for the military right and this is this is all coming full circle now and because they’re weighted they can pick different weights of a barbell appropriate weight for the person or whatever and they do out of those you know a lot of the column or i don’t know what they’re called you’re the expert i’m not i’m just chiming in here it’s just my show anyway but to use that barn is varying different exercises and i’m like okay that’s that’s pretty wicked cool because he was saying he was using it to go mobile as a trainer when he first started and he actually got it off his jeep and he sanded it down and polished it up and got it and that’s it given the idea and then he found out the people that make these bars and now he may he has a contract to get them made and then finish but they’re these amazing bars that they you might you probably know what they’re

Lisa Peranzo  35:40

thinking have heard of them

Tracy Brinkmann  35:41

but yeah check them out i know there’s something your customers could use but it avoids that whole you know you’ve got to change all the weights but if it’s you know 20 bar makes a big difference right no kidding yeah here’s a question for me so obviously from a business you know we’re a little bit business focused around here but i love this fitness chat and i don’t want to deviate away from it but you start your fitness business and it’s gone great lady takes a chance on you mentors you and the whole nine yards and then fan COVID and what do you do well you give them a break okay everybody get your feelings together right yeah we don’t know what’s going on let’s just hold tight for a second and then you come out you pick let’s call it your pivot right it totally pivoted and now you’re working with them so when you first go at them i imagine they didn’t have all the supplies they would need did you did you come up with a different kind of routine to just just to get them going and then you know the supplies start coming in they’ll go to amazon whatever get your mats get your kettlebells etc

Lisa Peranzo  36:46

yeah i was i mean dude even hit up your local tj maxx we’ll have kettlebells for like 12 bucks every once in a while

Tracy Brinkmann  36:53

facebook marketplace y’all

Lisa Peranzo  36:55

marketplace hey that’s the thing it really is it started as just like bodyweight mat only and then as they started buying equipment and stuff it was a hey would you want to try this yeah and the thing for me that was really huge in that was first that sense of curiosity i mean we it was a major pivot to move everything online absolutely and i was really blessed that the infrastructure was already set up a healthful life was already there i was already doing the online thing i was already coaching and training people online it was set up i wasn’t doing the live workout so even for me that was a massive transition like how do i work through the music piece and the this and the setup and the bla bla bla i do it out of my garage that’s what works that nobody is caring about what my garage looks like they care that they get a good workout right so that’s what we do and for me though it was creating that sense of curiosity showed me even them showing up to a zoom workout showed me how much trust and faith they had in me as a trainer and that spoke bigger volumes than i think anything else because they could have very easily it said like nah i’m not into it whatever and i respected that for sure but the fact that they were they were saying yeah no i’m gonna totally do this yeah no i totally want to learn how to do that i want to learn how to do this i want to continue to be challenged but what that also showed me and like positively reinforced for me was this idea of having a healthy lifestyle and how absolutely positive it can be for you and powerful it can be sure how it can be created from anything even from your living room right because i know that we all saw it when COVID hit it was it was either going to go this way and i’m going to really focus on my health or i’m going to go this way and i’m going to netflix and chill until my butt goes numb and i’m not and gets

Tracy Brinkmann  38:49

wider believe that gets wider

Lisa Peranzo  38:51

yeah i had one of my girls told me she could get the COVID-19 like the weight gain or she could get COVID cut and she was deciding to get COVID cut oh i liked that COVID and i was like okay but my point to them was you know my pivot is a business aside even now i would say we don’t know how long we’re going to be in this thing for right i don’t know the status of gyms open close open close inside outside and so i don’t know right it’s a lot for my brain to take on and i also don’t know even when they do open if if in california at least they will open in a capacity that works for people on like a multitude of levels

Tracy Brinkmann  39:34


Lisa Peranzo  39:34

so how can you continue to take care of yourself from home because that’s the option that you’re left with them

Tracy Brinkmann  39:40

yeah absolutely

Lisa Peranzo  39:41

there isn’t anything so for me as a business owner if i can help facilitate that that’s what i’m going to do

Tracy Brinkmann  39:47

so that begs the next question for me is that as you’re facing that and especially given you know gavin’s pension for keeping things closed anyway we won’t talk about governor’s around Have you given the the view the unknown direction of things being open? Whenever forever? How long? I mean, are you are you thinking of keeping this particular venture of your of your business going, and maybe even taken it may have or maybe you already have taken it beyond the borders of, you know, San Diego and California,

Lisa Peranzo  40:25

um, the live virtual workouts are open literally to anyone who wants them. So what I’ve done with that, because I it has gone outside of California already, okay, I record all the sessions, they’re in a Google Drive. And if a person can’t make the workout live, they can go into the drive and access the workout later on, or access a different day. Like, we’re only doing three days a week, but if they want to work out five days a week, they have options that are repeating, you know, repeat stuff, or whatever, as far as continuing the live workouts, I actually had this discussion with with the tribe not too long ago, and my perspective is I will keep doing it for as long as it is helpful to them. I you know, I get paid to workout. I thought, oh, shucks, I manifested my best. I wanted to wear yoga pants every day, because I was sick of wearing fancy pants to work, I manifested this I want to be working out regardless. And because of my injury, I understand how important it is, is a non negotiable in my life to have fitness in my life for my own health and well being. If it continues to serve them, I will continue to do it. Now. That does mean I had to pivot stuff. And kind of where I saw like the business going from last year and this year, but that’s okay to me. I’m not on this flash in the pan super quick. Business adventure this is a long term. This is my life like

Tracy Brinkmann  41:53

Well, yeah, clearly. I mean, you, if you manifested your ability to you know, hang out and do your business in yoga pants, then that’s pretty damn cool.

Lisa Peranzo  42:02

I have like 75 different pairs.

Tracy Brinkmann  42:06

Youa dn My wife would get along just fine. I’m telling you

Lisa Peranzo  42:10

She’s like, Honey, can you go give me that black pair of  yoga pants and you’re like, you’re gonna need to be more specific. Tina, Ben, and I know you’re talking about one. Which wine, she’s like the Lulu lemons from 2006. You’re like, I don’t know what. But it’s for me, that’s not the end of the world being it’s if I can serve my community. And right now it’s the immediate response. If I can serve my community, if I can alleviate stress, if I can help them feel healthy, if I can help them feel empowered, and successful, and strong and accomplished, that’s my focus. Everything else will happen when it’s supposed to. I’m not.

Tracy Brinkmann  42:54

And that’s the key I think, you know, and you know, it’s for I know how many episodes of this particular show, you’ve listened to that. That’s a key I keep pounding into anyone who’s listening in probably a few that don’t want to listen, is that you know, you’re here to serve others, right. And the minute you relinquish yourself to that, that’s when the magic really starts to happen. Because if like you’re saying, You’re not here for that flash in the pan, anyone can make one sale, right? There’s a sucker born every minute and I get it right, you can make that $5,000 sale, try to make that second one, or try to sell that same person, your upsell, after you’ve done that flash sale and you’re like, this guy doesn’t even care about me. He just wants my money. Right? But when you’re here, like clearly you are to serve your tribe, as you call them. I call them my tribe as well. You’re here to serve your tribe. They’re saying hey, we want to continue work out you’re like Alright, let’s do the zoom thing. All right, you don’t have the gear yet. Let’s try this bodyweight thing and then you know, as the gear comes in, you start I think this is magic, right? It’s what its all about

Lisa Peranzo  43:57

its all trial and error you know, you have to start somewhere with it and it’s always like the cute or comfortable thing but that’s you know, it’s it’s like starting a business or starting working out or whatever there’s never going to be a right time.

Tracy Brinkmann  44:09

I like it.

Lisa Peranzo  44:09

It’s the now time or it’s the no time so really, it’s completely up to you for what you want to do. I would say let’s just do it now. Why not?

Tracy Brinkmann  44:17

Let’s just try it right what’s the worst thing that happens is there like well, that kind of sucked.

Lisa Peranzo  44:23

But even that for me and the way that I train is like you try something it doesn’t work the first time I’ve prime example I’ve taught them how to do Turkish get ups.

Tracy Brinkmann  44:33

Oh, I don’t know what that one is.

Lisa Peranzo  44:34

you need to Dr. Google that one.

Tracy Brinkmann  44:36

Mm hmm. Dr Google

Lisa Peranzo  44:38

Dr Google And I taught them how to do it on a zoom workout. Not one workout we progressed into it because that is definitely progressing into okay. And first couple times it was like new and it was strong or is this what in the actual f are you making us do and I was like, just you’ll get this. You’ll get this. Don’t get frustrated. Stick with me, stick with me. kinda know what I’m doing. Okay? It’s my second day. That’s also what it’s all. And we kept going and going and going, and now they can do it. They’re like, Oh, okay, now all mixed, right? You have to progress into all of this, even like my standpoint on business is like I, I am exactly where I need to be. It’s not where I’m going to be in five years, or 10 years, or whatever. And that’s all good. The more important thing to me is the people who are coming to me now and they’re like, if it were not for you, during this COVID time, I don’t know what I would have done, right? Yeah. Or the people who have come to me, and they’re like, I never felt like I was an athlete. I never felt like I could do anything fitness related, or physical. You make me feel like I’m strong. And now I know that I’m strong, like, that is bigger to me.

Tracy Brinkmann  45:51

Yeah, that’s God feels so rewarding.

Lisa Peranzo  45:53

That’s the best thing that I can ever be told nice. People who come to me and they’re like, I’ve done stuff with you that I never thought possible. Because the biggest, my biggest like overshadowing goal in creating this business was to create a space for people to come in, that was truly a no judgement place I want you to come in, I want you to be completely vulnerable, so that you can figure out where your strength is and where your strength can go. Because I understand from a mindset perspective, that the power behind that translates into every aspect of your life.

Tracy Brinkmann  46:28

Yeah, I’m getting chills over here, ya’ll,

Lisa Peranzo  46:30

that’s what I want. Because I had to do that for myself. And I did that by myself, truly. So if I can do that with a group of people who love encourage and support one another, to become the ultimate badass that they really are, I want

Tracy Brinkmann  46:46

Yeah, no doubt.

Lisa Peranzo  46:47

everything else’s gonna happen with this will happen when it’s supposed to, and you’re helping spread that ultimate bad Asness around. And I think that’s the, that’s the next level of thing is like, you’re taking that and you’re imbuing that in a group of people who can then in turn and imbue that to others versus, you know, becoming couch potatoes. I tell’m Now I’m like, Man, you’re gonna go and you’re gonna be like, telling your partner, your spouse, whoever it is, you know, I push press, or I did this, or I did that, and they’re gonna be like, I don’t care. And you’re gonna be like, but it’s so cool to me. Like,

Tracy Brinkmann  47:17

it’s like, whatever.

Lisa Peranzo  47:20

But you feel good about it, and then you can walk away going, Okay, I did that today?

Tracy Brinkmann  47:25

Well, we won’t, we won’t talk, we won’t share relationship advice, because certainly, if they’re telling them, I don’t care, there may be some other issues I need to deal with. But that’s a whole nother podcast.

Lisa Peranzo  47:37

They’re like, I don’t understand.

Tracy Brinkmann  47:41

All right, I want to be mindful of your time. We just been riffing here. And this has been a blast. But I want to ask you a two part question. Okay. You know, a lot of the folks on here they’re listening, you know, they’re here to start restart kickstart, or to start leveling up their business. So I want to give you some view to share probably an entrepreneurial tip, and then some sort of nice health or fitness tip.

Lisa Peranzo  48:05

Oh, entrepreneurial tip, the best advice that I ever got, when I started all this was twofold. The first was actually came in the form of a question. When I first started first, this was an idea I hadn’t even really launched the formal side of the business. And I was asked by a mentor, why are you dreaming so small?

Tracy Brinkmann  48:27

Oh I’ve heard that question.

Lisa Peranzo  48:30

I don’t know. My response. So if I don’t know is your response to your okay. It’s okay. But the idea of putting limits on yourself, when really you’re more limitless than what you give yourself credit for?

Tracy Brinkmann  48:43

Yeah, amen. Right.

Lisa Peranzo  48:45

And it doesn’t mean that all the things are going to happen tomorrow. But don’t shove yourself into a box with it either. The other thing that I would recommend to anybody starting a business or leveling up, or whatever it is, make sure that you have a team around you who you trust, and that you’re not afraid to ask for help from

Tracy Brinkmann  49:03

Oh, thank you,

Lisa Peranzo  49:04

which also means potentially hiring out certain aspects of your business. That was the biggest thing for me was being able to hire out aspects of the business that I just didn’t like doing.

Tracy Brinkmann  49:19

Man, You are preaching to the choir, though. And I just dropped that episode that gave both those two pieces of advice yesterday at the time we’re recording this right. But it’s it’s it’s it’s a universal law. I think that so many people are like no, but it’s my baby. I can’t give it up.

Lisa Peranzo  49:36

No, there’s certain things that you need to delegate and I would actually say it maybe not necessarily as a subcategory to that. But another one, the biggest, most powerful tool that I’ve had with this is learning how to automate as much as possible.

Tracy Brinkmann  49:51

Yes, absolutely. You have to she dropped three. I don’t know what what else y’all want. Alright, she’s giving you all this amazing physical advice dropping three entrepreneurial  tips. She’s not done yet.

Lisa Peranzo  50:03

I’m busy, I do not have Okay, look at first of all, I’m not going to remember to go into Instagram and post it.

Tracy Brinkmann  50:11


Lisa Peranzo  50:12

I’m not. So if I can save myself the time and it kind of translates over into fitness like that idea of there’s certain aspects of your business that you can kind of automate to a degree, but you’re going to have to like plan it on the forefront and fitness, it’s the same way and what the biggest encouragement that I give to people is be intentional with what you are doing. If you half assed your workout, you’re going to get half assed results, if you’re cool with that rock and roll all day long. If you’re of my mindset, which is if I’m going to take the time, out of my crazy day to exercise I am going to make it worth my while right, you need to be more intentional with it, which is exactly like planning out your posts for Instagram, sit down once a week, plan into your calendar when you’re going to work out very simply, I give this tip to everyone look it in your calendar like you would book a doctor’s appointment because you’re not going to cancel on the doctors. There’s no frickin reason you should cancel on yourself Tracy’s like twins, I’m

Tracy Brinkmann  51:07

I totally feel you, I’m so with you on this

Lisa Peranzo  51:13

and have the workout planned as well. Be realistic with your time with it. You know, if you have an hour free to workout, take into account however much time you’re going to need to like get ready, eat whatever after. Take that time off the hour. That’s your actual time to work out and know what you’re going to do in that time. Because the last thing that you need to do when you have 30 minutes open to work out is to spend 20 scrolling through Instagram or YouTube or whatever to figure out what it is that you’re going to do because then you’ve wasted your own time

Tracy Brinkmann  51:42

wandering around the gym. I gotta do

Lisa Peranzo  51:45

Oh yeah, no, I can’t be not be intentional with it. And for the people who are like I don’t have the time to work out my response to that normally, which is not always all that nice is if you can spend 10 minutes refreshing your email if you can spend however much time searching videos on Instagram right there with you that little Greyhound dog that’s wearing that outfits. I’m here for her for him. I don’t know if the dog is a girl or a boy. Okay, if you can get lost in the hole of tik tok you have time to work out. Right? I won’t start a tick tock for that reason. I feel like I will drop off the face of the earth. down she go.

Tracy Brinkmann  52:34

Insert toilet flushing sound here.

Lisa Peranzo  52:36

Yeah, I had a client funny. She’s like, I don’t have time to work out. And you know, she was talking about the stuff and then she was like, I got on those Tick Tock videos and I spent three hours on Tick Tock.

Tracy Brinkmann  52:47

You have time to workout.

Lisa Peranzo  52:49

Buddy, you got some time to work out. But then I was also like my monkey brain. I was like three hours. Each Tick Tock video is approximately 15 seconds. Right?

Tracy Brinkmann  52:59

The longest ones are 30 I think right? Right. That’s a lot of video

Lisa Peranzo  53:04

I was like, What are you even watching on there? Oh

Tracy Brinkmann  53:08

here was an, here was an eye opening thing for me. Coming from my now wife. Obviously, you can tell. She’s a wise woman. And I’m not just saying that because she’s standing here in the room because she’s not but anyway, is There’s always time for the things that are important to you. Oh, I say that, too. That’s, that’s it right there. Right. So what you what you put up there and give your time to is telling you what’s important to you. And and I think so often people forget that they can only give of their own cup, right? So I have to take care of myself to Fill my cup in order to give to my tribe. And the minute my cup runs dry. I better be already working on filling that bad boy up. Otherwise, I’m gonna be like, I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything. You know, you got to keep filling it up and 15 minutes. I started off way back when 15 minutes a day. So I gave myself right. I was doing old corporate america thing. 15 minutes. Now, when I worked at Coca Cola and I had this amazing gym on site. I’d go to work early. Go in there and do my workout. Do a little run. hour and a half easy right shower, be at my desk. Hmm, it was awesome. Right now I get you but when that’s not there, you’re like, Oh, I have to find a gym, you make all the excuses. But when it’s important to you, you find a way to do it. Even if it’s you some mornings I’m like, I gotta go really. I roll out of bed. I’ll drop in some push ups and you know some sit ups. Of course I’m doing the wrong motion as you’re looking at me right now. You know and just just something to get the juices flowing in the morning. You know the little side days you know, grab I don’t care, grab a gallon of milk I can do some this and do some of you Whatever, just to get your your heart pumping and juices flowing, and then go, right it’s because it’s just that important so that when you do have the half hour like yours or whatever the time is you give yourself you can go all out and do everything else. Okay, I’m gonna do all the fun stuff. So yeah, it’s my legs hurt. I just say that because I we just started a new routine the other day and it was like right after that we did the squats. I know that we upped the weights and I was like, Oh, I can feel this puppy warming up already

Lisa Peranzo  55:37

introduced one of my clients last week to kettlebell swings and Tabata as my daughter says, bolts same time. As I’m like three days later, and he was like, I woke up the next day, and I was like, Why do My legs hurt new muscles, your new muscles. And I was like looking at you just work differently. Granted, he was in the middle of it. And he was like, Why do I feel like I’m sprinting when I’m not and I was like, welcome interval work.

Tracy Brinkmann  56:04

Nice. Alright, I again, I want to be mindful of your time. I want you to know if anyone wants to learn more about Lisa and all her amazingness that are like, Damn, I gotta, I gotta check this girl out. Where do we want to send them so they can find out more about you.

Lisa Peranzo  56:19

I’m gonna roll through all the things including the freebie.

Tracy Brinkmann  56:22

Oh, freebies. That’s right, I almost forgot about to mention to free

Lisa Peranzo  56:24

that’s been on my trainer cap when I talk about that. So easiest place is the website, which is a healthful life.org and Tracy’s the bomb. So he’s gonna have everything in the show notes super organized. And clearly, we need to save it. Yeah, the next place is my Instagram. And my handle is my name at Lisa pronto and both link back to one another. So you don’t need to stress about it. If you remember one, but not the other. The website has the link to coaching with me the YouTube channel, all the social media links, the blog recipes, Amazon store, you know, that’s the storefront, so to speak, and then the Instagram can link back to all of that. So I like to thank everyone who listens by giving you guys a freebie also in the show notes for you to download, which is a free workout guide that you can do from home. So here’s the deal, though. This is me getting on my trainer hat right now. So ‘scuseme ,

Tracy Brinkmann  57:21

no go for it

Lisa Peranzo  57:22

These are like baseline workouts, this is like the basic there is obviously a level up that you can take to or level down depending on what works best for your body, which is something that I trained to is this idea of being intuitive with your body when you work out. So that’s not the end all be all, you can make it harder, you can make it easier, you can adjust it around for injury. Now all that being said, if you get into it, and you’re like, I don’t know what to do, or you’re doing something and you’re moving from a place of acute pain, not work acute pain, which is a very different thing. Please, please reach out and talk to me. Tell me what’s going on. Explain it to me. Let me help you out. Let me tweak the workout for you. Even if it is like I’ve been doing this workout. It’s starting to feel easy. I want to incorporate weights and I don’t know how, let me know. And I will I will mess it all up for you. I’ll make all the changes I’ll send it back to you. I’ll help you out however I can because I truly do come at this from a place of service that if I am not helping my tribe, which is now all of you guys to be your absolute best then I’m doing absolutely nothing with quite frankly a whole lot of money I spent on school.

Tracy Brinkmann  58:39

So you got bills to pay y’all.

Lisa Peranzo  58:42

I don’t even care about the bills. Like why did I do it if I’m not at home? Right? So please, please reach out. Ask me hit me up on usually social media is the easiest one to go to through my Instagram on my dams easiest way to get to me but the emails on the website too.

Tracy Brinkmann  59:00

Sweet Alright, well there you have it. Lisa gonna be giving you all kinds of goodness to get you pumped. Oh God, you almost did that Saturday Night Live thing anyway. She’s laughing I really appreciate you hanging out and bring in all this amazing knowledge and all these healthy bombs and sharing your story. And we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to stay in contact. Because if concerts come back around, you know we’re gonna have to hit a concert sometime.

Lisa Peranzo  59:27

Oh yeah, we are I can already see my husband’s is all the same music too. That’s perfect.

Tracy Brinkmann  59:34

Thanks so much Lisa. Appreciate it.

Lisa Peranzo  59:36

Thank you,

Tracy Brinkmann  59:36

all right. There you have it my dark horse friends and family Lisa per ronzo dropping value bomb after value bump fitness value bombs and business values. So what what thoughts or ideas Did you come away with? Let me share a few I came away with first off thought number one start. She started in a different industry. You see Lee Like so many of my previous guests, previous guests, had her heart originally set on a completely different path. Remember, Lisa wanted to be a studio musician, and she even called out the fact she didn’t want to be that onstage musician. No, she wanted to be behind the scenes in the studio that much she did. No, but here’s what I think right here. I want to pause for any of my younger listeners, and perhaps the parents and kind of re reinforce question that Lisa asked is really completely necessary for us to have our entire life mapped out in coordinated when we’re only 18 or even younger, if you think about it, because, you know, a lot of the high schoolers that are still in high school are being pushed to choose career paths in life journeys. And they’re like, dude, I haven’t even finished high school yet. Right? And I think the answer to that question is going to be different for everyone, right? Just like the life is going to be different. But I’ve think about it from my life path. If I would have taken the path that I had chosen my teens, yeah, I’d probably be probably be racked up like, you know, worse than Lisa in her awful injury. Cuz I wanted to be a stunt man for a long time. Right. Or, you know, I could have taken any one of the various paths that I had wished upon in my teen years, you know, with the stars. In my eyes, I had the usual dreams of being a rock star, or being a movie star, and so on and so forth. It was all about fame and fortune, right? That’s where my young brain is at. But his speaking your bracelets, let’s pause for a moment and look at the fact that our brains aren’t even fully developed until we’re like 25. Right? Maybe a little younger, for some a little older for others. And that, for me was right about the time I found my passion for computers, my passion for connecting with people. And shortly after that few years after that, I found my passion for speaking in coaching folks in absolutely zero nada. None of that even clicked in the slightest bit for me. I even didn’t even know about these paths when I was my teen. So have a map when you’re in your teens. Yeah. Okay. I’ll say yeah, it’s a good idea to know what direction you’re headed. Right? You know, me, I’m all about that goal setting thing, right. But if I was to tell you, you should have your entire life planned out? Yeah, probably not so much. I think it’s a great idea, again, to have some direction you’re going into. But whenever you hear me talk about the goal setting, what do you hear me talk about after you set those goals? Yeah, that you keep reviewing the results. You keep reviewing your passions, you keep reviewing your trajectory, in order to best serve yourself, and to best serve your tribe the best way you can, just like Lisa did, when she went through her journey and the changes that came along as a result of things that happened to her life, right? In Lisa’s case, right? She went into ROTC always was training, she was training to serve, but then she had that severe injury event happen. And that led to her journey into fitness. Originally, she came from that fitness path, as an attempt to avoid living in that constant state of chronic pain that came from her from her injury. But you know, it has led to this whole new awakening with her as she awakens to fitness journey with all of those within her sphere of influence. So the question for for me to you is, how can you help others by sharing your journey? Right? Where you were? What brought you to where you are? And where are you going, you know, by sharing what you’ve learned, right? By sharing your wins, and even your pain. Thought number two, do not get stuck into that box of quotes. You cannot do it because insert excuse here, unquote. You see after injury in that long recuperation time that followed. Lisa did not want to get stuck into that box of I can’t do it because or she can’t do it. Because I think this is the lesson we should all take into heart And I’m not just talking about physical injuries or ailments. I see so many out there that are saying like, I can’t do it. Because again, insert excuse here, right? We’ve all heard them and you’ll go ahead Raise your hand. We’ve even said them a few I know I have on occasion. You have said them. Go ahead. Just go ahead. Raise your hand. I know you have. I feel we’ve all said it right. I can’t do it because I’m too young. I can’t do it because I’m too old. I don’t know how I’m this. I’m that guy that that Shut up. I mean, it just shut the hell up. Right? Look, here’s the deal. You get out there and you can do just about any Your heart truly desires if you just get up off your butt and start taking action. Now, I did say just about anything because I’m mindful that there’s few things that some cannot do or will not ever be able to do for specific reasons. Like, you know, my man Tracy, right, this dark horse right here, I’ve never given birth to a baby, it just won’t happen. No matter how many pregnancy courses I go to, or pills I take, it’s just not going to happen on every play in the NBA. But then again, I live a passion for it. So I’ll never try. But you get my point, right? I could, I could ride a horse. It’s not good for me, because I am deathly allergic to horses. I could do it don’t want to be different. But anything I had been ever truly passionate about and got up off my butt in started taking consistent action after to to attain jack, I got it and you can too. So stop lying to yourself. Stop giving yourself all those excuses. Get up off your butt. Go ahead, get up off your butt right now. If you’re driving, don’t get up off your butt. You might want to stay there and be safe, right? take that first step and then repeat. take that next step and the next and keep repeating. Alright, that leads me right into thought. Number three, follow your passion and your curiosity. Lisa had this passion for fitness, but not just a passion, but a curiosity for the deeper things behind it. The mindset that went behind fitness for those that were successful with it right? The biomechanics behind the scenes within the fitness, how your body moves, you know how their movements impacted before and after industry how a young person’s movements are different than someone like myself was a little longer in the tooth right? This passion and curiosity led to wanting to follow that fitness path full time. Right and she did the cubicle breakaway, she broke away from corporate america her her corporate america gig and jumped into fitness full steam ahead. So what passions and curiosities Do you have naturally that you can leverage into your business? Whether you’re just starting or restarting, kickstarting, or starting to level up? Yeah. Take those passions and those inner curiosities, and dig in, learn, learn, and then learn some more keep learning. keep feeding your curiosity, do not just learn about the what’s of your business, learn about the whys. Why does it work? Why does it not work? Why do your customers like it? Why do they need it? Why do they buy? Why will they buy it? Even if they don’t buy it from you? Right? Learn what makes them tick? Or what makes your industry tick? What pain points your audiences are facing? How can you be not just the symptom of relief? Of how can you not just relieve the symptom of their pain? Perhaps you can even be the cure to what’s ailing them write the app. And here’s the thing, the only way you’ll spend all this time that’s going to be needed to get any of these answers is to follow a topic that you’re passionate about, that you have a deep rooted curiosity to learn about every single day. So do you do you thought number four, share your story to engage your audience’s point of view, at least is able to connect with her audience and her tribe and her clients through the stories of her own personal fitness journey. Right? She would pitch herself during that journey remembering herself, you know, post surgery, metal coming out of that shattered and healing foot with all the feelings and the thoughts of not knowing whether she’d ever even walk again. Whoa, right? wrapping all that into the thought of you can get through every every single one of your previous bad days, then you can get through this, whatever this is. I mean, think about that. You’ve already made it through all those worst days, those bad days, those awful days, those Oh my God, why did that happen to me days, you’ve already made it through those. So whatever it is, you’re going through right now, today. Piece of cake, right? I mean, think about it. You’ve heard me telling my story about losing my daughter Krista. In a nice story of you know, getting out of the drug scene after being deep into it for a number of years. You know, in going through the horrible divorce and all that nastiness. I made it through all those. Those are some of the worst days of my life. So anything I’m going through now, I see from experience, you can make it through all your if you can make it through all those bad and worse days than this thing you’re looking at right now. That oh how do I set up This business are how do I set up this database? Or how do I write a blog posts? Come on? That’s a piece of cake in comparison, right? And last but not least, thought number five, why the hell? Are you dreaming so small? That was a question to pose to Lisa, by her mentor, which I think is an amazing question for each and every one of us to ponder, right as you’re reviewing whatever it is, you’re going through or just went through this past week, you know, I’m always talking about rechecking your goals or just taking some time to reflect on what’s happened to you have late, ask yourself that question, why are you dreaming so small? I’m just gonna leave that wisdom right here for you all to ponder. Why are you dreaming so small? Whew. And I know she left so many other amazing health bombs and business bonds. But those are some of the keys that came away with what inspiring tips or thoughts resonated with you today, whenever they were, take some time today. Write them down, put them into action. Get out there, run your race, get your results. And let me hear about them. Right, you can reach out to me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling. com, share the tips and ideas that you came away with how you put them into action in what results you got from them. Heck, I probably even bring you on the show so you can share with everybody, all the amazing results that you got. All right now next week on our next interview episode, our guest is Jennifer cloak, Jennifer’s spiritual teacher with a passion for helping people to choose freedom over anxiety. With her business background and her practical sense. She’s able to help conscientious entrepreneurs build an abundance business model without selling their soul. You’re gonna want to check this lady out. She’s amazing. Now I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and inspirational stories from the guests. I’m lucky enough to bring on some please. Again, go down there, hit that subscribe button. While you’re down there. Go ahead and drop us a five star rating leave us some kind words in review. And of course do not keep all this entrepreneurial, g o LD all to yourself. Share the podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners. You know, we’ll get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you as I always do, think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP162 Lisa Peranzo Tips For A Healthful Life And Business
How Can Someone Go From Being Unable To Walk For A Year To Running A Successful Fitness Business?

  • Started In A Different Industry – Lisa, like many of my previous guests, had her heart originally set on a completely different path.  Lisa wanted to be a studio musician.  Lets pause here for all younger listeners and perhaps their parents.  Is it completely necessary to have your entire life plan mapped out and coordinated when you are 18?

  • Do not get stuck into a box “you cannot do that because” – After her injury, and the long recuperation time that followed, Lisa did not want to get stuck into a box of “she can’t do that because…”  For this is a lesson we all need to take to heart.  I see so many out there saying things like; “I cannot do that because…insert excuse here”  Right?

  • Follow your passion and curiosity – Lisa has this passion for fitness.  But not just a passion but a curiosity for the deeper things behind it.  The mindset behind the fitness and those successful with it.  The biomechanics behind the scenes within fitness. How your body’s movements are impacted after an injury and a younger person’s movements are different than those a little longer in the tooth…like myself.  This passion and curiosity led to wanting to follow the fitness path fulltime and she broke away from the corporate america gig she had and went at full steam ahead.

  • Share Your Story To Engage Your Audience’s Point Of View –  Lisa is able to connect with your audience, her tribe and her clients through the stories of her own physical fitness journey.  She would picture herself during her journey remember, post surgery, metal coming out of her shattered and healing foot, and the feelings and thoughts of not knowing if she would ever walk again.  Wrapping it all up into the thought of if you can get through every single one of your previous bad days you can get through this.

  • Why are you dreaming so small? – A question posed by Lisa’s mentor which I think is an amazing question for each and everyone of us to ponder!  I am just going to leave that wisdom right there for you all to ponder.  Why are you dreaming so small?

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