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EP 382 How To Build a 4-Figure Sales Funnel In Under 24 Hours


SUMMARY: The conversation is about how to create a drop-dead simple way to bring in four figures quickly for entrepreneurs. Tracy talks about how he started the Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast to help people who are struggling with technology, procrastination, and imposter syndrome. They advise people to think differently and take action to achieve success.


In order to build a four figure sales funnel in under 24 hours, the driven entrepreneur must first pay attention and listen to all the way to the variants. Then, they should use a simple sales funnel that can yield them four figures per sale. Finally, they should hang around and get a couple of extra secrets.


Tracy tells the listener to go to Clickbank and sort the results by average dollar conversion. The speaker then points out that the number one item on the list has an average conversion of $1,404.90. Tracy explains that gravity is the average commission and affiliate earns for each conversion to that offer.


Tracy is talking about how to choose high paying offers on ClickBank in order to make more money. They recommend finding an offer that is recurring, as this will allow you to make money over a longer period of time. They also recommend choosing an offer in the same niche as the one you are promoting, but at a lower price.



0:00:00   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast: Quick Revenue Funnel Learning

0:01:19   How to Build a Four Figure Sales Funnel in Under 24 Hours

0:03:00   How to Make Money with Clickbank in the Online Marketing Niche

0:04:34   How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

0:06:07   How to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel in Less Than 24 Hours

0:10:53   How to Build a Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel

0:12:38   7 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing

0:14:00   The Dark Horse Entrepreneur Podcast – Episode 14: The Benefits of Being a Driven Entrepreneur



So now you’ve built the funnel, you’ve started generating traffic, and then you start reselling a copy of that funnel to other new marketing folks out there. See, this is how you start putting your name out there as the expert in your community.


You could also sell those funnels that you’ve built to new marketers as a done for you solution to get them started in online marketing. There’s a little secret for you.


Your goal is to make sure that the cost per lead is less than or equal to the profit you’re going to make on that front end offer. That low, that low ticket item, that’s, that very front part of your lead magnet excuse me, of your funnel.


You’re going to create yourself an email, a lead magnet so you can start gathering the email addresses on your screens page. Once again, don’t agonize about it too much, right?.


And for those of you that didn’t listen to the previous episode, go back and listen to episode oh gosh, what was that? 381, where I talk about the two biggest mistakes are common new marketers are making when it comes to emails.

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EP 26 Dee Williams Can You Build A Business On Your Deathbed?

  • Dee talks about how your life is all about balance.  Balancing your career to home life and visa versa and the impact that balance or imbalance can have on your character.
  • Dee shares her thought about empowering our excuses
  • Dee shares her insight about building a business on human connection and how to tell which people coming into your world are sincere in building that connection with you.
  • Dee shares how she is scared shitless even when she is being bold.

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