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EP 317 Carl Gottlieb Words Were Always My Thing

What should entrepreneurs practice, and learn from a writer??

  • Make Your Own Luck – Carl mentioned briefly the impact of luck and the making of your own luck in your life.  Look can things happen that give you an opportunity that others in your space do not get?  Well, DUH of course it can.  But if you are not prepared and ready and paying attention that you will be unable, unwilling or just play unaware and quite probably fuck off that opportunity when presented.  I have been quote unquote lucky. And to this day I believe in luck. BUT let me stop you right here and tell you in no uncertain terms My success did not come from luck.  You see, what we do every day lays the groundwork for our luck. When we achieve our goals, and I mean those little tiny goals as well as those bigger one, the actions we take and habits we create as a result of striving toward and achieving each and every one of those goals elevates the past and current versions of ourselves. From that elevated position luck can spring eternal.  I want to chat more about this in EP 318 If Success Is NOT Luck Then What Is It?
  • Do What You Like – Very wise advice Carl received from his father.  Who by the way did not choose to do what he liked.  Luckily Carl DID and I am very sure that this had a VERY positive impact on not only the path he choose, but the level of success he was able to attain within that path.  Look that are so many times when you as an entrepreneur are going to be faced with tough times, tough decisions and tough clients.  Hell you will probably get to the point where you just want to throw your hands up and say “screw this i give up…” Shoot you will probably feel like that MANY MANY times.  But if you choose to do what you like then it will be a far easier to push through those tough times.  I do want to give you a bit more in case you at one of those moments right now.  You are deep in it and your about you throw your hands up and say “screw it …I’m done”  have a listen to EP 319 7 Tips For When Entrepreneurs Feel Like Giving Up.
  • Sense Of Community – Carl mentioned that he made many of the friends that he carried well into his adult years during his time on the committee in New York, which later moved to the west coast, and he with it.  If I think back across my years, I have a handful, and when I say handful I mean I can probably count them all on one hand, but a handful of friends that I made and have carried into my adult life and on to this day – all made from a sense of community.  We were all part of the neighborhood, not some facebook page or twittered group or insta-hood or tictik’d gathering.  No we were a tight knit little collection of different people that believed in one another.  As I grew up, I struggled to find that same level of connection with other.  I would stumble across someone now and again but it really wasn’t until almost a decade ago that I found someone that I was able to build that level of connection with.  Perhaps you have felt that too? Perhaps not.  I think our tech infused lifes have pulled so many away from building close connections.  I would urge you to set down the phone, get up from the television and put down that gaming controller and get out there and get involved with your community so you can build those connections and reinstate your sense of community.  Plus I am very willing to bet that if you did this you would find HUGE opportunities for you to add value in your very community through that service and involvement.
  • Practice To Work In Progress To Repertoire – Carl shared how while in the improv arena they would always present a scene as one of three things.  1) Practice – which was them doing something built out of the random ideas from the audience.  Thus enabling them to practice and hone their improv skills.  2) Work In Progress – this one something that is just like it sounds.  Something they were working on and building upon, once again to hone their skills and their performances. And finally 3) Repertoire – a scene they had fine tuned to near perfection they wanted to present to their audience.  I think the lesson here is that everything in your life and business is just that. It is either practice, a work in progress or in your repertoire.  Your job is to practice some of your weaker skills enough to move them into a work in progress category.  Work your work in progress areas enough so that you are able to move them into your repertoire.  And keep your repertoire areas practiced and relevant enough to hold their importance in your life and business.   OH and if you find they have lost their importance or relevant – please please please take a moment to figure out why?  If you don’t I am willing to bet you will continually be presenting them to an audience that will walk away thinking “dude that was so three years ago!”   But if you figure out why…then you can adjust, hone and fine tune them to make sure you are delivering the highest possible value to yourself, your life and  your business.

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