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EP 240 Diane Steinberg Growing Your Tool Box To Serve
What Can You Learn From Beale Street? The Melting Pot Of Music?

  • Learning From The Alleyways – Diane was sharing the history and story of WC Handy and how back in the day as he was coming up, he would go to the alleyways of Memphis and write down the music of the amazing artists that were sharing their craft.  As most of them could not write or read music back in those days.  In essence he was preserving their artistic legacy via his pen.  I can only imagine the pure energy coming out of these artists of their time and the excitement Mr. Handy had to not only hear their raw talent but being able to save that talent in a written form.  I can only imagine the impact it had on his music career as well.  Which if you do not already know was very influential as he has come to be known as the Father Of The Blues.  Okay Tracy that is all cool and interesting but what does that have to do with me or my business?  Well to me the lesson inside there is that there are harsh realities that need to be faced in life and in business.  And these folks were facing them on a daily basis.  Not even indirectly but like all up in your face, facing them.  I mean listen to the music they created.  Filled with the trials and tribulations of the times they were experiencing.  Look I am not saying that you have to live that level of harsh reality but I do share more in EP 241 Harsh Entrepreneurial Realities To Be Aware Of
  • Become An Expert In Your Craft – Diane shared how she started young in her craft.  Taking piano lessons on that beat up old piano from the pastor’s house. Then dance lessons and so on.  Diane even reminded us that if it is the one thing that you wake up wanting to do and the instrument that you head for after school then you are in.  Her husband Kenny Lee Lewis also shared the importance of becoming an expert in your craft.  They both mentioned and many of us in the entrepreneurial space have already heard the 10,000 hour rule in becoming an expert.  If you have a natural talent towards what you want to be an expert at, do not sit on your butt, take it for granted and ride on your current given talent alone.  Get out there and invest in those 10,000 hour to turn that natural talent into a solid expertise.  Because, trust me, I have seen many less talented folks exceed those abilities of those with natural talent more than once.  But here is the question, what do I do during those 10,000 hours that Diane and Kenny and so many others have talked about?  Valid question right? I want spent some time on that in EP 242 Steps To Becoming An Expert At Your Business Or Craft
  • Getting The Input Of Others – Diane shared a great point about getting the input of others to improve your own expertise.  In her example she was talking about some of the musicians of today who are using the online tools and tech to be able to do it all themselves.  They do not need a guitarist, a drummer or a keyboardist etc.  With the tools at their fingertips they could, like many of us entrepreneurs, do it all themselves.  And look, do not get it twisted, there is a time and place for that.  Circumstances could warrant that you HAVE to do it all yourself.  But the moment you are able, and I would have say, the moment you can make yourself be able you should solicit the input of others.  Get them involved in your music, business or movement.  It is those outside ideas, thoughts and insights that can take what you have birthed and make bloom and even blow up.  This my friend is a kind of social intelligence.  Having the skill to bring in and deal with people from various backgrounds and beliefs with compassion is a skill or you could even say an art everyone should empower themselves with, as it is one of the most essential ingredients of entrepreneurial success not to mention personal happiness.  I what to dig a little deeper on this topic in The Dark Horse Tribe Fb Group when I chat about How Social Intelligence Can Ensure Your Entrepreneurial Success
  • Grow Your Toolbox – Diane shared how her father was not a fan of rock and roll.  But she is always willing to check something new in the music or artistic world.  She said it is part of growing your tool box.  I have to agree with her 100% on this fact.  If I go back to my Top-10 Corporate America days, some of the biggest advancements I made in my business or my career were directly a result of looking outside my immediate corporate arena, culture and influence to other business models, methods and processes.  During my Coca-Cola North America Marketing days I had the opportunity to tour the Disney World behind the scene logistics centers that move the products around the happiest place on earth to service the visitors.  Now this had zero to do with my business but I was able to come away with some ideas that I would have not had if I had not taken this tour.  One idea was about golden zones.  This is where product you need to access the most often is kept within the quickest reach of those picking the product.  Now within the golden zone review which items are picked most often together and that helps you place them close to one another.  Then take that one step farther with the silver zone and place the products that are not golden but get picked next most often with the golden products.  I took this idea to a warehouse facility in Knoxville TN that did the bulk of our marketing material fulfillment and created a time study.  Long story short as a result of this new idea and study I was able to reduce picking times and thus picking costs by 24% which enabled us to negotiate and lower pricing with this organization while IMPROVING their bottom line at the same time.  WIN WIN and WIN right?  So please keep growing your tool box. You never know just when that random thought, idea or skill will become your most valuable asset!  Actually I even want to take this one step further and start you off with toolbox starter set in the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook group by giving you 7 Success Tools You Need In Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox
  • Purpose And Serving – Diane reminded us that when you can come up with something that helps make other peoples lives a little bit easier, perhaps solves a problem they have been struggling with for some time, that my friend is a purpose.  That is serving!  Yes you have to entertain, inform and educate people but you have to lift people up!  Your prospects, customers, clients and even your staff need to feel better AFTER engaging with you, your product or service or our marketing materials then they did before that engagement.  Yes we all want to make some money from our efforts but coming from a true place of service FIRST is where the magic really begins.  Give first then trust me when I say the universe will give back to you.  Then what should you do?  Give back more, rinse and repeat!  Do not be a take take taker.  Be a give give giver and in the end you not have to take because you will have so much given back to you that will have so much more to give!

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