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EP 338 Dr David King Success Comes From Fixing Problems

Dr David King, candidate for Lt. Governor chats on the importance of fixing problems; not being bitter, being better; why you have to pass the test; Give to receive then remember to receive; and being a lion not a sheep! Plus so much more.

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EP 045 David Meltzer 3 Values And 5 Daily Steps To Improve Your Life And Business

  • David Meltzer shares the 5 things we need to do to completely change our life or business for the positive
  • David discusses his relationship with money and how it has impacted him over the course of his life.
  • David tells us why we all need to vote for what you want, to follow your dreams and passions.
  • David reminds us what three values we should live in daily.  Also, tells us why pain is an indicator that we should be paying attention to.

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EP 019 David Foy Masterminds And Just Get It Out There


  • David shares his story where he, like so many others, started down one path prior to finding the one that made his heart sing.
  • David was giving the moniker “The Fixed Ops Mastermind” but he took it and ran with it.  Creating something from nothing and building a win-win from himself and those he served.
  • David, while being an expert in his field, realized he didn’t have ALL the answers.  So, he brought in experts that did.  Thus adding even more value to the mastermind he had created
  • David shares the great advice of why you should just get it out there!
  • David shares why you should be a people server


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