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Stacy Raske Are You Actually Feeling What You Are Doing?

Should You Live And Lead By Example? And Why?

  • Live Your Highest Purpose –

    Stacy before she would even get into her origin story she had to pause and share something about helping someone else live in their purpose.  Now she teased it which is great storytelling and creates a great hook to keep people listening but to me it also showed her humility.  Eluding to how something and someone outside of herself was more important than talking about herself.  Inside of that is a HUGE lesson, yes we all want to live our higher and even our highest purpose.  BUT, I think in order to truly accomplish that – you need a dose of humility.  For my, i think that humility plays an important role in anyones success.  Why you say?  Well I am so very glad you asked.  Humility play an important role in your success for at least these four reasons  

      1. You are able to count those around you

        – I think Nelson Mandella said it best “Humility is one of the most important qualities which you must have, because if you make people realize that you are no threat to them, then people will embrace you.” Seems he understood that no one can accomplish their goals alone. You will need others in your journey to build your successful business and life.  And those that feel threatened due to your lack of humility will hinder far more than they will aid.  Remember humility does not mean weak it means knowing your stretches but yet are able to remain teachable even on those very topics of strength!

      2. You are always open to new ideas

        – Within being teachable is the very concept of being open to new ideas. If we hope to achieve success, we must have an open mind. Why?  Well because that path to success is not always simple nor is it always straightforward. It is filled it ups, down, rights, lefts, pitfalls and faceplants.  That makes it important to remain open to new ideas, so we can find ways to reach your goals. Was, to go over, around or bash through any barrier life puts in our way. I find that arrogance is often the biggest obstacle to open-mindedness. Far too many are convinced that they understand exactly how they can go out and achieve their goals.  As a result, they do not even bother to attempt even the slightest of creative options. And that my friend is a huge mistake.

      3. You Think 1st About Your Goal Not Yourself

        – Look here is the deal being humble is not thinking less of about yourself.  It is rather thinking about yourself less.  How many have you seen caught in the habit of thinking about how others will perceive them, then going out and spending boundless amounts of energy and money trying to control that perception.
        When you come at it from a position of humility, you free up all the energy all those wasted resources by not even engaging in that non-productive habit. With all that extra time, energy and resources, you can focus yourself on how to further your goals and solve those problems that will pop-up along the way.

      4. You Will Recognize When You Are Wrong

        – So many do not even get started due to the fear of failure.  But here is the key they are missing: failure is actually an important part of the success achievement process. How many of you have learned more from your failures than from all of your successes combined. Most all of you I would imagine.  I mean you are willing to accept that failure and learn from it with the required amount of humility that it will take to do so. You must be able to admit you are wrong, in order to learn how to improve and move forward.
        Here’s the deal! Being unable to admit fault is one of the most common obstacles that will continue to get in the way of your success. Embrace your humility, realize that no one is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. Again this will allow you to not only learn from the mistakes but also enable you to act boldly to as you pursue new things.

  • New Level Same Devil –

    Stacy put this so well when you said your next level of income, impact, success or happiness truly comes from  your next layer of inner work!  True leadership is an inside job and this almost pivots 100% to what I was just saying about humility – it starts on the inside while staying focused on the outside.  The start is from the INside to be INfluencial.  You can be giving the title of manager or CEO but are you truly being a leader?  Or are you letting the same devils of your past assumptions and perhaps even programming hold you back from the real magic you could be waving across your team, your family, your business all and those you come in contact with?  Start peeling back the layers of your beliefs and assumptions.  Are they still  true?  I mean really true.  Have you recently put them to the test?  Did you ever put them to the test?  Or did you just take the fact that you read it in a book to be that it was true?  And let me twist you grip just a little harder and ask; even if it is true – could you make it better?  Do not just take that same devil with you to the next level – set him aside and build some new….say angels for your journey to the top!

  • Live And Lead By Example –

    Stacy hit another great point here.  She is being and embodying everything she represents.  This surely attracts those she wants to work with into her sphere of influence. Which works out well not just for her but for those she is able to positively influence by living and leading by example.  For me I think this includes some of the tougher aspects of being a leader.  Liking, being resilient!  You see, you as a resilient leader will take the time and effort to make or let things fall into place. You will not blame your circumstances on others, like non-resilient managers do. Oh no, instead, you will own it 100%!  You will invest your energy and effort into influencing the people, situations and outcomes around you. You will not do this by spending your time whining in your beer or brooding over your past mistakes or the past mistakes of your team. NO! Instead you will get creative with your ideas to overcome those very challenges you are facing – and you will challenge those in your sphere of influence to do that same. You become a part of the solution, not a cog in the problem.

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