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How can you build your contacts influence an email list? Stay tuned to find out. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is up what is up What the hell is up my dark horse friends and family Welcome back to your weekly dose of building your influence and email list learning. I’m your dark horse host Tracy Brinkmann and you will that my friend is infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur or one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start restart kickstart adjust, start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be man, we got a big episode coming at you today. Today Lois. Kofi is going to share not only her story, but some amazing tips from getting out of a toxic industry to a huge pivot that she did during the start of the COVID situation. Plus, I’m gonna let you in on next week’s interview episode guest who’s a successful entrepreneur, an award winning filmmaker, a published author, a tech startup expert, and a classically trained violinist. As per usual the Dark Horse corrals are chock full of personal business and marketing g o l d spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to starting gates and go Alright my dark horse friends and family Today we are joined by Lois Kofi. Now Lois is a professional speaker, a trainer, a coach, an Iron Man triathlete, and his coach 1000s of people in business and healthy lifestyles for the last 22 years. But last year, like so many of us, Lewis Lewis, Lewis had to pivot. You see, she didn’t have an email list. She didn’t have a podcast, she didn’t have an online tribe. Because for the 20 years leading up to last year, she had been focused on face to face sales, but fear not she went from zero sales online to five figures a month in less than six months. And now coaches and speakers everywhere hire her to do the same pivot in six months to guarantee they live their best life. Now, Lois is really passionate about sharing her story and resources through her top 20 podcasts. Lois is a mom of three, she’s happily married, sorry, guys. lowest leads by example, by only working nine months out of the year and kicking those other three months off utilizing the tools she shares with her clients. Maybe should give us a little peek into those two. And when she can Lois loves to travel the globe with her family. And I can attest to that because I was just on her podcast, and she was in Cabo. What’s up with that? Lois is become a highly sought after expert in recruiting, selling and developing sales leaders for many companies. But you know what, I need to stop giving away a farm here give her some story to tell. So let’s get to the pivot gal herself. Lois. Welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur.

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Oh, it’s so good to see you again. And I had to chuckle because I travel the world with my family. I went to Cabo by myself, and

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oh, no.

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We got to do that from time to time. A little little self care. Yes. Thank you so much. I’m super excited to be here. And just after having you on my show, so I’m excited. Yeah, I

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know. We just got finished chatting about you did this special edition of your podcast, dedication to Prince and his five year anniversary, unfortunately of his passing but that was really cool to listen to all those stories.

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Yeah, a lot of fun. It is about those stories and relationships and those those people that shape our lives, right. It’s a raising, raising

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musicians or coaches or whatever. But anyway, I babbled on so much about your about you and your intro. I want to step back and shut up. Sit back from the mic here in for you to tell us your story. the good, the bad, the ugly, the road traveled to bring you where you are today and why you love doing what you do so much. Oh, well. Do

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we have an hour I’m just kidding. So I’m getting pretty good at sharing it though, because I recognize that there’s so many people that have been through so much in this past year with a pandemic and kind of kind of an interesting segue from like, Prince’s childhood was really traumatic and he used his music to share that with the world and and I identified with him because I also had a kind of intense childhood. It was a good childhood. But I ended up being raised by a single dad on a farm in Iowa had an older brother and was really a tomboy, from the word go. And part of that in the bittersweet, painful part is my had been a diagnosed lifetime adult. And I was the youngest of four. So by the time, you know, I was coming around, I was actually in foster care right away because you know, she wasn’t well. And through that journey, I had a few different experiences with an older brother, who was my babysitter and just life life was interesting. We kind of raised ourselves. So to keep a really long story, as short as I can. I decided I love sports so much. I wanted to go to college for journalism, be journalism and work for ESPN. So that was my my background and student athlete played ball in college and really wanted to be that roving reporter going into the locker room, you know, at halftime getting this skinny with the, you know, sweaty, naked, her half naked athletes, as it were a benefit in there somewhere. I’ll let you decide what that is. But anyway, I actually got kind of tainted by the industry and facts. So much. So when I was getting into it, and I was a marathon runner, you know, still an athlete doing marathons and all this kind of stuff. And my co workers were like, Lois, you’re so young, I was 21 at the time and very impressionable, when they were telling me things like, you’re going to have to sleep your way to the top to get anywhere in sports journalism as a woman, especially at ESPN, and just seeing, you know, the the toxicity, the cutthroat pneus. My co workers actually said, Lois, why don’t you get out of this industry while you can you have a future you have, there’s something about you, you need to go and maybe find something else. And so I quit the very next month. And it was like, Okay, what am I going to do now? And so I landed an assistant job for a real estate agent in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And I was actually very easily trained by him and kind of like, this is easy. This is fun. And he’s like, you know what, you should get your real estate license. So the rest, as they say, is history. Right? I got into sales at the age of 21. And just really, really, I don’t know, it was just so much fun. It wasn’t like work and I was like, Oh, I can make my own hours. Instead of that that desk job that they wanted me to work overnights, I loved the time freedom and was doing marathons, I quickly made six figures and didn’t realize that, you know, I had hired a coach, which is a great decision. It was 500 bucks a month at that time. I was like, Oh my God, that’s that’s that’s a lot. That’s more than my rent money. But my mentor did that. And I sat next to his desk, and he was making sales calls. And he was calling what we called in the real estate industry has expired listings and fizz bows for sale by owners. Guess what I’m like, Ah, I’m just gonna do the same thing. And I really excelled very, very quickly. And I’ve moved to Arizona knowing not a single person. And guess what, I excelled very quickly using what I now teach. Fast forward to today basically generation building trust and rapport turning strangers into friends, you know, you got the How to Win Friends and Influence People book. That’s old school, but I really love building relationships and finding a need and filling it. I never thought sales was a swear word. And by the age of 25, I was actually not working nights and weekends, which is almost unheard of for real estate agents, right as making multiple six figures a year I had a team. I was starting to think about a mortgage company and I was training in my real estate office. My broker was like you could teach some of these lead generation tactics and what I was talking about at that time, you know, work life balance because I didn’t work nights and weekends. I went and trained and did marathons I was also running coach I coached 1000s of runners and couch to 5k two marathons during time and I had this dream that I was going to be a millionaire by the time I was 30. So you can imagine when the recession hit Phoenix, Arizona, because that’s where I was living, oh my gosh. Within six months, things just quit. Like it was capote, like nothing was selling right and I ended up being the naive farm girl from Iowa that I was I had personally guaranteed everything and my business partners quickly skipped town. I had my bank accounts cleaned out. I had my credit destroyed my phone was going off the hook 20 calls a day from creditors until I couldn’t pay my phone bill and my phone got shut off. That was amazing. I was like, haha,

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this is a sky there’s

Lois Koffi  09:23

a silver lining in that. And then of course I had foreclosures because our investment properties were all in my name and my mortgage company. I mean, you can see this so I was essentially homeless other than sleeping on floors, futons, spare bedrooms, which got old after a while, so I picked up what little I had left, threw it at my Nissan exterra and I drove to Southern California to sleep on the floor of my stepbrothers studio apartment in the Pacific Beach and was really like how the hell did I get what am I going to do for the rest of my life and I didn’t realize because I was on that hamster wheel of sales success and doing triathlons. Oh, by the way, in the meantime, living at Starbucks being wined and dined, because that’s what you did in the real estate hay days, right? You paid for everything and credit cards and you went out, never ate a meal at home. And I didn’t realize how sick I actually was until I slowed down. And then I started and downward spiral into depression, anxiety, had a lot of digestive issues since I was a kid. That’s kind of a short story, why I call my podcast healthy and wealthy and wise, because I realized even though I was doing marathons, I never really cared about my nutrition. I never really got into meditation, all of the things that I now is open to. And you know, truth be told, because I love sharing this story, because I feel like a lot of people don’t want to talk about mental health. There’s a stigma around saying I’m depressed. You know, my mom was a schizophrenic. So my whole childhood, I lived in fear of what could I become like her, right? That was always, always somewhere in my subconscious. And so sure enough, when I had my first suicidal thoughts, and then a friend of mine had committed suicide in 2006. And I was like, that makes total sense. People were like, whoa, whoa, sorry. Are you okay? Right. And I was just like, Yeah, and I don’t think I want to go the path my mom went, which was pharmaceuticals and all of the things right, I was terrified her. And so I went the path of the holistic journey. And so there’s, you know, it took me five years to clean up my health back into that I got into health and fitness. But I want to take a step back, though, at the same time at that fork in the road, where I was, when I lost everything. I still had this dream, I saw this desire to be a speaker and a sales coach. But I had some really negative people in my life, including family members who said, who just filed for bankruptcy. That’s, that’s right. You’re a bad person. You had a major failure, you know, can’t go out and now speak, coach and help people in sales. That’s what they said, that was there. I even had my real estate coach, because I was still trying to get some coaching in real estate to determine if I was going to stick with it. And my last coaching session with him, he couldn’t pay. I mean, he was like, Who are you going to teach? Who are you going to coach essentially, who’s going to listen to you? Right, and I bought into their BS. And I do believe that was part of the reason why I’ve manifested in autoimmune disease and my throat, I was afraid to speak my truth as ashamed. I was just looking shattered and decided, you know what, I’m not worthy of that. I’m just gonna put my tail between my legs and just go find something else, which at that time was motherhood, amazing, amazing, amazing spiritual awakening journey, got into meditation, got into all of the holistic pains, started a personal training studio, moved back to Minneapolis at this time, and really thought I was happy. But when I look back, I realized I squashed a debt really was mine. And I was just too afraid to pursue it. So around that same time, I had someone who told me Louis, you should start an email list are such a good writer, you should blog. And so I kind of dabbled in that. And that was when I was thinking, sales training. And then I just let that wayside. And I had a client, I did have one coaching client at that time, who was a copywriter, and he even said, Lois, I’m doing copy for email kins, you should consider doing and again, I had all these fears, all of these, like, Who’s gonna want to be on my email list? How am I going to say because I’m a loser, right? That was how I was feeling at that time, right? He’s like, but you don’t understand. I have a mentor who does this. He writes an email and he makes 10 grand. So instead of going on a vacation on credit, and that which will do to do that, he just has this asset, this email list where you send mazing his clients love him, they buy his stuff, and he’s doing great. And again, I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s not so I say all that to say fast forward to last year in 2022 years ago, I decided I’m tired of selling for other people. I finally said enough is enough. I want to hang my own shingle I want to live Louis and create my own sales training coaching business. And so I started the process. I got a certification back in 18. Ready to go full throttle. To launch then, come on events happened, right. My brother suddenly died at the age of 49 dropped dead on his kitchen floor February and then we all know what happened at the end of February beginning March pandemic hit and I became a homeschool teacher never having been keep in mind at this time. I had zero people in my email list. I still was negative about camp I had zero landing pages. I had zero online presence except for Facebook profile and zero digital offers a podcast and then dumped on thumb my mom got sick nowhere and died like two weeks later. And so and I believe it was of a broken heart. You know, she yes was the lifelong schizophrenic but her body was fine. You know, there was no quote unquote medical reason it was mattresses so hearing I’m wrestling with these two past souls I have had a friend commit suicide just before that on top, Allison. So I was a wreck.

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I don’t know how you’re still here, right? I’m just gonna put it out there like, oh my god.

Lois Koffi  15:13

Exactly. And and because of my journey I, I’ve, I’ve obviously worked on myself credibly a lot, okay, we’ll just leave it at that. And so I was like, I got to figure this out, really looking at my coaches, my mentors, that’s actually how I eventually got into podcasting ground Atkinson, right, and was able to launch that top 20 podcasts. But up until then, I was kind of going alone, figuring things out making stuff up as I went, but remembered 2007 when my coaching client and said, start an email list, there is money in the email list. And I was like, You know what, I’ve always had an affinity for Harvey Mackay, how to win not necessarily how to I’m some of the sharks are getting eaten alive. I don’t know his books do. But when he was a teen, and he’s from Minnesota, so I heard the story a lot. But when he left, you know, for school, his dad said, this is the only advice I’m going to give you some big a lot of relationships go for 10,000. In other words, have a big CRM client or have a big list, have a big Rolodex, whatever, whatever terminology makes sense to you out there. And it’s and I was like, I’ve always had a pretty sizable client relationship manager database. But I never had an email list. So I quickly pivoted, recognizing I can’t do this face to face, but I’m also I gotta find a leverage. So I went all in, I built a list from zero to 2000, stirred ugly webinars, sometimes it was exhaustive, but I built my offers through that process. I had heard Russell Brunson story, how he went nine months without any sales, and then he created a webinar that made him just a nice 2 billion as like, might be something there. Right? Right. So over those months, I went from you know, again, that that zero to 5000, LS to $0. And none of the stuff that I mentioned earlier podcast is numbers and and got to five figures a month and is have happily gratefully believed been able to mean that maintain that. So I created a list building course, a specific mission based lead generation focused, I don’t teach or do Facebook ads, I don’t I don’t do the kind of paid advertising stuff that I know is big for a lot of coaches and a lot of people out there but for me, it goes back to my farming days growing up on a farm, I saw my dad the virtual handshake now, right where you connect people that just communicate not just spam, but just really an act and by sharing my story, like having all of that pain and and going therapies, I understand I could now meet people similar stuff. Again, if some had COVID or they lost their job, or they they lost their mind or their health or someone they loved died. You know, I could actually instead of being that salesperson who’s using the scripts and who’s you know, just oh, I’ll just I’ll follow up with you in a couple months and put you on my tickler file. Yeah, it’s more than that. It’s it’s about really connecting of service verse. For me, that email list created so much inbox money still needs to serve people on a bigger scale and make money while I sleep. I started taking weekends off again, I started turning the phone off by 630. Again, and I was even able to take a whole week off at Christmas allowing my VA is to maintain things and still, you know, a few $1,000 while I was on my Christmas break, going back to going back to my true north, my center of Don’t be hamster coholic Life is short and want to live it brace it and be it and experience it because your day is up a family die or someone gets sick. This is important things that 2020 helps to. So I really like to share that with people. The the mental, physical, spiritual side of viruses is so critical to the success in business. And now I’m back to where I started with a story in real estate and it’s really

Tracy Brinkmann  18:57

nice. While I was funny, as I didn’t know about three quarters of that, and I knew some of your story because like you said, we were together in that in that group and everything. So I knew some of the things that motivated what you were doing. But Wow, I there’s so much of that inside there. I mean, I really like how you shared about I’m going to step back and you were terrified of the meds and I can totally click with that because my mom was a bit of a well not a bit of a she was a clinically manic depressive and, and she was diabetic. So in my younger years. She She liked to drink and I want to say she wasn’t drunk. I mean, she wasn’t but when she drank because of her, you know, physiological makeup, right? The chemicals start getting imbalanced, and then the little tilt in her head would get off balance. I remember one time we were driving home. We lived in southern Germany at the time and my dad was driving and oh there was one area in the woods that you could could look down, it was like the classic Ooh, look down into this little stream down there, she tried to jump out of the car, she literally tried to unlock the door and jump out. And my dad is saying, keep the door locked, you know. And so my mom would reach. This is, you know, the old cars is like the 70s. She had to reach behind her to lift the little latch, and I’d be back slapping it back down. It was like what 910. And I still remember that very vividly growing up. And then as time went on, she got on a whole plethora of meds. And is it really like you were saying just made me? I don’t? Yeah, I remember being in my 30s. And I got a little bit batch of gout in my toe. And I go in to see the doctor. And he’s like, Well, here’s what’s going on, you got this thing. And it’s gout. And I’m like, Okay, good. We can give you this pill. I’m like now I’m good. 30 years old, I am not already starting to take pills. So when you mentioned being afraid of the medications, I was like I totally there. And I want to go back to the the piece you were talking about when you realized you had squashed a dream. And first off, there’s so much to unpack in your story. We’re not going to get to it. All right. If you couldn’t tell her whole story, ladies and gentlemen, we’re not going to be able to unpack it all.

Lois Koffi  21:18

That was a cliff notes version, as Paul was saying that was that was the rest of us, right?

Tracy Brinkmann  21:23

I’m sitting here. I’m sitting here typing up notes, just so I can remember some things I wanted to ask. But that that piece. Do you remember what it is that made you think back to that vision that you had at one time that you realized, you know what, I totally just left that by the wayside?

Lois Koffi  21:41

I think what Yeah, you know what, I’m a couple of things. So in 2018, my father died. And I such a work that I literally begged my siblings that they’re all alive at that time. Like, you know, Hey, dad just died looking at my watch. And either make sure his burial is not Saturday because I got a big right and I won’t go in all the details, because it’s all perfect. It’s all beautiful. And at that time, I didn’t realize how stuck I was in that wheel of people pleasing the Hollis and all that kind of stuff was a couple months later, when I really was just sitting there and the hell happened to and then I was like, you know, something’s got to change. And that was a like a conscious thought. But I didn’t make any big changes then how a year later my husband and I moved back to Southern California Midwest. And there’s something about it like in India there’s this saying they they actually you know something they joke about Rolling Stones gathering is they they actually purposely a lot of family very thurs because of the energy in the house can get stuck. Okay. And like bad juju, whatever they call it, I can’t remember totally, but I will go with bad juju. Yeah. And so movement, being across the country, all of a sudden, I was like, Oh my god, I need to hire a coach into I need help with this. So at that time, I hired a coach was trying to help me Patty’s mindset, all of that kind of stuff and, and he’s like, Louis, you got so much to give by let’s let’s get our sales training now. And I was actually in a mastermind session talking goals. This was actually in January 20. Last, and only in person master we had and we were all around the room sharing oils and things that are holding us back. And I shared a few years of launching for real this time, my own shingle and people amazing feedback. Like everyone saw my greatness but me. And we had we had a conversation about how I was allowing still 13 years later, those negative news and Nancy has spoken to my life very harshly judged recording therapy beliefs. And I just started crying. And you know, it was in that moment that I consciously said, Okay, here we go. And then of course, the next month and so it was very interesting.

Tracy Brinkmann  23:52

Yeah, I was gonna say I was just curious to ask if you thought it was those folks in your back that you mentioned those negative people. Oh, as you were telling the story, I’d almost heard the word saying you are a failure. Not that you experienced a failure. And that’s probably I’m guessing how you internalized it. 90%

Lois Koffi  24:08

Oh, 100%. Yeah.

Tracy Brinkmann  24:10

So, alright, so Okay, let’s shake it off. Oh, okay. It’s all good now, right? We busted through the walls. You’re like, I’m going after this. You jump in full force, you hang your shingle, you start building an email list. You say what was zero to 2000 from

Lois Koffi  24:30

and freelance for three months? Okay. Okay,



Tracy Brinkmann  24:33

I’ve done the email bill, this building thing for a number of years. And it used to be a whole lot easier, right? I’m gonna date myself. I started building my first email list back in the 80s. Wow,


okay. Oh,

Tracy Brinkmann  24:47

and back then getting someone’s email. It was easy. They were like, okay, you’re handing out like candy. Now, if you wanted to get their phone number, right, or their address is a little different. Anyway. So these as people have gotten more savvy. It’s a little, I think, check me when I’m wrong here, it’s a little tougher to get someone’s email, you really have to bring the value. And they have to see the value of what it is you’re bringing to to exchange that. What? Let’s, let’s, let’s start with, I’m stumbling over my words here, cuz I want to say this the right way. What a great tip other than what I just mentioned, could you give the folks about, Okay, I’m going to build an email list. Here’s the three things I have to remember. Otherwise, I’m going to be bashing my head on a wall.

Lois Koffi  25:39

Yeah, well, and I know, this is maybe we’ll I want to give three but just to reiterate, believing yourself and believing that you have value. Oh, yeah. massively important. Sure. That because if you don’t, then you’re gonna let anybody and everybody in your list. So that’s, that’s just kind of the whole thing there. But I would say, you know, for me, what really helped was number one, starting with my warm market, meaning anybody that had already been a connection of mine in some time in the last five to 10 years, okay, reconnecting with someone who would be someone that I could pick up the phone and call, they would see, it’s me, they would want to answer or they would text saying, Oh, my gosh, talk to you. But I can’t later that that kind of thing. If you if you’re if someone’s out there listening, saying, Oh, my God, I don’t know what that is. I don’t have that. Don’t worry, I got a backup for you. Do you

Tracy Brinkmann  26:32

now listen to a dark horse entrepreneur podcast. She’s got you guys hold on.

Lois Koffi  26:38

But I would also only because I’ve coached salespeople now for over 20 years. Everyone has a warm market, if you have phone numbers in your phone, got a warm market, call the pizza guy if you have to. Okay, he probably have him on speed doubt by first name at this point. But anyway, starting with people that already know like and trust you and I have a essentially a sort of short and simple script for that, you know, knowing, obviously, maybe I should have said this first. But obviously, if they know what you’re offering, what is your value, I’ll give you an example for me. Again, having never done it before. Remember, I came I’m just maybe six, maybe 12 months ahead of a lot of people listening here if you don’t have a list, or if you have a dusty list. I just basically had this podcast, right, healthy, wealthy wise. And I had a weekly webinar, right. So the webinar was called the five secrets to selling success, helping you increase your sales results in less time, it was easy to pick those two things initially, and I say easy, even everything going on in my life and just died when I was starting to build the list. So keep that in mind and trying to homeschool and juggle all of the things. So I just I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t do the self sabotage analysis paralysis thing, right? I was like, You know what, I just got to go in and get started and learn that process. And so I knew I had these two options for people, I would call them and say, Hey, how’s it going, quickly reconnecting with them? And then I would say, hey, by the way, I’d love for you to be one of my first people. I’m doing like this brand new could even say the word beta if you want I’m doing this weekly email. It’s inspiration free tips, free motivation. I even have a webinar every week on how to increase your sales result line in this new normal. Would that benefit you? Right? No One No One said no.

Tracy Brinkmann  28:22

Yeah, like a waiter. Right?

Lois Koffi  28:24

And you could even use the words like can you do me a favor? Would you support me so that helped me take away the fear of rejection or the fear? Oh, they liked me. You know that thing? Yeah. So my first to be totally candid with you probably my first 500 to seven or 50 were people from that category. And if I didn’t get him on the phone, I messaged them on Facebook and or LinkedIn. I reconnected and first asked how are you because let me tell you when my brother died, and this was you know, actually weirdly enough he died just before the pandemic but I noticed it really start from that same time his people were just spamming in Facebook and LinkedIn like buy my stuff, join my team, watch my video bla bla bla bla bla bla really self centered and really honestly stupid don’t do it. guys stop it. And it still happens to me this to this day and I felt so shattered. This guy was messaged again, my brothers kept persisting there was no Hey, how are you? Huh? So, you know, that’s where my permission based lead generation and list building came forth because I was like, I don’t want to be that right. So when I messaged someone on messenger, it’s like, how are you doing? How’s the family? How’s business? Do a little exchange say oh, by the way, I have this email list sending out once a week great value. I have this podcast called highs. I’d love to give you this opportunity to be inspired and encouraged and he’s crazy. Would you be interested and and that’s without a lead magnet. I mean, I guess you could say my webinar was a free lead magnet but that’s what got me to 2000. So to kind of go back to your your tips point is, you know Number one, if you can start with a warm market just to build the muscle, yeah, it’s just like Jim Rohn says, in health, you know, start with eating an apple a day, quote, unquote, keeping the doctor away, right? If you don’t start there or drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, where are you going to start everyone tries to do it all at once bill by any pages, build a list, you know, all the stuff. So slow down, get clear on how many people you want to talk to a day. You know, that’s the other thing is setting a specific and measurable goal. And then, you know, after I got through that, that first 2000, and delivering on those weekly webinars, and if that by then I had some content, but then I was also more confident in being able to create, you know what, maybe I could create some kind of an ebook, or a PDF. That’s when I created my first downloadable lead magnet, which is a lead prospecting sheet, and also a time budget or time management sheet. And so I didn’t even have a real lead magnet, or I just had my two landing pages, one for my web one podcast, and had conversations and rock. And so people think oftentimes, they have to start they have to have the offer. First they have to. So I like to say no, no, start with a daily in producing activities, have a specific specific end goal. And then continually ask yourself, what else can I add, give value to these folks and your emails that is in use. So it’s, I hope that answered your question,

Tracy Brinkmann  31:24

like the simplest absolutely does. Actually, what really fostered even more of the question is I just got finished dropping an episode this morning. That which, which comes first the chicken or the egg it but if we flip that into the space that we’re in, which comes first, the audience, or the product, and I’m a big fan of the audience comes first. Because if you go out there, and this is a great way to start a conversation is if I go out there, and I create this amazing product, and they say, hey, Louis, buy my product, Jimmy, like, I don’t want that. It doesn’t solve a problem. I have it, doesn’t you? But I’m sitting there thinking, no, you really need this. No, I don’t. Whereas if you build the audience first, like you were talking about building your list, right? And then you’re engaging them, you’re having that conversation there. And if they’re not already your warm market, you are warming them up with your weekly reach out and you know, getting information back, you begin to learn what it is they want in they need because if you’re adding value, they will engage with you. They’ll have a conversation on a webinar, they’ll jump into your Facebook group, they’ll jump onto your DMS and go oh my god, that tip you sent me was amazing. It got me over this hurdle or that hurdle?

Lois Koffi  32:39

That makes sense. 100% Yeah, you’ve you’ve made me remember something that I’m glad I understood this because you know, and Zig Ziglar was talking about being a wandering generality. Yes, I’ve sold essentially in four different industries. So I even asked someone I because part of the fear factor was there I said someone would it be weird. This was you know, a year and a half ago if I start my own coaching business we think I’m kind of imposter syndrome thing crept up to me and they’re like, Louis, I don’t care what you’re selling I’m always gonna be buying I love you so people buy you they don’t buy your product or service it’s it is that that law of attraction and that’s why it’s so important for you to get clear on your value and who you are and what you have to give and believing in yourself. Sales service also and same time people want to be in your tribe You know, they’re they’re going to you have once they do so absolutely build your audience first. That’s a great way

Tracy Brinkmann  33:35

so I want to step back to the your sales journey as you mentioned, you’ve sold in in 44 different industries.

Lois Koffi  33:43

What is it you say? That helped you excel in sales? thinking like a hunter, can you like a farmer?

Tracy Brinkmann  33:51

Oh, okay, you got it. You got to go deeper on that one. You can just leave that there like that. I love that though.

Lois Koffi  33:57

I can’t take credit for it. Right. Although everyone’s borrowing everyone’s stuff and just recycling Yeah. But I learned that in real estates because there there was you know, and my journey I did cold calling right. My first listing was a Minnesota Viking and don’t ask me how I got their phone numbers but I was like, Oh, I got all these Minnesota Vikings numbers I’m just going to call them right and and one of them got traded and call me back and I was like, sweet so that got me excited about door knocking and cold calling. So I did that. So that’s that’s the hunt of radish. Okay, right. You’re looking for almost almost like you know, an apple to fall from the tree and hit you on the head kind of thing. Gotcha. But then, you know, most sales happen on the fifth to 12th contact or phone and I find that most people they’re not great at it most people’s do struggle with lead generation is prospecting getting people into however it really the biggest biggest downfall of most salespeople is that follow up like there’s a stick Take that 50% of sales people give up on the second follow up, dude, you’re leaving money on the table. So since I grew up and I saw the plant the seed butter, pull the weeds, you have sunshine, I do some fertilizer, touching that seed and loving on it and shining a light on it saying, Hey, I’m your father, your mother, I’m the guy that’s gonna, you know, be here when you when you grow into a, you know, stock of corn or whatever. Sure. Right. Right. And so that’s the harvest that he wants. Not everybody’s willing to do the work and stay consistent. In the follow up. There was a study that also that impressed that never forget this when I was in my 20s selling real estate. There was a study done on this is back we call this of course, but they did market research on a subdivision of 300 homes. They made a fictitious real estate agent, john doe will just call him john doe. And they sent this subdivisions, big direct mail postcards with this john doe’s face, phone number, email, and a sold sign with happy couple statistics of the neighborhood. All of these different things week after week, after eight weeks straight, just one card a week. On week nine, they call every home and of the homes that they actually got feedback and answers from 80% of them said when asked Who would you sell with today? They said, Oh,

Tracy Brinkmann  36:20

so they’ve been conditioned? Almost. Yes.

Lois Koffi  36:23

Yes. And you know, that’s a little scary, right? So you don’t want you don’t want that to happen. Like if you believe in yourself, you know, by not following up with someone, some someone in your profession who might be a total jackass. Let’s just say it can be like it is yeah, and get that deal or that sale and not really serve that person to the deepest level that you probably can. So you know, there’s there’s fear of rejection. There’s all these things that happen in sales. But if you think like a hunter knowing that, you know, there’s that low hanging fruit that could just land and knowing that that’s not the norm, right. Having that I call it the eight touch philosophy and follow up. It shows that you’re consistent. It shows that you’re real. It shows that you have integrity, you’re not a fly by night, Glengarry Glen Ross used car salesman, right? Yeah, exactly. That you’re real. And so every profession has those salespeople that just are fly by night and not not not really there for their vocation. They’re there for the quick buck cool estate recession did definitely prove that as well. So anyway,

Tracy Brinkmann  37:27

and you’ve got it’s so true. And we’ve got those we’ve we know the salesman that we’re like you, you want to take a shower after you finish talking to but on the other side of that, we hopefully we’ve all experienced that salesperson, right? sales man, sales woman, whatever that you know, did do all the right things they connected with you they made you feel valued, they actually cared about what it is you wanted before they even tried to sell you their product or their service. I know. We had an amazing realtor. When we moved up here to Wisconsin, and we looked for our first home around here, of course, we went through two or three and it’s like, you know, we get home, take that shower, I was just mentioning, and you know, I Okay, we got we’re calling someone else. And we found our man, Dave, and you know, Dave took his time, you know, you know, and I was I was joking, saying it was a Midwest thing. It’s not right. I’ve met folks like that all over the place. But he did everything just like you were saying, hey, this isn’t the right home. That’s fine. You don’t want this, even when we would say what we could make it work. He says no, you won’t you you don’t want this. You

Lois Koffi  38:37

don’t want to settle.

Tracy Brinkmann  38:38

Yeah, you don’t want to settle you know, and he took the time and, you know, showed us all the places finally landed. And then, about two years later, Grandpa wants to move out here. So who Guess who we called? We called Dave. Dave. So Dave has sold us two homes as a result of just being the right kind of salesperson. Right? And you know, for God to three years afterwards, it was still you know, reaching out saying, Hey, what’s up, you know, we’ll get to the little things in the mail, little, little cards, little things that are probably part of his CRM, but it’s that same follow up sequence that showing dude I really care about you, really. And I’m still here if you need me if i’m not i’m not i’m not bugging you. Right? So yeah. And so that that leads me to the other question, because to me, it seems so easy. Why are so many people afraid of selling?

Lois Koffi  39:32

I think it’s all comes down to believe it or not, when that boyfriend broke up with you in high school, that traumatic divorce that event like I had where I really bought into the lie that I was a failure. Sure. And and and this is not this may sound self serving and in some ways it is. Most people have not been trained properly had I gone back and turn back the hands of time in 2000 when I started in real estate had I not hired a coach from day one. I was young I was impression I was 21 I hadn’t developed any bad habits yet. in sales, you have to unlearn anything correct. So and don’t I mean, I still had you know, childhood abandonment issues and different things. I still remember some of the people who said no to me, they didn’t want to list with me and I was like, you know, but I got over that anyway. So at the end of the day, I hired a coach and I had a mentor and he was modeling exactly the sales process. And I never didn’t have a coach for the longest time and it was those things that really helped me the ability commitment to excellence that selling is not a swear word means service. Yes, finding a knee and filling it It’s why I actually quite honestly crazy why I call myself a sales coach because I want to shift the paradigm and help people unpack that word and self discover why are you afraid of it and it’s mostly because since there’s such a lack of such such a lack of passion for sales is the highest complainant I it’s it’s unlimited income and and everybody’s a salesperson, if you had to sell yourself to your spouse right to get the the ring or whatever you had to my kids are selling me all the time and how much they want candy and things of that nature. Right?

Tracy Brinkmann  41:21

Go to Cabo with you next time. Yeah.

Lois Koffi  41:26

You know, you sold yourself on drinking that certain coffee every drink and you know, so it’s it’s just the misconceptions and and the the events in our lives, that also I think, take some of that excitement and that energy, and then just, I really believe that to be the case, because then I am not putting this down. But there’s even a lot of coaches out there who NLP and scripts and in some ways, I think that’s great. And in some ways that it also might come across as this is what some people have said to manipulative and and so kind of pushy. So I just think the word and the industry as a whole could use a total makeup to help people understand that, because I’ve heard so many times Oh, no, I’m not a salesman. Nope, I’m not. And I can almost predict their income. And they say that,

Tracy Brinkmann  42:14

right? Because it’s it’s definite or, or when they’re dming. They’re dropping into your dm in your inbox. Like you were mentioning before. I don’t want to be that guy. Well, I’m not trying to sell anything we Yes, you are. I know where this conversation is going. Right? You’ve sent me a friend request. And this is the here’s one of the cool things, I’ll have shared this with you, someone sends me a friend request on Facebook, I’m going to I’m probably going to accept it unless you have something that says crypto manager Bitcoin in your banner, and I’m probably not going to accept it. I’m so tired of those guys. Anyway. I’m probably going to accept it. But the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to dm you say hey, Louis, it’s nice to eat meat, eat meat. You right? Thank you for the friend request. What prompted you to reach out to me? Yep. Right. And I’m going to just add that because I’m honestly curious. There’s so many amazing people that are out there. What what in my feed made you say, I want to connect with Tracy. And obviously that sparks a good conversation a lot of times, but then there’s other times, where the first thing they do is they copy and paste whatever message they’re being taught to sense. And I’m interested in this, I saw you were coaching, I can help you build your coach to $50,000 a month in in, you know, in, in three days, you know, and I’m like, so you reached out to me just to pitch me? Well, yeah. Well, thank you have a great day. Good luck with your endeavors. because like you said, that’s the you know, oh, you know that Don’t be that guy or that gal, right? You want to have that conversation. And I’ve had a few of them, where we get a good conversation, they finally say, Oh, well, I could help you with that. Because something I said to them. Once we built that rapport, I’ll share a struggle, and you’re like, oh, you’re having trouble with that. I just happened to have a free download or free video over my YouTube. Can I send you the link? Sure. Send me the link. And I’ll go look at it. It’s that permission based thing you were just talking about a little while ago? Yeah,

Lois Koffi  44:10

yeah, I teach that in a five day challenge. It’s a one hour for over five days each day. And I teach on how to do that and how to do it with excellence how to actually not just send random requests, just because someone looks like they might be a quote unquote, ideal target customer. There’s there’s a whole formula there. And it’s what I teach because I got overwhelmed with the pandemic kid and like I said, the messaging during my my brother’s funeral weekend, but then just didn’t want to not only not be that person, I just knew that everybody’s online and I didn’t have a choice. I had to adapt and find a way and that’s when I was reminded of Seth Godin, his two books, from 1999 and 2001 tribes, phenomenal book. And then of course, your mission. Latest market in that book if you guys check it out, he talks about in building he talks about, it’s a long time ago. So it’s 20 years old now, but he set the stage for social media conversations. It’s It’s really good. And so I do highly recommend those books as well, of course, is my my five day course that I’m going to give to your audience for absolutely,

Tracy Brinkmann  45:20

yeah, I was just gonna say deal. Yeah, you got to do that. I’m actually making this up. I note about Seth Godin wasn’t Seth Godin to the same guy who wrote what was it the purple cow? Yes. Yeah, I read the purple cow. I didn’t read the tribes. I definitely. Yeah, he’s got some good stuff. All right. I want to be mindful of your time, we’ve just been hanging out here, Bs and basic sharing stories, which is, I think, the best kind of conversation Absolutely. Um, but like, like, I want to do two things here. I want to make sure you get a chance to plug your podcasts in there. But before we do that, I have to ask my candid question. Okay. Because you’re on the Dark Horse entrepreneur. And clearly, given the story you shared, you have felt like a dark horse at some time in your life, I would imagine. Yes.

Lois Koffi  46:07

Yes. Yes.

Tracy Brinkmann  46:08

How did you navigate that? That Dark Horse persona, to finally you know, gain some some traction and some success?

Lois Koffi  46:17

Well, for better, for worse, you know, for me, it’s not quite the same. I always felt like the black sheep of my family always was kind of weird and different. And so when I think of Dark Horse, it’s almost kind of like, Well, tell me I can do some prove you wrong. Thank you. tality. So last year, when I had that breakthrough in that mastery meeting, and I finally took the monkey off my back and got rid of all the Nelly and season all of that, for me, it was it was just Yeah, kind of like, underdog, you know, just coming coming back. It was my comeback year. And that’s what I see if a dark horse winning a race is coming from behind, so to speak, no one’s betting on them and all of that kind of stuff. So I kind of use that quote, unquote, negativity as fuel to fire me to get to the finish line. So I have to go. That’s like another metaphor and analogy. But for me, it was building that mindset, daily, finding and speaking the truth, really actually reconnecting to my spiritual self and coming back to centers how I navigated that, and of course, having my coach there to cheer me on along the way,

Tracy Brinkmann  47:24

you clearly are a big fan of having a coach, which I’m not surprised by at all, I’m a big fan as well, obviously. So thank you. Again, I’m going to step back from the mic and shut up with my babbling right now. And I want you to, you know, tell us about the goodness that is the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise podcast, what you got going on. And you know, where they can check you out. If they want to know more about Miss Kofi?

Lois Koffi  47:49

Awesome. Well, you can definitely go to healthy and wealthy is that calm, and it’s not healthy. And it’s not the word. And if there’s an in between healthy and wealthy, that’s where you’ll see actually your interview that’s already up, and the prints interview and all that kind of stuff. So I keep that updated. And you can even subscribe there and get my emails and inexperience my email, welcome campaign. If you want to study, that’s what I also encourage you guys study those who have gone to sign up for their email list, you can always unsubscribe, right? But right, you want to really get good at email marketing, and email campaigns and list building, it’s good to study other than see what you like, and what you don’t like. That’s really a lot of what I did last year. So check that out. I do stream live every Friday inside of my Facebook case. So if you guys want to find out how to get there, you can also guys that come and we are bringing in health experts, wealth experts and people who have some innate powerful life giving wisdom to essentially help salespeople to self discover their highest and best self and be as balanced as you can be. In these interesting times, yes, that we’re in for

Tracy Brinkmann  49:02

sure. Absolutely. And we’ll definitely we’ll drop the links in the show notes. So the folks listening can just click their way through and get right to okay. You mentioned the the the the, the little course you want to give to the Dark Horse folks who go talk to me.

Lois Koffi  49:18

Yes, yes. And this is this is only only for VIPs. So that’s because Tracy’s amazing. So I had that course, I was telling you about that five day permission based lead generation and sales mastery course. So basically, it’s meant to be done as your own five day challenge. And you go out there, and the goal is to generate 100 leads in five days. So that’s, that’s the end game and really hone in on your target market. Where are you going to find these people? How are you that in some of the very basic scripts that I use to help you develop that muscle over a five day period and it’s normally $497 I gave you the the link gets Bit. ly forward slash Tracy lead gen. So you can put that in the show notes, and then the promo code. So instead of paying for 97, you get it for $1 is in all caps, get g, l e abs.

Tracy Brinkmann  50:17

That’s a bit of a shortened word, but definitely get that, that link down in the show notes. So people can check out that that is money, right, Dario? No, literally, that’s not even a god not even making a statement. That’s, that’s money.

Lois Koffi  50:32

Yeah, when you think about one, if that’s just a fun fact, you know, they do say, you know, one, good email list of 1000. So if you have 100, you’re 1/10 of the way there one email list of really quality permission based, I believe permission based, actual subscribers, who will fall in love with you and buy your stuff. That’s a million dollar asset right there, over the lifetime of your business. So I want to get you, you know, 1/10 way there. So I hope you guys enjoy. Absolutely. I’m

Tracy Brinkmann  51:01

Deb Shirley Williams is funny, brief story. So way back in my early days I talked about I was building an email list back in the 90s. And it was really it was all focused around public speaking for the most parts. And I was big into public speaking at the time, and you heard the story of my daughter. So that got me on that trip, I was trying to share that with everybody. And you know, there really didn’t have the avenues, you know that the net wasn’t far enough to really share content, except for in the email list. So I started this an easy, I have a newsletter, right? And just dropping the value every week dropping the value. We I didn’t have anything to sell yet. And this is what comes back to you build the audience, you’ll figure out what they want. But one of the things that really stuck with me was I there was was Thanksgiving weekend or Thanksgiving week, right? The kids were off, you know, and I hadn’t sent my email yet. And they usually send it on Fridays. And we sat down to Thanksgiving on Thursday night. And it was just this moment, right where I was looking around going, I am really thankful. Right now, the smell is in the air. My mom and dad were over sitting around the table. And after the break between dinner and dessert, I went over to my computer, and I just I typed that thankfulness into an email, which is spontaneous. Here’s what’s going on. Here’s this moment. I just wanted to share it with you. It’s got nothing to do with public speaking. I hope you’re having an amazing, I hope you have this kind of amazing moment on your day of things as well, right? I got more emails in response to that one email than any other one ever had. Because there, it just clicked with them. it resonated with him. And that was the moment I think I realized, you know what, stop just pandering to the crowd. Just let just be you this if you are feeling right, are you feeling Hey, right? Share it, let them know, because they felt that too. They realize, oh, shoot, he’s just like me. And that’s I think that’s what a lot of people want. They don’t just want the guy who’s up on the, you know, up on the mountain preaching down, hey, here’s how you need to do these things. You take these steps, and that makes you successful. Does that make sense?

Lois Koffi  53:22

Yes. Oh my gosh, 110%. Because that’s one of the things that I learned this past year, just to kind of bring it home for all of you is I did that I warmed my heart on my sleeve. Last year, I shared my story. And people came to me and actually I made 40 grand in one week after my lead gen course because it was You’re so real. You’re saying things that I’ve heard before from probably 10 other people, but your story and your authenticity and realness is refreshing. And so oh my gosh, if you do exactly what Tracy said, you’re faking it till you make it and get over like frickin mass that we’ve already you know, everyone is tired of that, especially through the pandemic. I think I think that’ll that’ll make you money than me. Oh, do I have the perfect funnel?

Tracy Brinkmann  54:10

Right, there it is. Insert mask joke here, by the way. Louis, I definitely appreciate your time and you’re hanging out so much. And of course for this amazing offer. I’m sure a number of folks are going to jump on right away any parting words of wisdom you’d like to leave us with? Oh,

Lois Koffi  54:29

I love my favorite quotes. I share this whenever I get this opportunity and I took it a page of Jim Rowan’s book because I love Jim Rohn growing up with him I was like to be him when I grow up. He always said Lois discipline your disappointments and then I added and never give up so discipline your disappointments and never give up if someone unsubscribes from the list might be disappointing but guess what? You’re still alive and someone else is going to come and fill that gap so discipline disappointments and

Tracy Brinkmann  54:59

we can’t even add Today, we’re going to leave that right there.

Lois Koffi  55:02

Thank you so much for having me

Tracy Brinkmann  55:03

know, thank you so much for hanging out with us. I definitely appreciate you. Oh, there you have it my dark horse friends, family, Lois Kofi dropping some amazing inspirational knowledge bombs on us. What thoughts resonated with you? Well, you know, here’s a few thoughts that clicked with me. Thought number one, are you in a toxic business or industry? Now Lois early in her career was on the path to be a sports journalist with ESPN. Right? How cool would that be, however, there were concerned with what she as a woman in that industry would have to do in order to get ahead. So she evaluated her inner self versus that path and set off on another path. So many, I think, aren’t willing or just do not do the inner work, and they follow a potentially toxic path to a less than positive outcome. So this week, I want to share some more on that topic in Episode 193, five signs that you’re on the right path, in business and in life, thought number two, your contacts and influence or actually it should be building your contacts and influence right. During her time in real estate, Lois learned the benefit of having a well populated CRM, she learned the value of being influential, and bringing value to those in that CRM and within her sphere of influence. Now, I’m sure this is probably one of the key factors to her success in real estate. And it wasn’t until that COVID to hit and the personal tragedies that hit just prior that she began considering the value of an email list, an email list she didn’t have didn’t had, she didn’t have and she went all in and she built a list from zero to 2000 in the first three months, and she kind of walked us through how she did that right. Now I want to dive a little bit deeper into this topic on Friday in Episode 194. Building your online influence in only 30 minutes a week thought number three, have you squashed your dream Lois was insightful enough during her journey to reflect inward and see what the see that she had squashed her dream. And it was at this point that she set upon a new path. to reignite that dream. She was determined to fire it up and figure it out and figure it out. She did. So here’s the question. Have you squashed your dream. Now Thursday in the dark horse tribe Facebook group, I’m going to go alive and add some thoughts I have about why you should be going after your dreams, despite the fear. And then thought number four, have a coach to help you. Now early in her career, Lois had a coach and became highly successful in her real estate career. Later on when Lois pivoted, you heard her say, quote, I needed a coach. And she hired coach, the coach told her Lois you have so much to give. Let’s get you going and get your sales training out there. So here’s the question, you know, it’s coming. Do you have a coach? Have you considered having a coach next Tuesday, in the dark horse, tribe Facebook group, I’m going to go live and share the six reasons. I think you should have a coach. So what is ideas or expiring tips and thoughts resonated with you from lowest today? Whatever they were, take some time. That’s right. Take some time today and write them down. And then yeah, put them into action. Get out there, run your race, get your results. And then let me hear about them seriously, you can email me at Tracy at Dark Horse schooling. com, share the tips or ideas that you came away with how you put it into action, and what results you gain from them. And I’ll bring you on the show and let you tell your story. And if you don’t want to be interviewed, I’d be happy to share your story with everyone else out in the audience. All right, so next week. Our interview guest is Jason Sherman. And Jason, as I mentioned is a successful entrepreneur, an award winning filmmaker, a published author, a tech startup expert, a classically trained violinist and a journalist, and he’s been featured in several media outlets including Wall Street Journal usa today The Verge abc news, and was featured on excuse me was a featured speaker on Fox Emmy Award winning futures TV show exploration Earth 2050 he’ll share some amazing insights and some great tips with us. You’re not going to want to miss this episode. Now, you may have noticed that I only called out two solo episodes this week in my thoughts that I had to do and that’s because we’re doing a quick content publishing shift on Wednesday and Friday. I’m going to continue to do the solo episodes they’ll be published out here to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. As much as they as they have been for the past few months, so if you want to catch the tips from Tuesday and Friday, then you just keep on listening to the podcast. However, the lives that we have been doing recently, and then turn on and publishing into the podcast, the lives I’m going to leave on the platforms that the lives are shared on. So if you want to catch those tips that come via the lives, you’re gonna want to definitely come join us in the dark horse tribe Facebook group, the link is down in the show notes. And I look forward to seeing you in there and serving you directly. Anyway, I’m able to now I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and the inspirational stories from the amazing guests that I’m lucky enough to bring on the show. So please go on down there. Hit that subscribe button right there. That’s right, drop us a five star rating. Leave us some kind words in the reviews. Heck, tell me some topics you’d like to hear covered. Maybe some guests you think we should bring onto the show. And because trust me, I read every single review that comes through. 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My name is Tracy Brinkmann.

EP 192 Lois Koffi Email & Influence Building Think Like A Hunter Work Like A Farmer
How can you build your contacts, influence and email list?

  • Are You In A Toxic Business Or Industry – Lois early in her career was on the path to be a sports journalist with ESPN.  However, there were concerns with what she, as a woman in that industry, would have to do in order to get ahead.

  • Building Your Contacts & Influence – During her time in real estate Lois learned the benefit of a well populated CRM. The value of being influential & bringing value  to those in her CRM and sphere of influence.

  • Have You Squashed Your Dream? – Lois was insightful enough during her journey to reflect inward and see that she had squashed her dream.  It was at that point she set upon a new path to reignite that dream.  She was determined to fire it up and figure it out!
  • Have A Coach To Help You – Early in her career Lois had a coach and became highly successful in her real estate career.  Later and when Lois pivoted you hear her say “I need a coach” and she hired a coach.  This coach told her “Lois, you have so much to give.  Let’s get you going on your sales training now!” 

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