EP 087 Jess Jacobsen Social Media Mistakes You May Have Already Made

  • Jess reminds us to be mindful of those social media growth scams that can do more harm than good.
  • Jess shares that we need to use social media wisely and stay connected to it and the business
  • Jess tells us why we need to step up and GO BIG!
  • Jess then shares a number of social media tips to build and grow our social media presence in the correct fashion!
  • Jess also talks about the two different types of entrepreneurs out there – one of which is the Booty Call Entrepreneur

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EP 081 Tom Gaddis You Have To Be Producer To Be Successful

  • Tom shares why it is important to be a producer 1st if you want to have success
  • Tom reminds us why you have to show up and do the work EVERYDAY
  • Tom talks about a minimum viable product and its impact to your success
  • Tom shares his MILK method of entrepreneurial success
  • Finally Tom asks…are you a good person and why that answer is important.

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EP 069 Angela Giles The 3 Cs of Business Connection Collaboration And Client

  • Angela talks about finding your motivator, that thing that moves you forward or whoops you upside the head to get your butt and moving
  • Angela asks “Did you put in the time and the work” in order to get the results  you had hoped to get from yourself, your business or that program you invested in.
  • Angela asks a powerful question: “Do you want to be an expert or a pioneer?”
  • Angela chat about tech, physical and digital and asks what is next
  • Angela shares the three Cs of business and why they are so very important.

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EP 039 Joey Yak What Are You Fantastic At That Has Become Familiar

  • Joey shares about putting music to your message and the power behind it
  • Joey talks about the pitfalls of acting like the manager when you are still the janitor
  • Joey share why you should open your mind and act without permission

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EP 033 Tanya Stegman How You React To Tragedy And Change Matters

  • Tanya shares the varied path that brought her to the point of creating her very successful multi location business.
  • Tanya shares the importance of learning when to stop working IN the business and start working ON the business.
  • Tanya shares the story of how her business faces a tragedy that her entire industry had never faced before, and how her reaction to that was watched by everyone including the media.
  • Tanya shares how she took all her learning and is not leveraging that expertise to others outside her industry and helping them grow their business as well.
  • Tanya reminds us how and why is important to embrace the changes that happen, especially in 2020 with the impact of COVID
  • Tanya drops so many other tips and ideas in this episode as well!

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EP 027 Ray Lane What Do You Need In Your Video Marketing

  • Ray shares his vast history in the video business world, the changes he has seen and even been a part of.
  • Ray shares a number of innovative uses for video in business and marketing, past, present and on the horizon.
  • Ray shares some great tips on using video in our business and marketing, even a new tool that all of us can use.

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Tracy discusses the 7 stages of the customer journey and how that creates a successful & profitable model for your business.

EP 014 Christina Vitagliano Turning Monsters Into Money

  • Christina reminds us of the importance of continuous learning, building your skills and leveraging them into your business.
  • Christina reminds us if you’re not happy SELL IT! Then tells us what to do next.
  • Christina talks about how no matter how much you plan, it will NOT go the way you plan.
  • Christina shares the secret sauce of hospitality and training.
  • Christina shares her top tip of being a successful business owner!

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Monster Mini Golf Website

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EP 012 Tracy Brinkmann 12 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of work, a lot of vision and a lot of perseverance. Today your humble host, Me, shares 21 tips, that I have gleaned from my experience and from other driven entrepreneurs who have already found success, some of which have been guests on this show. By sharing them I am hoping they will help you navigate your path much more easily.

You can’t tell where you are going if you forget where you have been, the importance of teams & working with people you enjoy ! Have The Exit In Mind!