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Should you live in lead by example? If so, why? Stay tuned and find out? Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us when we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the dark horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is it? What is up my dark horse for Eigentum family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of new level. Same devil learning. I’m your course host Tracy Brinkmann and you. Well, that my friends is infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur or business owner or hoping to be one very soon. Either way. You’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart and just start loving up with some great marketing personal or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. That absolutely deserves to be another big episode today. Today’s Stacey Rasky shares a wealth of information on getting a big slap from spirit, living your highest purpose taking that devil with you to the next level, living in leading by example and asks you are you feeling what you’re doing? Are you you see Stacy Rasky is a best selling author speaker podcast host Iraqi war veteran badass biker chick boundaries expert leadership mentor authenticity Alchemist success consultant influence activator and legacy builder. Her mission in life is to activate the highest power and the potential in others. By shattering that invisible ceiling they’ve come to embody has their truth, they and get them to embody their truth and their purpose. All the while enjoying the ride she loves to help Alpha leaders shift from intimidating to inflow and job plus, I want to give you a sneak peek into next week’s interview episode guest who has made and continues to make a real impact in the world of online marketing. So as you know, as per usual, the Dark Horse corral czar chock full of personal business and marketing G O L D spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to the starting gates. And go Hi, Stacey. Welcome to The Dark Horse entrepreneur, man. Thanks for coming aboard.

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Oh, thank you so much for having me. It’s such an honor to be a guest on your show. Oh,

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absolutely. It’s funny. I know you and I chatted a few times on Facebook Messenger. And I was like doing a little behind this little stalker stuff. Right? And I saw oh man, she’s this badass biker chick and everything. And then I saw what else you were doing. Um, okay, I definitely have to have this lady on the show, Iraqi veteran the whole nine yards, but I don’t want I don’t want to tell your story. Right? I want you just to start us off, give us the you know, the good, the bad, the ugly, as much as little as you’d like to share, and then we’ll just and why you love doing what you do so much,


man, right. Just before we even get into the backstory or like the intro. I mean, I had the opportunity to sit in observance of what it is to live and embody your highest purpose over this past weekend. Like really, really full receiving of creating an experience where it’s not about me, and it was creating that safe space in a way where it’s truly elevating other leaders to create to step into their purpose, their power, their impact, their drive, their influence, all of it and it was just magnificent, but we’ll get to that. Like what’s happening right now right? The CliffsNotes version is bestselling author Iraq War veteran badass biker chick leadership mentor, authenticity, alchemist, confidence curator, high performance mindset boundaries expert and a founder of the influential leadership mastermind

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and let’s not forget the legacy builder. Don’t cut yourself short.


Yes, you’re right. You’re right. Legacy builder. Yeah, I don’t even know I don’t even know what all the nasty stuff.

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She has so many titles ladies and gentlemen. I can’t even remember them all.


People give me all these titles. It’s so funny. It’s so funny.

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I think Huh, go ahead go.


Oh, I was I really it is it’s it’s I don’t even know what all the titles are honestly, it’s just just helping revolutionary leaders to shatter the invisible ceiling to effortlessly elevate lifestyle leadership and legacy while enjoying the right.

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Yeah. I think that last part is the magic right there. I mean, because so many folks can get out there and break through ceilings and do amazing things, but how many of them are really enjoying the ride, they might be enjoying the money, right, and some of the recognition that comes with it, but at some point, starts picking away at them.


does, it does, you know, I see it all the time. I mean it at every level of leadership, we have those those old stories and all the I mean, the bullshit stories and the baggage and the programming and all the stuff that ends up showing up, you know, new levels, same level. And no matter what level of success they’re at, it’s showing up in some way. So you know, basically your next level of influence income impact. Legacy truly comes from the next layer deeper of inner work, because the true leadership is an inside job. And that’s what it means to be influential, right? This is truly influenced from who you are being and the energy you’re putting out in the world.

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So where where did you start discovering this, this power to bring this out or even discover it yourself? Because obviously, for me, and I’m gonna speak from my experience, I discovered, you know, the power of self reflection, as a fluke, right? I mean, as I was going through my corporate career in Coca Cola, and I lost a daughter and so to keep myself from going completely insane, in off the deep end in you know, sorrow and pity and No, me wrong, it was painful, right? I threw myself into personal development. And that’s why I learned about peeling that onion, like you were talking with the next level that next level. And so like applying it, man, and I saw the magic start to happen in my life and in my career at the same time. What What kind of what turning point what magic? Oh, look, this is amazing. popped into your world, you’re like, Man, I gotta teach this to people.


The catalysts for me was my own rock bottom moment. So ultimately, being my first clients. So everything that I talked about everything that I teach, everything that I preach is literally, at my core, like the foundation of even my core values is live and lead by example. I do it, I’m being it. I’m embodying everything that I represent. And it starts there. So for me, it was the end of 2014. And basically, I mean, December really was like, between Christmas and New Year’s, I’m standing in my kitchen. self medicating again, you know, my life is in shambles and my health is in shambles. My marriage is falling apart. I’ve lost my corporate career as a pharmaceutical chemist because of all the stuff, you know, on on dozens of medications between the war injuries and chronic conditions, and then the depression and anxiety with the PTSD. And I mean, my my entire world was imploding. So I’m standing in my kitchen, grabbing food out of the cabinet, shoving it in my face, chasing it with a bottle of booze, bawling my eyes out, when I have this moment of clarity. And I’m like, What the hell am I doing? And possibly the for the first time and possibly decades, I actually received the answer. And it was I’m trying to make myself look as ugly on the outside as I feel on the inside, because I hate myself. And that was swallowing a whole lot of reality that obviously I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding by numbing out. Sure. And the follow up to that was and it’s all my choices. I did this. And that was a whole lot of personal responsibility. And basically, that was the last time that I was suicidal. And it was basically well yeah, okay, what’s the point now, you know, I’m gonna just, and this. But thankfully, I woke up the next day and I mean, it was kind of a bitch slap from spirit that night, but it’s the next day I was like, whoa, okay, that level of clarity and that level of personal responsibility. I was given this, this kind of this primary lesson. And it was really interesting what the lesson was was like, All right, well, if it was my choice that made this. It’s my choices that can change this. And I basically went to my trauma therapist and I said, Well, I’m done. I throw in the towel. And she’s like, Well, what do you what are you done with I said, I’m done trying to control anything other than myself. And that’s what it is. And that’s what I spent a lifetime doing wearing this mask of who I should be constantly searching for this external validation functioning from this massive, not enough. I had no self love whatsoever. And I even built my entire career in my life based on shirts. I mean, doing the corporate job, you know, because it’s safe and the benefits and all the stuff by the House and the cars and the vacation and the credit cards and the all the BS that’s prescribed by our culture and society as the American dream and it was my prison.

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I started shooting all over yourself, right? I was


shooting everywhere. Yes, I constantly shoot it on myself. And it was that lifetime of self rejection of my power and my truth in the magic of who I am called to be and my purpose and knowing that I’m here for something more. And then as I started my healing journey, so the first step of well, what can I take control of, and it was what I’m putting in my body. And what I’m doing with my body, like that was step one. So literally 2015 I lost 100 pounds, got off, all my medications got healthy chain, you know, started showing up in my life, and in my marriage, and things are getting better. And then I got this amazing idea, why not start a business?

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worst idea ever? No, but what nobody tells you. And I tell everybody, this, um, like nobody tells you is that going into entrepreneurship is a constant stream of triggers of your shit. I did all this trauma and addiction recovery and started a business and felt like I was starting over again, I’m just like, what’s happening? And because I’m such a natural, alpha leader, and that constant, like learn and push and grow, and and how can this be better? And how can I be more efficient? And, you know, the, what I always refer to is that beautiful Alpha energy is that high sensitivity, and that high sensation seeking. So the empathy and the drive, right? The empathy and the action, like, that’s why so many of us are the rebels, the misfits, the black sheep, the nobody gets you because you have both. And it’s like, why is it when is enough enough? And why are you so sensitive and what’s wrong with you, and I’m just never fit in. So I start my business. And then I’m starting from square one, and just constantly leaning in. And it was just the progressive unfolding of myself, the more I leaned into my own journey of my inner unfolding, reconnecting to me in my truth and my power, the more I was able to speed things up externally.

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Nice. So that ad makes me want to ask a question here is like, and I’ve heard so many people buy, oh, man, I started the business and it was insane. And you describe it basically the same way. But you started leaning in? What gave you that? That? Oh, I know you’ve got that alpha energy, right. So that’s, that’s a piece of it. But when you hit that wall, we all hit him in our businesses, you hit that wall, what got you to bass through climb over dig under those those type of moments?


Honestly, the first three years, it was a massive struggle, because I was doing it all on my own. I was the first person in my ecosystem to be in entrepreneurship. I had no support. Nobody got it. I mean, obviously, my husband was supportive of like, contributing financially when my business was costing me money, because you’re like, Oh, you have such a great hobby. Being a coach, right? Like a coach, you know. And it was so interesting. And I started as a health coach because it was like Well, that’s an easy sell. I lost all this weight, right seemed easy. So like, I know how to lose weight. So like, there we go. But very quickly, I realized I am all in on the inner work. And then I started seeing Oh, clients are a mere reflection of me type a control freaks and all of these alphas and a lot of them are entrepreneurs and leaders like Oh, no wonder, you know, but I really was struggling a lot. I didn’t have community, I didn’t have support structure, like mentally, spiritually, emotionally. You know, I had like financial support, but nobody else in my world got it. Yeah, that’s really struggled those first three years it was, I would say it was tapping into my own inner resilience and tenacity and like, I’m going to make this fun work, you know,

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I’m gonna get it out military experience behind you. We’re accomplishing this mission, or we’re gonna die trying.


Yes. And I think that is some of the gems of my military leadership background that I didn’t even realize at the time was coming into play that it was like, Nope, I’m too damn stubborn to quit. Right? So 2018, I finally started investing in working with business coaches, and mindset coaches and people to help speed things up and just things started to skyrocket. And even at that time, even though I was kind of in these small communities, I didn’t understand the power of larger, higher level communities and networks. And then how that outer support combined with consistently leaning in and doing this deeper inner work, I mean, it massively activated the exponential growth curve. Net crazy rule, oh, my God, it’s crazy. It’s just all of a sudden,

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they’re I don’t know if it’s, so many people say, well, it’s this gem that I got from this person, or that person, or that person being a part of their group or being a part of their mastermind. I think it’s more than that. I think there’s some, there’s some energy exchange that’s happening. Because I can go into one of those masterminds, and not talk to anybody. It’s very difficult to do by the way, and still come out of there jacked up loaded with ideas, and better off than when I walked in. Now, if you go in and engage, well, then you just skyrocket to the moon, right?


Oh, yeah, absolutely. And it’s got to be the right community for you. Yeah, it’s got to be the right you’ve got to be willing to receive. I mean, I had, at the end of 2020, I made the conscious choice to begin engaging in certain types of communities, because I realized it was a skill that I was lacking, right? Again, alpha control freaks, are we good at doing it on our own? Right, right? Know how to just whatever I do, we do the lone wolf thing, you know, because, again, we’ve spent a lifetime of constantly being rejected by the norm and the status quo. So like, Whatever, I’ll just do it myself. You know, when we’re surrounded by people who can’t keep up with brains that work as quickly as ours, with problem solving with envisioning with just how we operate and function in the world, you know, we’re able to shortcut and speed up everything, just by who we are being and so people don’t get it.

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So don’t be that dark horse in you. That’s what it


is the I always say, the inner rebel. And, you know, it’s just all of that beautiful, magnificent energy that helps us to function as as be as high functioning as we can. But there are those challenges that come with it, too. You know, it’s too easy to hide in the hustle to avoid the emotion. It’s way too easy to just constantly be focused on the external stuff and avoid the inner work and fall into those traps. But it isn’t, I mean, there’s something to the magic of that proximity, for sure. And then always consistently leaning in to do that inner work. And that’s why I said, I’m like, in my world of what this means to be this influential leader is influencing, impacting, literally, with the energy of who you are, how you show up, you don’t even have to necessarily say something to create a shift for others. And in fact, where elevating your leadership is less about doing and more about being because as you’re in the position to not just lead a team but elevate others into their next level of leadership, no matter what the dynamics are, as you’re elevating and inspiring others, right? It’s more about you being that safe space and being that supportive leader and what do you need for you to be in your zone of genius and shine? Because hopefully you’re better than me at something? Yeah, no, that’s why you’re here.

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Yeah, I’m that’s I’m just vibing with this right. Totally. That was the one canned question they had in there as I was reading through everything is that what is the influence The leadership and I think there’s something magic in. It’s not about being some version of a leader. It’s about being who you are. Yeah, there it is, right there who you are. Yeah, if you can just be you. And I’ve said this 1000 times, so anyone who’s listening, they can go back and re listen to the podcast, right? It’s all about being you, whatever that means for you, you be Stacey, I’ll be Tracy. And if you and I vibe on the same level, for some reason, we’ll be drawn together, we’ll figure something out. We’ll work together for whatever good period of time, and then maybe we go our separate ways. Or maybe we stay together over the long course. But something about just being you draws the people to you. It’s, it’s like, prospection, it’s yeah, it’s that energy we were talking about earlier, right. I’m putting off that vibe, you were probably doing it in your early time, as you were getting through you were putting off that energy of that, that leader that’s going to get it done and people like, oh, I need to check Stacy out.


Yeah, well, and that’s the foundation of what it means to be an influential leader, because people like that’s cool, influential. And it’s like, like, oh, it’s like a twist. I’m like, Look, I’m such a dork.

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Do Now listen to a dark horse entrepreneur podcast,


that I was like, influence influence, what is the root word there because it feels kind of like an inflow kind of thing. And literally, like, Latin root of influence literally is in flow. So I was like, sweet, there you go. I just intuitively knew that. Right? Really being influential, is functioning in this place of balanced masculine feminine energy. We can be confident and authentic. At the same time, that’s how we truly influence you can be vulnerable, while creating safety and stability for the people you’re leading. And that is that power that we use to influence others. And it the more we tap into that it creates this effortless success. We can stop buying into that old paradigm that says success must be hard. And we’ve got to sacrifice something to prove our worth or deserve ability. And we’re always in that disempowered, masculine of control. And instead, we can elevate into confidence, healthy boundaries, stability and safety. Why before and we need to do that before accessing the feminine, which is the creativity, the authenticity, the vulnerability and our strength, because that’s actually feminine energy. And so being able to combine those in inner weave in a really balanced way, changes everything,

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man. Man, I was it’s funny, you mentioned that I was, I was chatting with some gentlemen, we were going to be starting a mastermind group focused on guys. And one of the things I wanted to tackle in one of our first online sessions was I’m gonna use the phrase toxic masculine energy, right? Because I don’t want to bantered around some folks that just been bantering around, but I’m a little I’m probably a little longer in the tooth than yourself, right and little gray beard action here going on. I grew up in my military years, my dad was in the service 23 years with some of that what I’ll call toxic masculine energy, that whole you can’t cry, you can’t do this, something happened, you, you man up you all those kinds of mentalities, right, those that just kind of focus you in this one direction and, and keep you from being empathetic and, and tapping into that, that feminine side that that creative energy that helps you flow, both sides or the other. And they’re like, Well, I don’t know, I don’t know about that. And I’m like, I’m telling you, this is me. That’s what I feel. Because as soon as I was able to tap into that, and just again, be me and let that out. And things just shifted 100%


Oh, yeah. And that’s, I mean, it’s beautiful. You bring that up because a lot of women especially female leaders get sucked into the toxic masculinity of I have to, again because of a lack of role models of healthy balanced leaders. And obviously, we’re not talking about biological gender or gender identity or anything like that. Everyone has the balance, the yin and the yang, right, like masculine feminine energy, that we have both and if we’re using them together, our power is amplified exponentially. but it is there’s a lot of that just our culture and society is like, nope, let’s not talk about emotions, let’s not communicate from that space. And so we see people functioning in their disempowered, feminine, or their disempowered, masculine or both. So, for example, I have my disempowered masculine was just control. That was my wall, I didn’t have any healthy boundaries. And so I had all these walls, you know, which is great impenetrable fortress. But so most of the expression of those walls was control, control, control perfection, procrastination expectation, which is just trying to control things in your head. Judgment is control. Right? We’re basically pre rejecting before we can be hurt. So again, we’re controlling the situation, dishonesty, like we are great at lying to ourselves, that feeds a lot of that mask we wear with ourselves, but it becomes control of information. And a lot of people don’t realize that it’s very subtle, especially in our relationship with ourselves, which is the only relationship that we need to focus on. Because all the rest of those relationships are just the mere reflection of the relationship with yourself. Oh, see?

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Oh, okay, I gotta pause. You’re right there. That right there, everyone needs to go back and hit like that 10 Second rewind on your podcast, and re listen to that. That is the relationship you have to focus on first, because it definitely is a revered reflection of all your other relationships, either as a part or in a whole. I, I learned this one the hard way. Three marriages, right? The third one is third time’s a charm. I got lucky in and married an amazing woman who echoes that same mentality. She’s like, just you have every right to feel your feelings. I’m like, what? Who are you? You know, I’m saying so many people don’t don’t don’t you can’t? No, you can’t you do? Whoopty. But yeah, that’s, that’s magic right there. Because if you can get your relationship with yourself under under wraps, like I got a good control on that I know who I am, then your relationship with anyone else is a piece of cake. Well, okay, maybe not a piece of cake. But certainly a lot easier.


Yeah, way, way easier, because you’re always focusing on what is actually within your control, which is you. Right, like, that’s the magic of boundaries or boundaries is just responsibility, what you are responsible for and what you’re not. And we let go of all the stuff outside our little bubble, because we’re not responsible for any of that. Yeah, but everybody’s always taking on all this responsibility of shit that’s not within their control. And then responsibility then immediately creates pressure, because we have this negative relationship with it. And instead, responsibility is simply your ability to respond. If response takes the pressure off. So when you’re focusing on what you actually have control over, which is you, it starts to change everything, man. And what’s so cool is behind those walls. So I’m in this place of functioning in art control, control, control. And then when the emotions did come out, it was the disempowered, feminine, so it’s me. It’s manipulative, right? It’s explosive or chaotic, whether it’s men or women, or you My husband’s a great example of nothing, and then just blow up, right? Like,

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my dad was worried my dad was the same way. Yeah,


like, well, you know, and he’s come a long way. He’s way better now. But ultimately, the purpose the ultimate purpose of this in is being able to integrate, all of who we are the identity of who we are. No more compartmentalization internally, breaking down those internal walls, taking off the mask we were with ourselves, allowing ourselves to become whole, right that we can be playful and express our inner child while also being structured, and be a good leader in business, like you can be all of these things at the same time. It’s not an either or all or nothing. And the more we’re showing up in our real, raw, true selves, we’re in functioning in the place of emotional availability. And the reason this is so important is that’s what opens you up to receive everything you desire, the love, money, health, impact, everything, your purpose, your passion, everything that you are built and does want to do in the world. You must be emotionally available for which means we’ve got to be in that balanced place, we’ve got to have the healthy empowered masculine to create the boundaries, in order to have the internal safety to be emotionally available. Gotta have both. So many people just go, I’m gonna be more authentic. And then there’s this emotional disaster and and then they go back the other way like no, too much

Tracy Brinkmann  30:19

the pendulum swinging back and forth. It’s never worked you


know, I’m bipolar. And no, no, we’re actually but we’re right that way. Right, right. Like, we’re we are going to these extremes. It’s just very all or nothing,

Tracy Brinkmann  30:35

which I think what’s really sad about that is there’s so many folks out there, and you’ve probably seen them as much as I have, that are truly trying to make their way in their in their business and their life and their relationship. But they’re missing that gem of, you know, the Yang in that Yang, right. They’re opening to that one side, and maybe a little bit to the other side. And they’re not being fully responsible. And they’re still taking on those responsibilities from outside their bubble. And it’s keeping them from being able to handle what they need to handle. And it’s literally locking their brakes, and they’re trying to figure out why the hell can I get this shit done? Yeah.


And it’s always when we’re focusing on stuff outside of our control 100 person ways. It is that simple. It’s not easy. Like everybody says that, right? Like, is not. So it is that simple to say, Okay, let go of all the shit. That’s not my take responsibility for me. For me, take control of me. Which means I’ve got to do the inner work, release exercises. How what am I choosing to put in my body do with my body? Am I doing my routines? Am I showing up? For me? It goes against everything that we’re programmed, right? Yeah. Everything external

Tracy Brinkmann  32:02

I was, you know, when I was I mentioned to you way back when when I threw myself into personal development. That was one of the early lessons I was lucky enough to learn from Brian Tracy. Was the whole wi I FM radio, right? What’s in it for me? He’s like, you know, if you can’t it’s it’s like everyone talks about the analogy of being on the plane, the airbags pop down? What do they tell you to do? Put your own mask on first, then help someone else? Well, he took that same kind of thing and said, Look, if you have enough energy to save yourself, and no one else, you probably want to save yourself, then you want to build up the energy to keep yourself going and use some of that excess energy to help another and then as you build up more energy, you can help another and another right? Because you’re your spear is growing by using that energy efficiently versus just oh, God, I gotta go out here. And I have to save Stacy and I have saved John and I have to say, Jane, in the meantime, you are slowly withering away. You know, putting junk in your, you know, in your body and probably self medicating that you were talking about earlier.


Yeah. I self medicated with everything. I mean, food, alcohol, drugs, medication. Work a lot of workaholic. Yeah. Television, social media. I mean, even at my worst self harm, anything to change how I was feeling in the moment because I had no coping skills whatsoever. I mean, my idea of self control was an eating disorder. And it’s the only reason I wasn’t heavier than I was at my peak. And now I weigh half of what I weighed at the time. Because I when I just spoke on stage. A week and a half ago, I was like, oh, yeah, it’s actually half my body weight. Wow.

Tracy Brinkmann  33:49

That’s crazy. All right. All right. We just been like riffing here. And this has been awesome. I want to just ask you what I want to ask you, if you had to leave one tip for any of our of our listeners, entrepreneurs that are out there, you know, trying to start restart or kickstart their business? What would you leave them with?


What is one thing that you can do for you, every day? Your relationship with your business is another one of those relationships, just like your relationship with resources such as time, energy, money, emotions, those are all different resources. You’re you ever you’re in a relationship with all those things. And so just like all the other relationships with people, it’s reflective of your relationship with you. So often people are like, whoa, you know, I’ve got my Miracle Morning or I’m doing my AMPM routine or doing you know, G code or whatever. And they’re one of two things is happening. Either they’re doing or routine, but it’s focusing still on external stuff, not what fills their cup, like exercise or meditation or happy dancing or journaling, or gratitudes, or wins and successes, you know, stuff that’s actually chipping away at the walls, right, and helping to counteract that limiting belief of not enough. And if you are doing the right things, those things that you’re like, oh, yeah, I’m doing that stuff. Are you actually feeling what you’re doing? Because it’s easy to glaze over out of habit and just check the box. So even something as simple as just your gratitudes every day, or you know, instead of doing the platitude gratitude of like, I’m so grateful for my car, and my house, and my dog and my kids and my stuff. And you’ve got the same list happen in every single day, like no, get rid of that shit. It’s what’s happened in the last 24 hours, that you’re grateful for what you’ve learned, or that you really feel, you know, it’s hitting you in the feels that this happened, you know that you’re really grateful for something. So I’ve had those situations where it’s like, I’m grateful for the friction in my marriage right now, because I’m learning how to be a better partner. Right? Like, that’s

Tracy Brinkmann  36:33

a that’s a tough one. That’s a tough one.


Yeah, that hit me in the fields is finding the gratitude, even in the challenge. And then there’s the days like, oh, man, I am grateful for my team, because like, this event was epic. And they really pulled it off. Right? Those are the easy ones. But allowing myself to feel gratitude, even when it is an easy one. Right? Sometimes it’s it’s I’m grateful for really damn good coffee. And I’m sitting there sipping, sipping it, and savoring the experience, right, like feeling it. And so I would say it’s just even just one thing that you do every day to fill your cup in that way, and really be present and fill it, like feel it. Because that’s the stuff that will directly impact your ability to receive the money, the clients, the team, the all the things that you want in your business are the direct result of you working on that relationship with you.

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So you got to feel it to fill it.



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So I want to let folks know, obviously, you you mentioned earlier, the influential podcasts that you’re the host of anyplace else, we might want to send them to the we’ll learn more about this badass biker chick, Stacy Rasky, and, and anything else she’s got going on?


Yeah, absolutely. I got all kinds of stuff. All right at the beginning, right, the teaser of really stepping into living. My purpose being that leader was we just hosted our first quarterly meetup for all of my clients in my influential leadership mastermind. And we have an amazing event coming up in February for that as well. So be sure to get connected with me either at Stacey rasky.com be influential.com. You can follow me on all the all the respective socials, and it’s the influential CEO podcast. And potentially the easiest is to download the influential app,

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your whole influential app.


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definitely I’m going to make sure those all those links are down in the show notes so people can just click right on over and connect with you. Stacy’s thanks so much for hanging out with this and dropping some amazing knowledge.


Oh, you are so welcome. Thank you so much for having me. It was such a blast. I always love these like freeform chats like let’s just share

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our genius. Let’s just shoot the shit and see what happens. Right, exactly.


Create some awesomeness.

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Absolutely. Thanks so much, Stacy.


You’re welcome. Thank you.

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All right, my Dark Horse friends family. There you have it, Stacy Rasky dropping some influential bombs on us. What thoughts resonated with you? What is it you want to go back and read listen to? I’m gonna give you a couple of that kind of clicked with me. Thought number one. Live your highest purpose. Stacy before she would even get into her origin story. She had to pause and share something about helping someone else live their purpose. Now she teased it which is a great stone great in selling my tongue district over my eyeteeth, and I can’t see what I’m saying. It’s a great storytelling technique. And it created a great hook to keep people listening. But to me, it also showed her humility is alluded to how something in someone outside of herself was more important than just talking about herself. Now, inside of that, my friends is a huge lesson. Yes, we all want to live our higher and even our, our highest purpose. But I think in order to be able to do that, to truly accomplish that, you’re gonna need a good old dose of humility. For me. I think that humility plays such an important role in anyone’s success. Why you say, Well, I’m so very glad you asked. Humility plays an important role in your success for at least four reasons. And let me share number one, you’re able to count on those around you. I think, Nelson Mandela said it best when he said, and I’m gonna try and quote this humility is one of the most important qualities which you must have. Because if you make people realize that you are no threat to them, then people will embrace you. It seems you understood that no one can accomplish their goals alone, you are going to need others in your journey to build your successful business or your successful life. Right? Right. You need business partners, you need a life partner, you don’t do it alone. And those that, that feel threatened due to your lack of humility, are going to hinder you far more than they’re going to aid you. So remember, humility does not mean weak. It means knowing your strengths. But yet, you’re able to remain teachable, even on those very topics of your strength. Number two, you’re always open to new ideas. You see, just like I talked about within being teachable, it’s, it’s that great concept of being open to new ideas. If we hope to achieve success, we must have an open mind. Why? Well, because that path to success is is not going to be simple. Nor is it always going to be straightforward. It’s going to be full of ups and downs, rights and laughs and in Trump’s stumbles, and bumpers, and Pip, fifth pitfalls, and face plants, yeah, I’m stumbling over my tongue. Again, I’m not even going to edit it out. At makes it important to remain open to these new ideas so that we can find new ways to reach our goals. Because you’re gonna have to find new ways to go over or around or bash through those barriers that life is going to put in your way. And I think it’s more arrogant. Check that, I find that arrogance is often the biggest obstacle to open mindedness right? Far too many are convinced that they already understand exactly how they can go out and achieve their goals. As a result, they don’t even bother to attempt with the slightest of creative options. And that, my friend, is a huge mistake. Number three, you think first about your goal, and not yourself? Look, here’s the deal. Being humble, isn’t thinking less about yourself. It’s rather thinking about yourself less. How many times have you been caught in the habit of thinking about how others will perceive you, and then going out there and spending boundless amounts of energy and perhaps even money, trying to control that very perception, their perception of you, right? However, if you come at it from a position of humility, you free up all that energy, all those wasted resources by not even engaging in those non productive habits. Yeah, with all that extra time, all that extra energy and all those extra resources, who could focus yourself on how to further your goals and solve those problems that will that’s right will pop up in your way. And number four, when you’re humble, you will recognize when you’re wrong, so many do not even get started due to this fear of failure. But here’s the key that they’re missing. Failure is actually an important part of success achievement for So as many of you have learned to raise your hands have learned far more from your failures, a single failure, perhaps, than all of your successes combined. Yep, I can see the hands. Well, I can imagine the hands right. Most of you, I would imagine, have your hands up, right and put your hands on the wheel if you are driving. But I can imagine mentally you have your hand up. Yeah, I learned way more to my failure than I did. From all my successes. You learn that if you’re willing to accept that failure and learn from it, right. And that, it’s going to require a little bit of humility to do so you must be able to admit that you were wrong. In order to learn how to improve and move forward. Here’s the deal. Being unable to admit fault is one of the most common obstacles that will continue to get into your way, you’ll keep seeing the same issue pop up over and over and over again, until you’re humble enough to admit Whoa, shit, maybe I shouldn’t do it that way. So embrace your humility. Realize that pull buddy is nerfect, which is a tripped up way of saying nobody is perfect. And mistakes, my friends are in evitable. Again, this will allow you to not only learn from your mistakes, but also enable you to act boldly as you pursue those creative new opportunities. All right, now thought number two, I know here we are. Oh, my God, 10 minutes into my rant here. And I’m only on thought number two from Stacey thought number two. same note, I’m sorry, it was new level, same double right. Stacy put it so well, when she said your next level of income impact success or happiness truly comes from your next layer of inner work. Haha, true leadership, my friend is an inside job. And this almost pivots 100%. To what I was just saying about humility, it starts on the inside, while staying focused on the outside. The start is from the n side to be in flu intial. Or as you said it influential you can be given the title of manager or VP or CEO. But are you truly being a leader? Right? Or are you letting those same devils from your past assumptions and even past programming hold you back from the real magic that you could be waving across your team, across your family, across your business? In all of those that you come in contact with? You need to start peeling back the layers of your beliefs and assumptions. I mean, are they still true? I mean, are they really true? Have you recently put them to the test? Did you ever put them to the test? I know most of us I chat with they’ve never put those assumptions to the test. A lot of times, they just take the fact that they read in a book and thought okay, well, that’s true. Well, let me put another twist on your grip here. And ask even if it is true, could you make it better? Right, don’t just take that same devil to your next level, set him aside and build some new Z angels on your journey to the top. And thought number three, live in lead by example, Stacey hit a great point here she is being and embodying everything she represents. This, I would assume surely attracts those that she wants to work with, into her sphere of influence, which works out well not just for her. But those she’s able to positively influence by living in leading their example, via her example. For me, I think this includes some of the tougher aspects of being a leader, right? Oh, like say being resilient. You see, you as a leader will have to take the time and effort to make or let things fall into place. Right? Sometimes it means doing nothing, and has to be the tough part right? You at those times will mine it I’ll have to hold yourself back. But really it goes into you will not blame your circumstances on others. You know, like all those non resilient manager types do No, no, no. Instead, you’re going to own it. 100% you will invest your energy and your effort into influencing the people, situations and outcomes around you. You will not do this by spending your time whining in your beer or brooding over your past mistakes or the mistakes of your team. No, it’s not gonna happen. Instead, you’re going to get creative with your ideas to overcome those very challenges that you’re facing or the ones you’re about to face. And you’re going to challenge those within your spheres of influence to do the same thing. In doing so you become a part of the solution and not a cog in the problem. All right, man, there was so much more that Stacy shared, what inspiring ideas tips or thoughts clicked with you? Right? wherever they were, take some time today, like, I don’t know right now. And write them down. And then go out there and run your race and get your results. Let me hear about them seriously is no joke. Email me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling.com. Share the tips or ideas that you came away with how you put them into action, and what results you gained from them. And perhaps who knows, probably even bring on the show so you can share your influence. Right. Alright, so next week, we have very special guests. Jeremy Gillison. Jeremy is one half of the dual behind promote labs and promote hives has developed products such as product dyno feedback, Fox and pod, was it post Gopher, and hundreds, if not 1000s of other information, products, websites, and so on. You’re not going to want to miss this episode from a gentleman that has been out there. Really, I want to go so far. So you being one of the driving forces in the online marketing sphere right. Now you don’t want to keep getting all these valuable tips and amazing stories from the guests. I’m lucky enough to bring on your so please go on down. smash that subscribe button while you’re there. Yep, go ahead and leave us a five star rating, maybe even a few kind words in the reviews. And of course, do not keep all this entrepreneurial, G O LD all to yourself, share the podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners that you know will get value from it. And with that, I’m gonna leave you as I always do, think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

Stacy Raske Are You Actually Feeling What You Are Doing?

Should You Live And Lead By Example? And Why?

  • Live Your Highest Purpose –

    Stacy before she would even get into her origin story she had to pause and share something about helping someone else live in their purpose.  Now she teased it which is great storytelling and creates a great hook to keep people listening but to me it also showed her humility.  Eluding to how something and someone outside of herself was more important than talking about herself.  Inside of that is a HUGE lesson, yes we all want to live our higher and even our highest purpose.  BUT, I think in order to truly accomplish that – you need a dose of humility.  For my, i think that humility plays an important role in anyones success.  Why you say?  Well I am so very glad you asked.  Humility play an important role in your success for at least these four reasons  

      1. You are able to count those around you

        – I think Nelson Mandella said it best “Humility is one of the most important qualities which you must have, because if you make people realize that you are no threat to them, then people will embrace you.” Seems he understood that no one can accomplish their goals alone. You will need others in your journey to build your successful business and life.  And those that feel threatened due to your lack of humility will hinder far more than they will aid.  Remember humility does not mean weak it means knowing your stretches but yet are able to remain teachable even on those very topics of strength!

      2. You are always open to new ideas

        – Within being teachable is the very concept of being open to new ideas. If we hope to achieve success, we must have an open mind. Why?  Well because that path to success is not always simple nor is it always straightforward. It is filled it ups, down, rights, lefts, pitfalls and faceplants.  That makes it important to remain open to new ideas, so we can find ways to reach your goals. Was, to go over, around or bash through any barrier life puts in our way. I find that arrogance is often the biggest obstacle to open-mindedness. Far too many are convinced that they understand exactly how they can go out and achieve their goals.  As a result, they do not even bother to attempt even the slightest of creative options. And that my friend is a huge mistake.

      3. You Think 1st About Your Goal Not Yourself

        – Look here is the deal being humble is not thinking less of about yourself.  It is rather thinking about yourself less.  How many have you seen caught in the habit of thinking about how others will perceive them, then going out and spending boundless amounts of energy and money trying to control that perception.
        When you come at it from a position of humility, you free up all the energy all those wasted resources by not even engaging in that non-productive habit. With all that extra time, energy and resources, you can focus yourself on how to further your goals and solve those problems that will pop-up along the way.

      4. You Will Recognize When You Are Wrong

        – So many do not even get started due to the fear of failure.  But here is the key they are missing: failure is actually an important part of the success achievement process. How many of you have learned more from your failures than from all of your successes combined. Most all of you I would imagine.  I mean you are willing to accept that failure and learn from it with the required amount of humility that it will take to do so. You must be able to admit you are wrong, in order to learn how to improve and move forward.
        Here’s the deal! Being unable to admit fault is one of the most common obstacles that will continue to get in the way of your success. Embrace your humility, realize that no one is perfect and mistakes are inevitable. Again this will allow you to not only learn from the mistakes but also enable you to act boldly to as you pursue new things.

  • New Level Same Devil –

    Stacy put this so well when you said your next level of income, impact, success or happiness truly comes from  your next layer of inner work!  True leadership is an inside job and this almost pivots 100% to what I was just saying about humility – it starts on the inside while staying focused on the outside.  The start is from the INside to be INfluencial.  You can be giving the title of manager or CEO but are you truly being a leader?  Or are you letting the same devils of your past assumptions and perhaps even programming hold you back from the real magic you could be waving across your team, your family, your business all and those you come in contact with?  Start peeling back the layers of your beliefs and assumptions.  Are they still  true?  I mean really true.  Have you recently put them to the test?  Did you ever put them to the test?  Or did you just take the fact that you read it in a book to be that it was true?  And let me twist you grip just a little harder and ask; even if it is true – could you make it better?  Do not just take that same devil with you to the next level – set him aside and build some new….say angels for your journey to the top!

  • Live And Lead By Example –

    Stacy hit another great point here.  She is being and embodying everything she represents.  This surely attracts those she wants to work with into her sphere of influence. Which works out well not just for her but for those she is able to positively influence by living and leading by example.  For me I think this includes some of the tougher aspects of being a leader.  Liking, being resilient!  You see, you as a resilient leader will take the time and effort to make or let things fall into place. You will not blame your circumstances on others, like non-resilient managers do. Oh no, instead, you will own it 100%!  You will invest your energy and effort into influencing the people, situations and outcomes around you. You will not do this by spending your time whining in your beer or brooding over your past mistakes or the past mistakes of your team. NO! Instead you will get creative with your ideas to overcome those very challenges you are facing – and you will challenge those in your sphere of influence to do that same. You become a part of the solution, not a cog in the problem.

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