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EP 142 Jabari Butler Somebody Out There Needs Your Gift


  • Be the bumble bee that doesn’t know you can’t fly?? – Stop giving into those things that scare you or that you do not think you are able to do.  Be the bumble that doesn’t know it can’t fly and just start flapping your wings.  
  • Who should you join forces with to magnify both of your missions? – Jabari and his business partner Karen both have completely different skill sets but matched passions.  As Jabari said he “makes sure the tech is tight and his business partner Karen makes sure the journalism is tight.” 
  • Hold yourself to a high standard – When you are out there in the true fashion of service you have to hold yourself and those under your command to a higher standard.  After all, your tribe is looking to you for input, information and answers.  So give it to them but give it to them honestly.
  • Get energized by the vision of bringing someone else’s dream to life – Be like my dark horse friends and family who are far more focused on serving their tribe.  Helping their tribe bring their passions and their visions and dreams to life.  But to do that they need your GIFT.


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