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EP 102 Ari Gronich From Deathbed To Healer Motivation Means Nothing Without Action

  • Ari shares that no matter the road, hard or easy, it is up to you!  About the importance of learning from wherever you can, to stand up and fight for what you believe in and how motivation means nothing without action.


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EP 26 Dee Williams Can You Build A Business On Your Deathbed?

  • Dee talks about how your life is all about balance.  Balancing your career to home life and visa versa and the impact that balance or imbalance can have on your character.
  • Dee shares her thought about empowering our excuses
  • Dee shares her insight about building a business on human connection and how to tell which people coming into your world are sincere in building that connection with you.
  • Dee shares how she is scared shitless even when she is being bold.

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