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EP 107 Jason Linett Change Your Words Change Your Business and Change Your Life

  • Jason Talks About How You Only Have A Few Seconds So STAND OUT! 
  • Jason reminds us to Enhance Relationships Then Present Value
  • Jason says that Explanations up front = education; Explanations afterward = excuses
  • Jason Shares That You Should Get yourself into state before trying to get your audience into one
  • Jason Reminds Us That Different is better than better


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EP 033 Tanya Stegman How You React To Tragedy And Change Matters

  • Tanya shares the varied path that brought her to the point of creating her very successful multi location business.
  • Tanya shares the importance of learning when to stop working IN the business and start working ON the business.
  • Tanya shares the story of how her business faces a tragedy that her entire industry had never faced before, and how her reaction to that was watched by everyone including the media.
  • Tanya shares how she took all her learning and is not leveraging that expertise to others outside her industry and helping them grow their business as well.
  • Tanya reminds us how and why is important to embrace the changes that happen, especially in 2020 with the impact of COVID
  • Tanya drops so many other tips and ideas in this episode as well!

Find all of Tanya’s Links at:  DarkHorseSchooling.com