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EP 157 Paul Beam Creating A Camp For The Man Looking For Fulfillment

  • Lack of Integrity and Identity – Paul mentioned that early in life didn’t know who he was, how to be a man, treat a spouse, run his life and finances etc.  As a result of this lack of integrity and identity has made choices that were not the best for himself or his then family.  Do you know who you are?
  • Found A Gap & Gathered His Tribe Into An EventPaul after finishing his education, pulled his core audience together into an event.  He pulled them together to learn from them, but also felt that he had value to offer.  
  • We Are Creatures That EvolveBe it in your wisdom, your beliefs, your knowledge, your faith or in so many other areas of life.  We grow, we evolve and we refine who we are vs. who we were yesterday or yester-year or yester-decade. 
  • Establish Trust – Paul is tackling a very specific audience, in this case men.  He knows that in order for them to come to his events and really get the most out of it, they will have to open up and communicate. 

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