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When working on a vision, can you turn your setbacks into superpowers? Stay tuned to find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us when we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question, and this podcast would give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is up What is up my dark horse friends family Welcome back to your weekly dose of entertainment to finance learning me. While I’m your dark horse host Tracy Brinkmann and you that’s infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur, or one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be. That’s why I’m coming at you with this big episode today. Today, Rory Douglas shares how he has a passion to help people pursue their purpose, and how he and we can turn setbacks into superpowers. Plus, I’m gonna let you in on next week’s interview guest who is one of the few women of her generation to reach the rank of colonel in the United States Air Force. Now I know you want to keep getting all these awesome interviews from these amazing guests. I’m lucky enough to bring on the show. So be sure to take a minute to go on down there. If you’re getting any value from any of the episodes going down there, mash that subscribe button. While you’re there, leave us a five star rating and put some kind words in the review these subscribes, ratings and reviews till the podcast platforms to raise this up a little bit in the rankings and help get the word out to more driven entrepreneurs. Just like you now as per usual the Dark Horse corrals are chock full of personal business and marketing. g o LD spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to the starting gates and go alright alright my dark horse friends and family Today’s guest is Rory Douglas. Now Rory is a life coach and a financial educator Rory comes in the angle that your dreams are not a figment of your imagination. They are just showing you glimpses of your future. Rory has 20 years experience in the entertainment and investment industry empowering entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose. he transitioned from entertainment to financial services industry as a financial educator and a high performance life coach where he leads and mentors countless countless people. It’s good speech. I’m on a roll already today. And this includes CEOs, CPAs attorneys in several six figure earners who run their own organizations. Rory knows that the average American is one or two paychecks away from being homeless and one in three are in debt. That’s why you’re gonna find Rory traveling around the world speaking to youth and community organizations, colleges and universities, corporations, as well as ministries and nonprofits and obviously with everything going on in the world today. podcast. Rory, welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur brother,

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man. Thank you Tracy for having me, man. It’s it’s a privilege and a pleasure. I want your listeners also to you know, just to make a long story short, my name is Rory Douglas, as Tracy was saying, and I’m a financial educator, highperformance life coach, I have a passion to help people pursue their purpose in the areas of not just finance but in areas of inspiration, motivation. It’s all about, you know, energy and just basically how to get through. That’s what it’s all about. I have a little over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I just to talk about my beginning in school, I was most likely not to succeed, okay, out of every elementary school and every high school and I was labeled a troubled youth. I said label Okay, I said label because I really wasn’t a troubled youth. I was troubled, which means I had suffered from a disability that was called dyslexia. Okay, I’ve read things backwards. My mom was my mentor father passed at an early age. So my mom took care of my brothers and my sisters, and she worked three jobs and she’s my mentor. So during that time of me having that disability I was a basically a student, I could hear and, and pretty much recite everything the teacher was saying, but when it came down to open book or test date, I created an excuse to call some confusion and get kicked out of class. That’s why I was labeled a troubled youth. And when I was roaming the hallways, I was also out there with other troubled youth and I was pretty much Or with those individuals who are labeled trouble UI, they left to me as a mentor, as a person that was pretty much like a leader. And it was a lot of dysfunction. But I learned a lot. And I, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change it because it made me who I am today. But one day, my mom was driving down the road in the car. And my mother was running late to an appointment, and I was in the car with her. And she insists that I read the instructions how to get there. And I told her, I made an excuse. She said, No, read them in a very forceful way. I read, I tried to read them, and I was reading wrong. So she knew something was wrong at that point. So she basically get in touch with the principal and some counselors, and I had some testing. That’s when I discovered this thing that was called dyslexia was the reason why I was having that issue. So I always tell people today you can have a disability, but you don’t have to be disabled. And I’ve noticed in life, we have a lot of people who do have disabilities that do more than people who has no disability, right. So I’ve used the setback in my life as my superpower. I think there’s power and vulnerability, so I use it as my superpower. So whenever I’m challenged in life, I basically reflect back on what I dealt with, and how I got over it. And I use it to this very, very day. So as I was saying earlier, I have a passion to help people pursue their purpose. And that’s what it’s all about. And as you were saying, in the very, very beginning that I think right now we’re living in a time like never before in America, where the average American is one to two paychecks away from being homeless, and one out of three Americans in debt. And the reason I really, really dove into finance is simply because it was something that I actually ran into, once again, because of a setback and a tragedy. Well, as a young guy, basically coming up, I had a colleague of mine, who was who was basically in the music industry, and he was pretty heavy in the music industry. And I was basically one of he was one of my mentors, and we were very, very good friends. But he would always tell me, Hey, you would do really well, in the music business. He says, I get a lot of encouragement from you, with my management, managing rather than you would do good in the business. So I heard what he said, but I kept on doing what I was doing in life. I mean, I work a lot of odd in in jobs in corporate America, okay. And when he basically told me, I would be good in music, I listened to it, but I didn’t take him up on the offer. And then one day came to me and said, Hey, listen, we’re going on a world tour. And you can go on this tour with us, and I can’t pay you that much. But I can pay you and you can get the experience. So I said, Well, how long is it going to be? And he said, Well, it’s a world tour, but you don’t have to do the whole thing. You can do some local dates. And I said, Okay, what is the lowest amount of time I can actually do it? He says, Well, why don’t we can do three weeks. And I said, Okay, I went to my boss and asked my boss, can I take three weeks off? My boss basically said, You can’t take three weeks off. We need you. He says, but I can give you two weeks. And I said, Okay, well those two, two weeks turns into internal, I never went back. So when I got on the tour, I basically was a person pretty much a gopher, I was bringing coffee, I was just serving people. And and during that time, I learned a lot also to that is powered service. I always tell people, to this very day, look for opportunities, don’t look for money. If you chase money, it’s going to get away from you. But if you look for opportunity, you’re gonna have money for a lifetime and not at lunchtime. So the bottom line is I got on that tour and I help people and I was really really grinding and hustling. And they said, I was the go to guy, everybody called me to go to God, they didn’t really know my name. But that’s to go to that. You tell him something, he gets it done. So when I got off the tour, because I’ve met a lot of known people on this tour known established artists. So when I got off the tour, one of the artists basically said, Hey, we would like for you to come help us in our camp, you know, go on tour with us. And that was my first gig. And I took that and we had a lot of success. And one of my good friends. He’s no longer here anymore. Joseph Gilman. God bless his soul. I good Joseph gammon was an entertainment attorney that basically was helping us in the music industry. And he told me one day said, kid, you got it, you got that? That niche, you can do really, really well to do something big. And I said, Joseph, I would love to start my own business. I would love to have my own management company. But I don’t know the first thing of how to start it. And he said, You know what, don’t worry. I’ll help you started. I’ll show you how to do it. So he basically showed me how to do it. He handled all of the paperwork and everything I needed to do and the music company was born. It was called Arkady music management. And we had a lot of success. A lot of Platinum record projects, go record projects. And also too, so the funny part was basically when it came down to the revenue that was making in the music company was making quite a bit revenue, but at the end of the year, we got ready to do the numbers and we It was time for me to get paid. I basically got virtually pennies. And I was like, Well, how is this possible? We made all of this money. And this is all I get. And, you know, Joseph would lay all of the the accounting down right in front of me look at it, you know, hey, listen, all of the dinners and all of the studio and all the things that we were spending, you were spending like it was crazy. That’s exactly why. So the industry changed. We were in at the time a CD industry where we were had, we had CDs, and our profit margin was like 50%. So at the time, we were making maybe about five bucks a CD, and we were everywhere. We’re in all of the best buys and all music stores and all that stuff. Sam goody, the record record company way back then and there. And we made us a lot of revenue. But the industry shifted from a CD industry to a download and 99 cent. So at that particular point, we’re out of business, and things were tanking. And then Joseph had some health problems. So things start to take. So I ended up owing more than what I made in Texas. Oh, my goodness. So when that happened to me, it was a very, very trying time in my life. And I did the same thing I’ve done earlier. Like I said, when I was suffering with the dyslexia, it was it was a challenging time, things were tanking. And I said to myself, Tracy, I said that, I will never get myself in a position like this again, when it comes down to business. And what I did was I everything I can get my hands on about finance, I read it, I mean, I’m talking about I studied for about three and a half years, four years straight, just fine. It studied, studied, studied, checked into school to classes on finance, studied, studied, studied. Now, during that transition, that’s when I found my passion. I always tell people, when you find your passion, you’ll find your purpose. I found my passion, my passion was that I really, really like to build people help people. I’m an entrepreneur. And that’s where my passion came. So I basically from there became a financial advisor. And I worked for a lot of known firms. But every time I worked for a firm, I went from the bottom to the top really, really quick. And it was no difference. When I was out on the streets at a young age as a troubled youth. I went from the streets to corporate suites. So the bottom line was I, you know, I that’s really when those firms got a lot of awards. So at that point, I said, You know what, I’m going to start my own finance company, my own firm, financial firm, and I launched my financial firm, and it’s called Aqua financial center, financial center, calm, that’s my, that’s where it is Aqua financial and doing very, very well. We specialize in retirement strategies, wealth preservation, college planning, investments, that’s what we strategize in. And not only that, I pretty much not only help people with their finances also help people in terms of life coaching, dealing with their day to day problems that are real. So that’s how everything began for me. And that’s how I got exactly where I am now. Low story. That’s my story. I’m gonna stick to

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  1. And he’s not changing it, ladies, gentlemen. No, and you know, I can I can feel you when it comes to the, I won’t say troubled youth because I wasn’t a troubled youth. But I think for me, my father was a 23 year veteran of the service, you know, United States Army. And so I grew up all my life in a very structured environment. Now, it my dad wasn’t very, wasn’t super regimented about things. But there’s this, you know, it’s just part of the routine. It’s the lifestyle, right? And brout, I think, is my mid late mid teens. He decided to retire, and a retired out in Southern California. And so and I often say it’s not only probably one of the most liberal places in the world, or in the United States, but in the world as well. So I went from, you know, regimented military background to Wow, all right, right. It’s a time when any young man is going to start testing the boundaries in the first place, you know, and, you know, I started hanging around with the wrong, folks. And here’s where it really hooked me. So and because I was like you I was I was smart, right? It’s good in school. But when we when we Southern Southern California, the public school, I was going to a, it didn’t have the competitive. I was into gymnastics. It didn’t have competitive gymnastics for the boys. It had it for the girls. All right. So I became a cheerleader, whatever, it’s good. But then I started taking classes that I was like, I was coming home to my mom, dad going, I’ve already learned this like three years ago. And I took a German class. Now mind you, my grandfather is German. I grew up speaking the language. While my dad was in the service. I spent six years of my life over in Germany, out on the economy, so I could Converse really easy. So we get there and I’m taking this German class and I think it’s eighth grade and got an F on a test. And I was flabbergasted. I’m like, What the heck is this all about? And I was sitting there and I was chatting with my dad and I’m like, Dad go, I don’t get it. I don’t get it. So I was having him gut check me and my dad was raised by a German, right? He goes, your answers are right. So we go, we go to the talk to the teacher. And the teacher that was teaching the class could not speak the language she was teaching from the book, right? So she was thrust into the class probably have no choice of her own right. But it because what I wrote down didn’t match what was in her her book, I was wrong. And he’s like, you need to get a different job because you can’t teach a language you can’t speak anyway, that just kind of disheartened me to the whole scholastic adventure. And I stopped going more and more, you know, which put me more and more with those, those folks that you’re you’re you’re you’re mentioning in your, your, your youth, you’re like, Alright, we’re gonna start traveling down a wrong path, right? You know, and I don’t care how smart you are or anything, you start a path if you keep if you don’t get off of it. It’s just gonna happen, right? You just that but it’s like a snowball, it starts rolling.


in finance, if you hang around nine broke people, you got to be the tip. There it is.

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Yeah, I always thought that was the funniest thing on the planet. So you lose a job. So you and your buddy lose your job. And your buddies hanging down at the bar, you know, griping and moaning to the other guys hanging out at the bar about Oh, I can’t find a job while you’re out there. You know, you’re grinding away, right? I don’t care what you’re doing. You’re either out there delivering mail, cleaning cars, to toilets, whatever. You know, I worked at dock I have no shame in and I could work a warehouse that anybody. When I got out of my dark times and how much you know about my story. I ended up on the really dark side of the Southern California scene for a while into the drug scene. I mean, livery five oh, kicked open the door to my home. I was that far into it. And luckily I wasn’t there when it happened. Right. So I didn’t go to jail or anything, but it certainly it was a wake up call. And so but because I had been on that seedier side, you know, inside I felt like okay, I just can’t jump right back into corporate America. Right? Yeah, I had to, you know, I had to build myself back up and do Life Coach, you understand that? Right? So I did those things. I did those filing job warehouse job cleaning toilets. You’re working on a dock. And when I felt the self confidence back, I put myself back in the game and I started working my way up into corporate American Indian. Okay,


why don’t you fight so hard? I mean, what made you fight so hard? What made you fight back so hard? I think this is a very critical moment. I you know, you’ve got a What made you just what made you humble yourself and work yourself back up the letter?

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My daughter, my daughter, when that was? Yeah, that was my why that was. That was my who I’ll even go back further past the Why? Because it was I’ve always identified with family first my dad so my dad just he drove that in, no matter what’s going on your family. Right? Dan, you take care of you. And so when the when they kicked open my door, I had a three month old daughter. And you know, that was a kind of a, you know, the light bulb goes off the clouds open up. Whatever power you believe in, is shining down on you saying, now it’s time to decide, right? Yeah. And for me, it was like, Alright, it’s not just me anymore. I’m not closing up just my life. You know, if it had been just me, I may have continued on that arrogant path of Oh, I can beat these guys. But now I had, you know, I had Talia in the picture. And I had a very supportive family and a man who I called brother to the day he passed away not too long ago. But you know, he we were we were brothers from another mother, right? We met in early teens, and we just clicked and so between between those, I had an awesome support group. And I was able to hand over care to my daughter for a couple of weeks while I slept off and, you know, cleaned my body and everything. And I didn’t go to rehab. I mean, I just did this cold turkey I said, Oh, you know, I need you to you know, keep an eye on her. And she’s like, you do what you got to do. And literally I just passed out for probably, it was probably I’m gonna try and be realistic and say it’s five, six days, you know, and I get up just enough to feed myself and then you know, my body’s just trying to fix and so yeah, to your point it was that that reason was my daughter She saved my life and I’ve been thankful for that every step of the way. As it as as time has gone on so I feel you when it comes to finding that passion to get your purpose. Exactly, yeah. So in your in your life coaching room, let’s dig in there for a little bit. So what when you’re when you’re working with a client, what are you finding most often is maybe holding them back from realizing this dream? Do you now listen to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast,


I find most often that people spend more time outside of themselves and very little time with themselves.

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Hmm. Okay.


And I think that a lot of it is, is is culture. You know, culture is basically how you do something. And I think a lot of people, we pretty much have a culture and that we follow and most and in most cases, it happens with our families, you know, your mom and dad may have a desire for you to do something, and you’re doing things basically, because of what they may want you to do. Mm hmm. And a lot of people have that influence. And also, what I’ve noticed is I do my research, the average college student changed their major four times. Hmm. And when you find out what they changed their major, they changed their major because they really never really found their passion. They didn’t didn’t know what they wanted to do, right? We’re basically going according to in some outside influence, right? So what I find is, is, like I said, most people spend more time outside of themselves and with themselves, and living in a society that’s fast paced, and people spend more time with other things that take their attention away. They’re, they’re drifting most of the time. And no one is really identifying with who they are. And I think some of us grow up like that we go through life we get we have a family, we grew up like that we grew up unfulfilled. Yeah. And it’s a lot of unfulfilled this out there. So as a life coach, when I talk to people, I basically bring them back to where they are, and and in some cases, they don’t know exactly where they are. But I bring people back to try to identify with Who are you, you know, what’s your purpose? Why do you exist? You know, what’s your Why, what’s your mission? And you know, most people when you talk to them, they sound scripted. They sound just like the average person. Yeah. You know, and people are trained to be spectators, they trained effective. leaders and not trained to be, you know, trendsetters, they’re spectators. So what I do as a life coach, I pretty much break that down, I talk to people and find out and get them in touch with themselves. And once they take a critical look at themselves, they begin to realize that they have everything they need, I think everyone has, you have greatness inside of you, but discovered greatness. But once you discover it, then life turns around. So that’s my main objective is to dig deep. When I talk to my clients,

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I dig deep. And that’s what you got to do. I think so I think you’re you hit the nail on the head, and I talk about this probably far too much. People are going god, I’m so tired of hearing about this. But I think it’s really that important. I was lucky enough to have a couple of people in my life, my parents early on, and then beyond that, that always gave me the feeling inside that I could do whatever I wanted to. And they never said, go do this, right? Hey, you’re going to be a doctor or you’re going to be a lawyer or you’re going to be this. I mean, I know growing up, and maybe you went through this too. I mean, I changed what I wanted to be so many times. I mean, once you get past the kid thing of I want to be a policeman or a fireman or president united states. I mean, there was a point in my early teens, I actually said, I want to be a forensic psychology pathologist. Right, right. And then I found out probably about a year or two after I started digging into that, that my red green colorblindness would be a detriment to that career path, because, you know, slight variations in tissue color could be the difference between life and death. Okay, let’s, let’s not go and risk killing it. Right. You know, so, you know, I spent, you know, a long time going down different paths. Okay, well, I’m smart when it comes to math. But I don’t like I don’t like financial numbers. And when I say don’t like this, like, I am afraid of them. It’s just like, I don’t want to spend all my time in it. And then I found computers. Oh, right in the sky opened up. But I was already traveling down this business path in college, and I did college while I was in the military. And then when I got to Coca Cola, I found marketing Haha, right. Now numbers and marketing, they work really well together because you can do all that now. So I mean, and it’s not any one thing but it was this stack of things. And you can probably echo this when you talk to folks or of course, as you go through your life you have this one passion over here and then later on you find another passion and you can put those two together and make magic and then you find another passion you put that you add that in there and the magic just adds to it I mean your your music path started, you know, working some magic for you and then you found numbers to build on that now you’re you’re on a whole new magic path. And now you’re helping others find theirs right


now I always tell people, Tracy life we always are born from nowhere to somewhere, like I’ll give you an example, you probably never thought that you would be doing what you’re doing right? No, not at all, though you go from nowhere to somewhere and we’re not, we’re not built to stay the same. And I always tell people that success is often found in the palette mistakes. But the problem is most people are afraid to make a mistake. So all of us are safeguarding safeguarding unfulfilled, I spending more time outside of ourselves. And sometimes we just have to get our shift together. I didn’t curve shift.

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Yeah, no, I heard Yeah.


Someone asked to come in and have a critical talk with you, and actually help you to tap into some of those things that are great that’s inside of you. And as long as you have a y i, you can get over anything. You know, you get through anything, you can get over anything. And I find that in the place where you personally think you’re not good at that’s what you’re good at. It’s funny. You may say I’m not good at math. Once you get involved in apply yourself, you turn out to be a better mathematician than the next person. It’s always in a place where you think, yeah, it’s not.

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Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. They’re actually in in my, my time at Coca Cola, I did a lot a lot of math, I learned all kinds of forecasting algorithms and what have you. And I applied those, my computer brain in using that math to make to make my literally to make my job easier. And that that helped beyond that rise inside the corporate america arena. So you’re absolutely right. I also find for me, and I interested to hear your thoughts on this. Your magic is usually in something that you might take for granted.


Yeah, you know, it’s funny, you say, some of you may take for granted. See, when I was telling you earlier that if you don’t know who you are, how do you know really what you want. And most times we think we want certain different things. But the bottom line is, is that when you find passion in something that you’re that you’re doing, it’s not really classified as work. It’s something that you do free. That’s true. So I think that once you bridge the gap of unfulfilled illness, that’s how you can you can get people on the right track. Because I know for a fact that I always tell people in life, there’s never any losses, there’s only lessons. And that’s the mindset you have to have. So you have to have the mindset to say, hey, these things are happening to me or these things happen for me. Yeah. So you know, I I know for a fact that when you go through life, and you have a lot of setbacks, disappointments, a lot of bumps, all different types of things. Those are the things that are pretty much developing you and forming you, I think, everyone, this is fun. This is my analysis, I tell a lot of my clients, everyone is a masterpiece, but you are the artists. And when you think about a masterpiece, you talking about the artist basically having a hammer and a chisel chipping away at that masterpiece. Sometimes it can take a lifetime, but it takes time. We all are working progress. But once the quicker you find that who you are, you get closer to your masterpiece. And that’s what it’s all about. All of us are always you always have you always had developing your you’re always a building. And that’s what it’s all about. So you have to understand that. Like I said, I just want to tell people who are looking and listening you got greatness inside of you, you have everything that you need. But if you spend more time outside of you’ll never wit yourself. You’ll never know exactly who you was or who you could have been. I think the graveyard is one of the most expensive places on the planet earth will bury dreams, their ideas, their unfulfilled purpose in the graveyard in the cemetery. That’s one of the richest places.

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Yeah. Amen to that. I hear you there. All right. So let’s get in here. I want to I want to be mindful of your time and I appreciate you hanging out. But let’s see, if you had you know, we’re the folks that are that you have the era right now a lot of them are, you know, the budding entrepreneurs for the most part now some of them already cashed in checks, but a lot of them are looking to you know, start restart or kickstart their their business and sometimes their life and that’s why I try to come at this, this particular show with you know, the entrepreneurial spirit. But with that fact that you can’t you know, if you’re if your mindset is jacked your business that is jacked as well. And given that if you had any top tips for our entrepreneurs, be they business or financial or a personal development, what would you want? What would you want to share?


First thing I would share is your greatest asset is your mindset, not your assets. Your greatest asset is your mindset, which means if you have the right mindset, you can get over any obstacle, any hurdle right now, especially during time of pandemic and very shaky market. uncertainty, half of America out of work, I think this is an ideal time to really, really capitalize But when you have to, you got to keep something in mind, especially with those individuals who’s been affected because a lot of people have been affected businesses affected. I always tell people, the average millionaire has seven streams of income, an average american has two jobs. Right now, it’s extremely important that you get busy, find something that you are good at great multiple streams of income, I don’t care if you can bake cookies, bake cookies, whatever it may be, right? Go back to the basics, yes, create multiple streams of income. And also, we got to keep something in mind that we’re dealing with a new industry, it’s a new world, the world is not gonna come back the same. You’re going to the supermarket, you see machines, you go into the bank, you see machines, you go into the airport, you see machines, AI is taking over artificial intelligence. In the next five years, we’re going to have about 85 million jobs in America that’s going to be displaced to auto because your intelligence. So the new way of doing business and the new way of, of not only doing business, conducting business, is what we’re doing right now. If you have a smartphone, you bet you’re not that smart, if you’re not using it to generate funds. Yeah. And and so the bottom line is, is that we have to really, really change our mindset, especially what’s going on right now. Because it’s a new world, a new society. And like I said, I would tell people right now that it’s extremely important right now that you come up with a plan for your future. And most people, they don’t plan to fail, they just fail to have a plan. Yeah. And it doesn’t matter how bad it looks like you put together a plan, you can win. But there’s some things that are extremely important, we don’t really understand the money game, you don’t understand the money game, you know, you really really should go in during these times, like right now and, and get yourself educated self educate yourself about financial literacy. That’s the reason why I’m on a national campaign to spread financial literacy. Because we don’t understand the money game, for instance, to bankers in America, the major banks, on average give us minus 1%. Inflation is about four and a half. So you got to have 5% or greater just to be taxes and inflation. So we don’t understand things like compounding interest, the rule of 72. So we got to really educate ourselves about finance once we educate ourselves about finance. And once we realize that our greatest asset is our mindset. That’s exactly how we’re going to actually win. And I think change is good. I always tell people, tough times may come, right, but tough people get over tough times, right? It’s all about So right now, you just got to pretty much bunker down, don’t sit still start creating some things, start making things happen. If you’re an entrepreneur, I always tell people, if you’re an entrepreneur, and especially if you have a job, if you have a job, you let you have to take your nine to five and turn into your five to nine, you’re not a true entrepreneur, unless you’re willing on working 16 hours a day for yourself. If you don’t, if you’re not willing to working 16 hours a day for yourself, you are a entrepreneur, you’re not an entrepreneur. And I always tell people in life, you’re only going to be doing two things Tracy, either we’re going to be working to fulfill someone else’s vision or working to fulfill our own vision. And let’s say that most people are working to fulfill someone else’s vision and not their own. And that’s the reason why we find ourselves being unemployed. That’s how we find ourselves being laid off is because we put our destiny in other people’s hands. I’m not talking Good job. But I do know a job stands for just over broke. Yep, you’re, you’re not gonna be in today’s society, working a job is not going to be able to give you a great adequate living. So we have to do more than one thing. So the bottom line is when a new industry in the new world and the world is open, there’s so much opportunity, but you got to be willing on changing. And I think that most people who are really struggling hard, it’s because they don’t want to break into that chain, that change. They’re waiting for something to come to them. Right now. You got to really be proactive. You really got to be proactive. You got to look at what’s going on in your life. And you have to readjust and don’t be afraid. Just Just go for it. I mean, I understand a lot of fear out there. But just go for it. I mean, go for it. You know, go after your dreams. Go after your destiny. always tell people your dreams are not a figment of your imagination. Just showing you glimpses of your future. Yeah. So right now is the time to go for it. That’s

Tracy Brinkmann  34:18

what I would tell people go for it. You heard the man get up and go for it. So Rory, I know you’ve got to have some great resources for folks to tap into for both mindset and financial education. You want to share some of those where we can send them if they want to learn more?


Yes. First of all, I have a new book that’s out. It’s called cracking the rich code. international bestseller with Tony Robbins. Kevin Harrington from shark tank and Jim Britt rich is a good friend of mine. Our book is called cracking the rich code, you can actually go to worry Douglas dotnet worry Douglas dotnet and you can find out all the information about me and also, you can go to Aqua financial center. Calm, Aqua financial center calm right now doing pandemic I’m actually conducting free financial literacy workshops during the time of pandemic Aqua financial center calm, that’s where you can actually go and that’s where you can find me

Tracy Brinkmann  35:14

at beautiful. I’m gonna make sure that we get those links down in the show notes so people can just click right over and get right to you, Rory, I definitely appreciate your time and you hanging out with this in dropping some of this awesome knowledge and, and sharing your story with our dark horse listeners.


Man, I thank you for having me, Tracy. And I just want to say some things to you before I get off, please, story, man. And one thing I can say man is that you are definitely a trooper. And I call you a change agent, a change agent. So yeah, change agent. Keep doing what you’re doing, man because all roads end up back together. And I’m sure that we’re going to be doing some things in the near future. So keep the communication consistent. And for those who are looking and listening, I spoke from my heart. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it and I approve this message.

Tracy Brinkmann  36:02

Alright, thanks so much, man. There you go. Ladies, gentlemen. That’s my man Rory, who who? How about that my dark horse friends and family Rory degus. just dropping all kinds of entertainment and financial bombs is what is a lot of the great insights from his high performance coaching. were some of the thoughts that you came away with. Let me share a couple of ones I came away with thought number one, turn your setbacks into your superpowers. Now, if you’re a friend of if you friend me on Facebook, one of the first questions that I’m going to ask you is what is your superpower? We all have one and like Rory shared with us today? often those superpowers reveal themselves out of our setbacks and darkest of times, and you here’s another thing, often we take one or more of our superpowers for granted. Because it’s like, hey, it comes so easily to us. I mean, now, they didn’t always come easy, I would imagine. So what is your superpower? I know you have one. Heck, I think you probably have more than one. What is the gift that you bring to those within your sphere of influence? It could be something like just being a good active listener to your children and those you love that my friend is a superpower. So please, do not take it for granted. I mean, how many times have you heard someone even in jest saying something like my mom, dad, brother, sister, husband wife doesn’t listen to me. And they don’t understand me? That’s huge, right? I mean, and that’s often the baseline is some really troublesome communication gaps, many of which can grow into even larger issues. And this, this goes well beyond just personal life, it could be in your business life. So these issues can get even bigger and bigger, if not addressed. Look, just because it’s easy for you to listen, you can be that great active listener, or talk or computer program computers, or do Facebook ads or go live on Tick Tock or clubhouse or grow your audience. Whatever it is, doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone else. So I asked you again, what is your superpower thought number two life offers opportunities to serve, grab them. I think Rory summed this up perfectly. If you chase money, it’s going to get away from you. But if you look for the opportunity to serve, you will have the money for a lifetime, not just a lunchtime. He had a lot of cool little quick scenes like that, that just kept hitting me I wanted to write them all down, but I wanted to listen to what he was saying. See, to me, this is also where your superpower will further come into play. If you continue to seek out ways where you can take your superpower and serve those within your sphere of influence Heck, even beyond then you will find people gravitating towards you wanting more and more of your superpower and you know what here’s what you’ll find out you like worry will become that go to guy or go to gal for that superpower and they will be very willing to pay you for it and you will begin to generate the income of your dreams your desires and the income that you deserve. Thought number three Yeah, this one couldn’t go bypass right find a mentor. See Rory was told by an attorney in the entertainment industry. You got it kid you know how to serve and you’re going to go places you should start doing this as a business and Maria was like well okay, but I don’t know how to do this this and this being all the detail those behind the scenes business pieces in this gentleman’s like, no worries, I got you and they were off and running and ended up doing gold and platinum level projects. Now. What if he didn’t take that next step into the unknown? Or what if he attempted it alone? Right. I would imagine he wouldn’t have seen the same level of Success. And if he did reach that same level of success, he probably wouldn’t have seen it as quickly his mentor helped speed up his success helped him navigate the potholes that are definitely in his path. Right. So look, here’s the thing. Can you do it alone? Well, yeah, of course you can. But what if you could shave off months, even years of time that it would take you to reach the level of success that you desire? What’s that worth? What if you could get to your audience faster? serve them better? What is that worth? I would imagine it’s far more worth the cost, far more worth, the value that you’ll get you can bring than the cost of any mentor, or coach that you would hire, isn’t it? In fact, number four, and this one really rang out to me spend some time with you. Look, if you’re listening to this podcast, I’ll make the assumption that you’re digging for more digging, for more in your business, in your finances, in your life in yourself. But if you spend all your time digging outside of the backyard, that is you, then you’re going to be like that man in this story that sold his farm to go off to find his fortune in diamonds, right. And if you haven’t heard me, I’ll just recap it briefly having he had a farm. And he sold this farm and spent the rest of his life trying to go out there and dig in mind for those elusive glittering gems. It’s so many COVID Meanwhile, back at the very farm he sold the new owner was walking around checking out the landscape and was walking along a creek bed on the on the property and found this odd stone. It was pretty good size. He picked it up and he did it in his hand. He found it curious in the way it looked. And it was kind of interesting. So he took it back to his home. And you set it up on the mantel over the fireplace, right? never gave a second thought. Some days or maybe was even weeks later, a friend came over and asked him about this stone and examined it asked him where he got it from and this new owner replied that, you know, the land out by the creek was riddled with ones like that, that when he just found larger than most and found it very curious. So he thought he kept it. His friend told him this is probably one of the largest raw diamonds he had ever seen. The original owner of the land didn’t even bother to look for the diamonds on his own property. He just sold it. He went off to seek the very thing that he all ready had. So again, this brings me back to my first question, what is your superpower? What is that diamond you have that’s in the rough that sitting there in the creek bit of your skills right now waiting to be discovered in us to serve those within your sphere of influence? spend some time with yourself to find it? Plus, here’s the question to ponder if you can’t spend some quality time with yourself to get to your masterpiece to get to your hefty diamond. Why would anyone else? Alright, my dark horse friends and family what inspiring ideas or tips resonated with you with Rory story and his drops of bombs, knowledge bombs, right? Whatever they were, please take some time today and put them in action. Find just one one idea that you’re like, Okay, that’s a cool idea. I’m gonna give that a shot and put it into action today. And then get out there, run your racing, get your results, and then come back and let me hear about them seriously, email me at Dark Horse Tracy, at Dark Horse dueling share the tip or the idea that you came away with how you put into action and what results you gain from that. I’m looking for these success stories. I want to bring them on the show or even interview you these six the those with the success stories in the dark horse Facebook tribe. So come over and join us and the Dark Horse Facebook group go to And in that search bar, the type type Dark Horse tribe, you should see us right on top. All right. Now on our next episode, I have the honor to bring on retired colonel Karla de bass. Now Koehler served 30 years in the United States Air Force retiring obviously, as a colonel, one of the few women in her generation to reach that rank. Now since retiring, she’s gone on to work for a federal agency in Washington, DC. But that’s not why she’s on the show. No, no, she’s here because she wants to help us learn how to achieve our goals through the power of influential writing. All right, again, I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and inspirational stories from the amazing guests I’m able to bring onto this podcast. So please, if you’re getting any value at all, please go on down there, hit that subscribe button. Why are there drop us a five star rating and leave us some kind words in the review. And of course, don’t keep all this entrepreneurial, g o LD all to yourself, share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners. You know, we’ll get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you As I always do, think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast.


Thanks for tuning in.

Tracy Brinkmann  45:11

Check us out at www. dot Dark Horse My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP 127 Rory Douglas Are You Working To Fulfill Your Vision Or Someone Else’s?
When Working On A Vision Can You Turn Your Setbacks Into Your Superpowers?

  • Find a mentor – Rory was told by an attorney in the entertainment industry “You got it kid” you know how to serve and can go places. You should start doing this as a business.  Rory of course was like I don’t know how to do this, this being all the detail behind the scene business pieces.  No worries I know and off they went doing gold and platinum projects.
  • Turn your setbacks into your superpower – If you friend me on facebook one of the 1st questions I will ask you is “What is your superpower?”  We all have one and like Rory shared with us today often those superpowers reveal themselves out of our setback and darkest of times.  
  • Life offers opportunities to serve – Grab them! – Rory summed this one up perfectly if you chase money it is going to get away from you.  But if you look for the opportunity to serve you will have money for a lifetime not a lunch time!
  • Spend some time WITH…YOU – Look if you are listening to a podcast like this I will make the assumption that you are digging for more.  Digging for more in business, in your finance and in your life.  But if you spend all your time digging outside the backyard that is YOU then you are going to be like that man in the story that sold his farm to go off and find his fortune in diamond.

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