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EP 222 Matthew Griffin From The Battlefield To The Business Field
What Lessons Can We Learn from An Army Ranger Turned Entrepreneur?

  • Who Is The Real Enemy You Are Fighting – Griff mentions his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment.  During this time he noticed that the real enemy that was being fought was poverty.  He had a realization that he was going to be able to, at some point,  go home.  Back to the USA and the comforts that his home afforded him.  However, the people in the country that he was deployed to were not so lucky.  He did not see a solution in the path he was on, so he changed paths.  But hold on a second, let us turn this inward a moment my dear dark horse friends.  What enemy are you facing that is holding you back from all the comforts that your true heartfelt success can afford you?  Hmmm?  Now be honest here?  There is at least one thing that is at the core of your continued delayed success.  I want to chat more about that in EP 223 Habits & Roadblocks That Are Our Own Enemies Of Success
  • Find Inspiration In Old Places Of Negativity – Griff went back to a place that, for him, was mired in negativity.  Given his previous experiences, which were all narrowly focused on specific objectives, Griff had many negative experiences in the country he returned to.  But, return he did, to create new experiences, to create solutions rather than wander aimlessly in the problems.  Touring a boot factory, which was about to close, he was inspired to create an entirely new venture in the facility.  Griff faced his negative experiences head on and turned them into a creative solution.  I want to chat a bit more about this in EP 224 How To Turn The Negative Into Creativity
  • Amateurs Talk Tactics, Professionals Talk Logistics – Griff dropped the gem of wisdom quickly as he discussed the need to move their factory.  Why is this important as an entrepreneur? Well because your key job as an entrepreneur is to deliver resources where they are needed,  right at the time they are needed, in a fashion that creates as little waste as possible. Inside the execution of that my friend is the core is tactics vs. logistics.  I will dive a bit more into this in a live in the facebook group on Tuesday.  Be sure you come on into the Dark Horse Tribe Facebook Group to Check that out.  Go to that will take you straight to the group.  Or if you are already on FB go into the search bar and type dark horse tribe and we should be right there on the drop of the results. I look forward to meeting you in the group.
  • Chase The Dream Not Just The Money – Griff talked about all the amazing things he and his team have been able to accomplish and give back to so many.  He was able to do this, in my opinion, by chasing his dream of positively impacting the poverty he saw, the under-education of women that he saw and so much more that he saw by taking action towards that dream of positivity impacting it. You see its not just about the money it is about the impact you can have on yourself and all those in the world around you. I want to chat a bit more on this with you on Thursday in the Dark Horse Tribe facebook group.  And share some reasons why you should chase your dream but not just for the money

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