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EP – 010 Kelly Howard If It Is Not Fun It Is Not Sustainable

  • Kelly reminds us that you can’t tell where you are going if you forget where you have been.
  • Kelly talks about the importance of a team & only working with people you enjoy!
  • Kelly tells us about the importance creating a rhythm in your work and working within your rhythm
  • Kelly shares why you should go into your business with the exit in mind!

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EP – 007 Brian Kelly – The Foundation Of Success And Benefits Of Automation

  • Brian shares why and when he vowed to never be in the position where he is unable to say yes to his family because there is not enough money in the bank to do the things they might ask him to do.
  • Brian shares where he found his calling, his comfort in the entrepreneurial world.  Why you should listen to the marketplace when it comes to what you have to offer.
  • Brian shares some amazing insights about repurposing content and how automation can be a huge benefit to you, your business and your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Brian reminds us that where we are today in our business or personal life is 100% on us. Then he shares how we can take better control of that to build ourselves and our business higher.
  • Brian shares with everyone some great tools he used in his business and you should consider using in small business as well.

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