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EP 237 JM Ryerson Life And Business Is Choices
Are You Or Your Business Really A Product Of Your Choices?

  • Walk The Talk – Right out of the gate JM shared his thoughts on those out there that are or are not walking the talk.  How you have to be out there, risking it, getting your butt kicked and enduring the trials and tribulations of whatever path you have chosen.  THEN you can shout from the rooftops about what you have learned and how you can help others from your well traveled path.  In my humble opinion, there are a number of what I will call empty vessels out there shouting from the rooftops or in today’s digital age from the ad tops about their expertise, while not having any of the 7 keys to walking the talk.  I dive a bit more into that and share those 7 keys in EP 238 7 Keys To Walking The Talk.
  • Share The Lessons Learned – JM shared that he had all these lessons… in his head.  He wanted those that he cared about and those that he worked with to have those lessons.  The Lessons that were not even his to begin with.  Lessons that he had learned from authors, mentors, parents, grandparents and others that had been lifting him up and proved through his own path of life and business. What lessons do you have?  What lessons have you learned?  How can you document and share them like JM did?  Well let me share a few I have documented and learn recently in EP 239 Lessons Learned From Starting A Podcast
  • Clarity Empowers Team building – JM shared a real gem here when you talked about the value of clarity when building a team.  The clarity of what you are trying to accomplish as a team, as well as the clarity of each person’s role within that team.  If I do not know what it is I am trying to accomplish or what piece of the pie is specifically mine to accomplish I am probably going to wander around the proverbial kitchen aimlessly looking for something to do or a way to add value and in the end probably end up causing more kaos and concrete results. But with clarity ooo man i am like a lazer beam focused on a specific target BAM ZAP BOOM making it happen.  This week in the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook group I want to chat a bit more about this and share 10 Practices For Building A Great Team
  • Core Values – JM stressed the importance of having your core values and those of your business defined.  He even noted that once you have those down, you will begin to see those that you will want to add to your team.  I would also add, it will become VERY clear which ones need to be either leveled up to meet those values or leveled out if those do not meet them.  Until you have those nails down you are going to continue to make errors along your path that can easily be avoided via this simple, mind it didn’t say easy, but simple exercise.  I want to share more about this in the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook Group this week when I chat about Why You Need Non-Negotiable Core Values to Succeed in Life and Business
  • Your And Your Business Are The Result Of Your Choices – man this one was super powerful.  If you missed this one, please do yourself a favor to go back and re-listen to it.  JM dropped a powerful gem here!  Are you making choices from the perspective of a victim or from the perspective of a responsible and empowered person?  Only you know and only you can decide what you are going to do with that knowledge and insight.  But DAMN that one goes deep!  Make sure you do NOT skirt over that one my friends.

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