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EP 147 Jason Portnoy Marketing Your Business So People Know You Exist


  • March to the beat of YOUR drum – Jason talks about turning down law school, TWICE! Quitting a job he had in the recruitment industry to start an apparel company. All because he marched to the beat of his own drum.  
  • If you’re not happy where you are – change it – your not a treeNow mind you Jason did use those exact words.  But, his wife did challenge him when she said “look you love marketing but you hate the clothing business.  Figure something out!”  
  • Hacks vs. StabilityJason brings up a GREAT point about using some current hacks or fad tactics to gain the upper hand on the various platforms out there.  But instead of trying to game the system I am in the same camp as Jason here.  Get in there and use the system to your LONG TERM benefit.
  • Customer Value JourneyJason shared his thoughts on the customer value journey and the touch points that need to occur to get someone from stranger to raving fan. 
  • If you fail, you’re not starting over from zero – Jason brought up a great point that during your entrepreneurial journey when you fail and you noticed that I was when not if, when you fail, you are not starting over again from zero.

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EP 107 Jason Linett Change Your Words Change Your Business and Change Your Life

  • Jason Talks About How You Only Have A Few Seconds So STAND OUT! 
  • Jason reminds us to Enhance Relationships Then Present Value
  • Jason says that Explanations up front = education; Explanations afterward = excuses
  • Jason Shares That You Should Get yourself into state before trying to get your audience into one
  • Jason Reminds Us That Different is better than better


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