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Why will you be best served by giving first as an entrepreneur? Stay tuned and find out. Welcome Okay, here’s the question are serious. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question. And this podcast would give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What is up what is up What the hell is up my dark horse, friends and family. Welcome back to your weekly dose of giving in order to win learning. I’m your dark horse host Tracy Brinkmann and you will that my friend is infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur or one in the making. Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to start, restart kickstart it, just start leveling up with some great marketing, personal or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the Empire. It absolutely deserves to be. And man Do we have a big episode for you today? Today, Tom Antion shares so many amazing entrepreneurial bombs from his 25 plus years of business experience and, and yeah, the bulk of that has actually been on the commercial internet. He’s went from hustling in college and getting four apartment buildings and a hotel to biker bars to pranksters to TV programs. You are not going to miss a moment of this amazing episode. Plus, little later, they’ll let you in on next week’s interview guests, who’s a professional speaker, trainer, coach and Iron Man triathlete that has coached 1000s of people to get to five figures a month in less than six months. And as per usual, the Dark Horse careers are chock full of personal business and marketing g o l d spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse entrepreneur HQ. So let’s get to the starting gates and go already my dark horse friends and family. Today’s guest is Tom and john now, I connected with Tom back in my comeuppance days. When I was first starting my speaking and coaching career, it all started with his book, wake him up business presentations, it was a book all about using humor and other professional techniques to give better business presentations. Now this was followed shortly after with his cassette tape course on teleseminars for speakers, and I know I just dated myself and Tom has been in the game for a while. As you can tell, actually, if I’m honest with you, Tom has never had a job. He’s one of those internet Millionaire Next Door type. Next guy next door type of guys. He’s also the founder of the only licensed dedicated internet marketing school in the country. Sure, we’ll get him to share a bit about that. And if that wasn’t enough to get him on the show alone. He’s also the subject of the Hollywood documentary from real mountain pictures called the American entrepreneur premiering next month, April of 2021. So we’re looking forward to seeing that. And last but certainly not least, Tom is also the host of the screw the commute, podcast. Tom, you got your fingers in a lot of pies, man, welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur.

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Well, that’s the thing they’re chasing when you’re when you’re not in the car. A couple hours a day making somebody else rich, you can do it live two or three lives at the same time. Right?

Tracy Brinkmann  03:33

Yeah. I remember and I know I was on your show not too long ago, actually just the other day. And we were talking about your opinions on corporate America. But before we go into anything, I want to you know, really just step back from the mic and let you tell your story. You know, where is Tom come from? Where is he at now? And why you like doing what you do so much?

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Well, I came from a little I mean little tiny town 500 people was our population still to this day, I might add and we lived in the suburbs. So I was totally sticks out there. And I came up through the ranks baby is six boys. My dad came from Siri on a cattle boat. That’s what they’re kind of doing the documentary about because he became an entrepreneur made me into an entrepreneur and I’ve helped 1000s of entrepreneurs. So so that’s what the documentary is about. But then I went to college on a football scholarship. This was back before they had facemask. You know, the leather helmets is crazy, like yeah, and then I didn’t really have any money. But before I graduated from college, I own five apartment buildings in a hotel. And so starting with nothing, which is a was a good lesson for people. I’ve done a lot of these shows and it’s boils down to I learned to give before I get And so that’s how I ended up with a hotel while I still was in college. So that’s the whole story behind that. But then I just got into lots of things. I was a charter pilot, the freelance charter pilot, then I had the bright idea to, to take over a biker bar, and clean it up into a nice family restaurant and nightclub. And that was in gunfights knife fights over 100 violent encounters bikers trying to kill.

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I had visions of Roadhouse in my head, right?

Tom Antion  05:33

Like that. And then when I got out of that, alive, I started an entertainment company, I thought, you know what, no, one person is gonna hit me on the head with a beer bottle with this next business. And so I started a crazy entertainment company called prank masters. We custom design practical jokes, just like candid camera, but it was live. I did 1000 comic performances myself, and we did 4000 in about six years up in DC area. And that got me into my speaking career around 1991. And then, but 94, the commercial internet was coming along, and I’m thinking, Man, I was hard enough to sell those darn cassette tapes across the street, you know, let alone sell them around the world. So I said, I’m gonna figure this out. So from 94 to 96, the commercial internet started at 94. That’s when I started selling. And I didn’t make much between 94 and 96. Then I got good training from a guy named Corey rudl. He was kind of the 31 year old grandfather of Internet Marketing. And he was making like $5 million a year from his apartment. So I took training with him. Then I started making money immediately. And by four years later, I was a multimillionaire and enjoy it to this day. So, so, so kept my speaking career going, but I said, selling my own stuff on the internet, and then people started begging me to teach them. And you know, coming from a comic background, people started begging me to do a bootcamp. I said, You know, I can’t do everybody does boot camps. Man, I do that. I said, I’m sitting here making all this money sitting on my rear end. I’ll call it boot camp. And it caught on I’ve done him in 11 countries around the world to longest continuously running internet seminar in the world. And, but in London, they made me call it bum camp. So that I just been doing this, I started the great internet marketing retreat center where I’m broadcasting from today. It’s the largest. It’s the only facility of its kind in the world where people actually come in from all over the world and live in the house with me for an immersion weekend. I have the only licensed dedicated internet marketing school in the country. So So yeah, I get around a little bit.

Tracy Brinkmann  07:53

You got a lot of things going on. I want to dig in that, that that school you got going on. I know. I got to hear a bit about it when I was on your show, but educate me a bit about more on next. I know it’s a party accredited and all nine yards, right?

Tom Antion  08:08

Well, the the it’s licensed by the state of Virginia, on higher education in Virginia. And the reason I did it is because I also have a TV show in development called scam brigade because there’s been in this business you see so many people getting robbed blind, and I can’t like said, I grew up with my, my dad, you know, you take care of people, you’re strong. If somebody hurt, you do something about it. You know, that was the way it was, right? So I started this show to go after the scammers. I thought I can’t go after all of them. And I got to set myself apart in my own business. So I said, I’m gonna go through this licensing process took me three years, background checks, financial checks, criminal, everything, background stuff on all the employees everything. And so I’m the only one on earth that’s ever gone through that kind of crazy scrutiny to get. No because somebody will say, Oh, I got so and so University. They just make it up out of thin air. Right?

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Yeah. The legitimate distance learning school. That’s, that’s awesome. So they didn’t find out all this stuff you didn’t want to know about right. So one of the topics I wanted to go through with you I was kind of crew cruisin through your podcast and you’ve been you’ve been doing your that screw the commute podcast for like, like almost three years now. 2020 episodes. We’ve been at it for a while. And one of the episodes that really caught my eye was the the life experiences to side hustles I’m a big fan of folks. Yeah, I don’t want to use the whole, you know, do something. you’re passionate about it and the money will follow. That’s not always the case. But I do believe in the fact that if you’re going after something that you’re passionate about when you hit that wall, not if When you hit that wall, it at least gives you the motivation to continue on. But with the life experiences into the side hustles how does that how does that come into play?

Tom Antion  10:08

Well, I got away around that about that wall that you’re talking about. Okay, give me so that the wall is like paper thin wall. Yeah, so So the way I look at this, Tracy is, is I promote making your hobbies and family interests, tax deductible. Ah, say because most families don’t think in these terms, they, they go play golf, they feel guilty about it takes all day and they spend a fortune on green space and clubs, or they play soccer or they go camping, or whatever it happens to be. Or they there’s kids playing soccer, all those things, they just pay through the nose with money. That’s not that’s not giving them any kind of tax credit. So I’ve been teaching for years and by the way, I’m not an attorney or an accountant, but I’ve had hundreds of them in my audiences and I always make them say is that legit? They say oh yeah, that’s the way it is. In business you so I tell them create an inexpensive website WordPress with you can have a world class website for 150 bucks. And if you need help with it, you go down to the local preschool and wake a kid up from his nap and they’ll help you exactly right. So and then you can either create a product around your hobby or you can get an affiliate relationship which means somebody else has created a product and you promote it on your website and you get a commission when somebody buys it. Right there is the definition of business there it is now the time you spend dealing with that particular thing like you said this your passion well now you love that hobby that you were going to pay for anyway. Nice. Say that’s why the wall isn’t there anymore. You were gonna do this anyway. So why not get credit for when maybe even start making a lot of money on it? And then do more of the stuff you love? Say so that’s the way I look at that there’s no wall there that’s Yeah, that’s just like down the southern border there’s holes all over

Tracy Brinkmann  12:20

and if the wall is there, it’s like toilet paper now right exactly.

Tom Antion  12:26

I’m going here to get my tax deduction and and play golf more often because now I don’t feel guilty.

Tracy Brinkmann  12:32

Yes, funny. That is such a simple idea. So simple concept that I think everyone’s just looking right past it like Well,

Tom Antion  12:38

yeah, but they’re scared to death IRS. You know, everybody’s scared to death. The IRS What if I mess up? Tell you’re not gonna mess up and they’re too busy to mess with you. They’re gonna go after. Send the auditor after somebody that’s making 50 million a year. Yeah, right. Rather, they’re gonna come and get $2 off of you. Now. Yeah, it’s possible you could get audited, but the chances are slim and you’re not cheating. Anyway, you’re doing you’re

Tracy Brinkmann  13:04

doing the right. And I think there’s a difference between not paying your taxes and not paying enough your taxes, right? Like, if you’re paying your taxes and Oops, I’m sorry, I owe you another two bucks. I get it to you. versus those folks that we’ve all heard the stories about. We were like, yeah, I didn’t pay any taxes and they like 50 grand in the hole.

Tom Antion  13:22

Yeah, yes. I’m not talking to cheating in any way. These are tax laws that are on the books for business. And you take advantage of I have been living that my entire life. You know that since college? Yeah.

Tracy Brinkmann  13:35

So I have to I have to go back and loop back because you mentioned it in your in your story there that you had. What a hotel and three apartments. Is that

Tom Antion  13:44

what it was for for apartment buildings? I said five earlier, but there’s really four apartment buildings and a hotel. Yeah.

Tracy Brinkmann  13:51

Okay. So how did that happen?

Tom Antion  13:53

Okay, so I’m sitting in sunny side, Morgantown, West Virginia. That was a little part of town and where I went to college, and I’m reading this book by William Nickerson. It was on how you turn $1,000 into a million dollars in real estate long before no money down stuff was out. And I’m reading this I’m thinking Why couldn’t I do that? And my brothers are telling me what’s wrong with you? You can’t do that. I’m thinking I don’t even have a couch to repossess. What’s what do I got to lose? Yeah. So So I found an attorney that owned a three Plex. And this they rented per person. By the time in this college town. You know, there’s 20,000 students, there is not enough student housing. So all these little homes were divert, converted into a triplex quad Plex. Okay. So this guy on that old attorney didn’t want the money because he’d have to pay capital gains if I somehow could pay it off. But I couldn’t have done that. Right. So I said, Hey, I’ll take it over. I’ll make it a payments and you hold the the mortgage because he owns it free and clear. And so he can always take it back if I messed up so he was happy because he didn’t have to pay capital gains tax though he’s probably dead by the time he had to pay it. So, so. So that’s how I started. And then my dad had taught me my dad, like I said, was very frugal came from Siri on a cattle boat in the early 1900s. my whole childhood was we go, he gets some used lumber and me and my brothers would have to take the nails out and straighten them out to reuse them. Alright, that’s the kind of guy he was. And to this day, I can’t brush my teeth and let the water run. I hear my Dad, you’re wasting water. You can’t you don’t waste things where we, you know, that kind of stuff. So I’m very frugal, not a cheapskate. But I mean, I don’t waste things. Sure. And so. So I bought a $10 circular saw from Kmart. They were taking the old wooden oak seats out of mountain near field and just throwing them away. Well, my whole life, I’m thinking that’s like a goldmine less than their full size. two by sixes, yeah. And so I said, Can I have these? I said, Yeah, we’re just gonna throw them to the landfill. Kidding me. I hold them up, I ripped them down the middle and made two by fours out of them. I remodeled the attic to get two more kids living in they’re at 125 a month each. So I got the income up 250 extra bucks. And so I was making the payment easily to the guy plus an extra 250. And then I found another guy that had a four Plex and did the same thing. And then I’ve got another one. And then I was charging more for rent than I was paying for my landlord. So I rent. And so but the whole thing, when he would come over to work on the house, I’d say hey, Frank, you know, you’re putting those gutters up, I’ll help you do it. But you teach me what you’re doing right now is a constant learner from my dad, right? And so at the end of the semester, he comes over and says, Hey, Tom, want to talk to you? And I’m thinking, Oh, geez, what do we do? Yeah. And he says, I’ve been renting apartments in this town for 25 years to 1000s of students. He said not once ever did one of them offer to help me, let alone want to learn something. Here. He says I want to retire and go to Florida. I own a hotel about 20 minutes from here in Fairmont, West Virginia, I want you to have it. Because he knew I had these apartments and stuff. He said, Look, if you can come up with the first mortgage, I’ll hold back the second mortgage and you’ll in effect, get a no money down deal. So there’s a couple of lessons here, give before you get I was, you know, helping him for nothing just to learn, right? And then persistence is the other key to the success because it took me 50 lending institutions that they were shooing me away like oh, yeah, okay, you got a couple apartments, but you’re a little punk kid get out of here. Because I needed a bunch of money for this hotel. So 50 It took me 50 lending institutions, one of them went for the first mortgage, he held back the second, there was a manager at the place. I went down once a week to make minor repairs. I made $65,000 a year while I was in college, just from that with one day a week. And then the city ended up buying it out to make a parking lot for hundreds of 1000s Oh my gosh, and it all came from give before you get just from me saying I’ll help you with the gutters. I’ll help you with the screen door. just teach me what you’re doing. Nice.

Tracy Brinkmann  18:52

And I think that’s that’s an awesome lesson right there is the obviously the give before you get. But the constant learning, right? Because the two combined really feathered together to you know, start an amazing path for you. That

Tom Antion  19:06

is Japanese concept called Kaizen. Yeah, tenuous learning. Yes, continuous improvement. I believe that translation is but the same thing to me. And improvement and learning are the same thing. Yeah,

Tracy Brinkmann  19:19

I think that’s one of the things that’s going to keep us young is that continuous learning keeps them brain cells firing in all nine yards. So over the course of both of our lives, we’ve seen all kinds of media write newspapers to you know, radio, and now with the advent of social media, really, kind of taking the place of almost all of those, what kinds of things would you have tips hints for the folks that are out there, you know, grinding away and how can they use social media to their advantage,

Tom Antion  19:53

okay, so, so my attitude on social media is that it’s unnecessary. Evil to get them, the people off their onto an email list that’s under your control. To this day people at my level, the big money is still email, I don’t care what’s going on what you see out there on social media, the players are using email to make the money. Alright, they’re their second people off of the social media. Like, if you look at my social media presence is nothing to write home about. But my bank account is and my email list is 100,000 subscribers, it’s been as high as 150,000 subscribers. So, so that’s the way I use it is to get them off of there. Because you can suck a lot of time down with this stuff. And, and you got to learn to use the tools. They change constantly. One of the tips is, you can and I’m actually doing this right now is that Instagram never was a big deal for me. So I decided, Okay, I’m going to concentrate on Instagram. And I started taking some advanced training. But one of the things on all the social media is if they roll out a new feature, if you jump on that new feature right away, they reward you greatly. I remember when Facebook Live came out, I said, that’s perfect for me. I did a Sunday night show every Sunday, it was funny, and it was good. So all my other stuff would get they would show my stuff to more people. In other words, you know, you have 1000 followers, to people see it unless you get engagement and do jump through all the hoops. So once I started doing the Facebook Lives when it came when it was a new feature, they’re really pushing it so they reward you if you use it. The same thing is going on right now and Instagram. Because they rolled out reels are e l s, which is to compete with Tick Tock. They don’t want people going to tick tock they want people staying on Instagram. So I jumped on reels. The first one I put up there got 4000 views in the first hour. Wow. Yeah, it was a and again, it’s not a real business builder. But it all my other stuff got shown more. Because I was using that real that feature because all my reels are funny stuff, you know, I’m doing the challenges that Michael Jackson challenge and I’m talking about one of them I said, You know, I found something in my closet, I’m so proud of myself. It was from college, and I can still fit in and then I put a hat on. So they’re like 15 seconds, you know, they’re very short things. Perfect. You know, I can do lots of those. But all the other stuff. So that’s one tip is if a new feature rolls out, jump on it, and it’ll help the rest of your social media stuff. But you got to concentrate on getting them off of there. Because as soon as Mark Zuckerberg or jack Dorsey turns a little dial you this, you know you can disappear off the face of the earth. But if you get them on your email list, now you got some controller. Do you now listen

Tracy Brinkmann  23:05

to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast? Yeah, no, that’s fire right there. And I think it’s a great point about the new features. I know when Facebook Live came out, I started jumping on the Facebook Lives. And I’ve played a little bit behind maybe about a month or two behind but certainly saw a huge lift in in the engagement. It was like it was getting shot. Yeah, lots of lots of shows. And I know is it. I think it’s Instagram is coming out with something to compete with clubhouse. And I know has been all the rage here. For me, I think clubhouse is a cool concept. I think it’s great for that human connection that a lot of the social media tends not to have, because you have to be there live, but at the same time, it’s a time suck.

Tom Antion  23:56

Again, just like the wall, okay, learn how to play the game a little bit. Okay, doesn’t have to be as time so and in the beginning I was thinking I’m gonna have to get bladder surgery here and as I’m sitting there for four hours, but but the reason I like it is because it’s audio only. And it can be sitting here running while I’m working. I don’t have to stop and watch a webinar. And if there’s something that I can jump in on, then I can easily just jump in on and just something just I just edited it before I started talking to you as podcasts with Nadia holidays, your name. And so they she’s a part of this wealth builders giant thing on clubhouse, and I’m just hanging out there one day and I thought I can answer that that ain’t even right with their talent. So I raised my hand, I get on there, and then they won’t let me go. They make me a moderator and they suck it up. And then she says we got to do something with you next week. So next week, she puts me advertises me to their 5000 members and I get hundreds of new followers and every thing from you know, so and I’m not even working it that hard some people are on there day and night.

Tracy Brinkmann  25:08

That’s that’s a great point though. That’s that’s a good angle. I’m gonna have to check myself on that that you can multitask. Absolutely,

Tom Antion  25:15

yeah, me just let it run on your side keep your cell phone plugged in because it sucked the battery. The battery right

Tracy Brinkmann  25:21

out of it. Right.

Tom Antion  25:23

But yeah, so So I learned how to deal with these, but I don’t get fanatic about any of them. You know? I remember my specs. Nobody here listening. This does. Yeah, that was the greatest day ever. Yeah. And then I, after that I didn’t get on Facebook until it had a billion users. I’m not gonna waste time. And they proved themselves to me.

Tracy Brinkmann  25:50

Absolutely. Right. No, that’s that’s a good point. So so so far, we have the jump on the new features right away. Yep. Clearly, I think with with the the the advent of clubhouse, it might even be worthwhile to jump on the new platforms and see, you know, how you can leverage it right?

Tom Antion  26:07

Exactly, yeah. And,

Tracy Brinkmann  26:08

again, get in there, they’re gonna show they’re going to show you some love,

Tom Antion  26:12

but don’t waste a lot of time on it. And another thing with regard to the social media, you might want to learn how to use chatbots. Because, you know, one of the things I’m known for is, is I’m lightning fast on things to get back to prospects and things. And so I’m going to give away to your folks, if it’s okay with you, the automation book that I that I has saved me millions of keystrokes, and allows me to basically, ethically steal business from people because they don’t get back to people fast enough. And so I have all these automation techniques that are cheap and free, that you can use so that you can, you know, get your work done faster or reach more people with the same amount of time. So, either way, so, so chatbots, you know, a study came out last year that said that 85% of customer service is by chatbot. And so people want things now, and so and it’s $10 a month for many chat, and there’s other ones that are free, and they even have a free version that you can install on your Facebook page. And then when somebody when they look at to message you, it says responds instantly, rather than responds. I don’t know, for me beer

Tracy Brinkmann  27:28

every seven to 17 years. Yeah,

Tom Antion  27:31

right. When the locusts come they’ll. So chatbots is worthwhile to take the time to learn because it’s dirt cheap. And it makes you you know, 24 seven, it’s working for you answering questions, you can set it up, where? Well, so what do you want? Do you want Tom’s internet marketing training? Do you want public speaking training or something else? Or entrepreneurship? Do you want to be on his podcast? Click here? And then if they say other than keeps going and giving them other things, and if you can’t answer it, then it sends me the note says, Hey, we’ll have Tom get in touch with you. Because, you know, in my little chat bot is called screwy, you know, because he likes these a little screw character, because you’re not trying to pretend it’s real. Right? And it’s fun, you know, so so I think that would be something worthwhile to jump on. Because it’s working 24 seven for a cost almost nothing. And it’s people are using him like crazy.

Tracy Brinkmann  28:32

That’s fine. That’s fine. Actually, I’m a big fan of chat bots. I’m glad you mentioned that outstanding. Okay, so I have to ask across your Gosh, many, many years in business, what’s some of the biggest struggles you’ve had to overcome?

Tom Antion  28:50

Let’s say well, you know, I’ve had lots of employees over the over the the years and I was having trouble for a while recruiting the right kinds of people. And so I have kind of a off the wall method that I think will help your your listeners to recruit the right people. And I’ll caveat that with if they have the stomach to do.

Tracy Brinkmann  29:15

All right.

Tom Antion  29:16

All right. So everybody that works here or is now a contract or something, I encourage them to start their own business so they can get tax deductions and sezmi payroll taxes. So people that work here some work as an employee summer contractors, but everyone came off of Craigslist. And the reason is, I couldn’t get away with the advertisement that I put out anywhere else I would get kicked off and I’d get shunned and I’d they’d be picketing out in front of my car. So, so I write First of all, I don’t want the 55 year old MBA to apply because they are clueless when it comes to what I do. can’t operate, they’re computer savvy. So they can’t help me when I need a young person to figure something out. So I don’t really want them. So that was a challenge, I’d have to take the you know, if they apply, I got to take them and talk to them and sitting there knowing that I’m wasting both of our time, right. So as I started putting the ad that says paid internship, write that down, folks. internship, no 55 year old MBA is going to apply for an internship. Nope. So they don’t even apply. So I only get as young people. So which is what I wanted in the first place. Right? That’s the first thing. Then when you get when you get inside the ad, it says, Hey, if well, I tell them the good stuff, I just you’re gonna work for internationally known bigshot guy, all this stuff, you know, you’ll learn all this great internet stuff. But then it says, this is a party to get you kicked out. Then it says, but if you’re a worthless slug, and don’t care about your work, if he doesn’t throw you out of here in five minutes, the other good employees will.

Tracy Brinkmann  31:11


Tom Antion  31:13

So all the BS idiots are too afraid to show up. So I only get people that says I’ll show this guy. I’m a good quality person. I’ve had people here 15 years now that came from that at all of them have been multi year people.

Tracy Brinkmann  31:32

That is, yeah, I could see why LinkedIn wouldn’t let you post that.

Tom Antion  31:37

I don’t, I’m not a mean guy. I treat them like gold. But I mean, I want it I have to recruit the right people. So but you can’t do anywhere

Tracy Brinkmann  31:47

else. And you probably give folks with a pretty good sense of humor. Given that kind of an answer. They

Tom Antion  31:51

meet me they say, you know, they see I’m not, you know, they’re scared when they come in. But after they, after I put a fart machine with a remote control under their chair. When I sit down there all of a sudden they

Tracy Brinkmann  32:06

have you Okay, so you went there you went? You went to farts? I’ve got to go with this. Have you seen those air bazookas? No? What’s it’s like a big when we’re done here, go to Amazon and search. And it’s like a big maybe eight inch diameter tube to right. And it’ll have a piece of plastic in the center like cellophane and you know a almost kind of slingshot,

Tom Antion  32:34

slingshot. Okay, so

Tracy Brinkmann  32:35

you pull it back and let it go in it. It pushes a quote unquote ball of air across the room and it really works. I saw this and the reason it’s even funny and because the first time I saw this toy was these two college age kids one was with the air bazooka and he puts it by his bum. he farts pulls it back and fires it across the room and all sudden his friend who is totally oblivious like playing video games tries going oh my god

Tom Antion  33:07

that’s a good that’d be a good real right there.

Tracy Brinkmann  33:10

Wouldn’t be a good real Okay, everybody, there you go. You’ve got your advertising for the week. You’ve got your advertisement for a good employee and then something you can do to fire them up. There you go. That’s awesome. Alright, so I have to ask you’ve got some really creative ideas So this question is gonna gonna fit right in for you. Give me a good marketing tip for any one of our dark horses that are looking to start restarted kickstart their their game.

Tom Antion  33:44

So yeah, they’re starting a business or they need to improve a business which let’s

Tracy Brinkmann  33:48

let’s start with this. They’re starting.

Tom Antion  33:50

Okay. This will surprise you. I think Tracy okay. When people come to me and need to make money pretty quick, and they got nothing else go on. And I started them on eBay. And I gotta tell you about eBay. First of all, I told you I was frugal. So I shop on eBay, I shop on the Facebook marketplace and offer up and those kinds of places. So but there’s a lot of money to be made on eBay because people were coming there to spend money. You don’t have to have a website, you can actually have money coming in tomorrow and clean your basement at the same time. Right. All right. Well, let me tell you a couple things about personal things that happened to me with eBay. So I bought this tool from a guy who happened to be local. So I go over to his house beautiful house, he’s got a half a million dollar motorhome out front. He comes to the door dressed nicely invites me into GoDaddy he’s got a shop in his basement to look at this tool I’m gonna buy okay so so I go in, walk down the hall we go downstairs and we’re heading towards his shop. And and Tracy everything to this point. was normal. So, I’m going down and look into his shop. But I look over in his basement, there are hundreds, hundreds of ladies broads hanging from the ceiling of his basement. So immediately I’m thinking all mine, he lures people in, kills him and hangs her underwear. Like, I’m ready, I like on edge. He goes back shows me the tool, I buy the tool. We’re talking about our dads and everything’s normal. So on the way out, I say, I gotta ask you what’s all these broads? had to ask? And he said, Oh, my, my daughter goes to all the thrift stores. They all know her. She knows all the sizes that are hard to get. And she gets them, cleans them up, fixes them up, sells them on eBay. $200,000 a year she makes selling used brawls on eBay. Yeah. And he told me, she found a whole bunch of more thrift stores. She thinks she can push it to 400,000. Yes, this is serious stuff. People are coming there to buy stuff. Another lady that I know is a single mom, she would take 80 to 100 bucks every Saturday and go to yard sales. See the thing about eBay if you look closely that eBay has a search bar. But next to the search bar is a little link that says Advanced Search. Okay, if you go in there and click this box, it’s completed listings only. So it will tell you in the past 90 days, what you were looking for, how much it sold for, and all these different auctions. Okay, so she go to a yard sale. And let’s say she would see one of those metal, nice Tonka trucks, okay, dump trucks. And it’s selling for five bucks. She go on her thing and say let’s sell them for 50 or 35 on on eBay. So she’d buy it. And if it was selling at the yard sale for 30 and selling for five on eBay, she would. So she’s always ahead of the game. So she’d come home, put the auctions up, she was clear in 1000 to 11 $100 a week to take care of her family single mom, you know, so. So this is and the guy that taught me was ex marine. Or I forgot about that. He’s and you know if you can get people locally that are agreed to come over and teach you how to do eBay because it’s a little bit complicated for the fancy stuff. So he comes over and wants to prove that he’s knows what he’s doing for me to hire. He brings over a stack orders that big $20,000 in the previous month he had sold on eBay, I guess you know what you’re doing? I guess, oh, he was selling us cell phones, and doll heads. use cell phones and doll head. So I said how do you get into this? He said, Well, I go I went to all the pawn shops. And I asked them what they had trouble getting rid of. He said, oh man cell phones, we can’t keep track of what service it’s on and what charger goes with it. He says I’ll give you $10 for each one. They said sold. He’d sell it fix him up, figure out which was what and sell them for 110 bucks each week $100 each. And he had a whole box of them in the back of his car. So I saw that. The doll heads. I said what’s up the doll heads. He said, Oh man, people make dolls. And he says for each doll head it cost me 10 cents worth a rubber. And I have a mold that will make four at a time. So I got 40 cents in rubber. And I make $40 on each for doll heads. And he says people buy him between four and 10 at a time. Yeah, so that’s all he Bay. So yeah, if you need to make money fast. eBay is the people are coming there to spend money. And if you play your cards, right, you can make a full time living out if you want it to but it’s fast. It’s funny.

Tracy Brinkmann  38:55

You mentioned that a previous guest I had on here, Christina. She started off in the game up in the northeast on eBay. And she would go out to like you were saying to garage sales. And she started going to estate sales and finding those quirky items, those ones you’re looking at, like what is that? Right? And then she would scoop them up and then go and turn around and sell them on eBay. And then when eBay got super popular, it got more difficult for her. So she turned around instead of her own auction house. Oh, she she started doing that so well that this gentleman from Ireland come over and said hey, I have all these amazing things that I’ve been finding overseas. I’d like to bring them over here to you and let you sell them here in the States. And you know they struck that deal up and things were going great there but yeah, that’s that’s fire right? Yeah,

Tom Antion  39:48

this one kid that works for me is doing it on the side and he he got a 50 cent ashtray sold for $100 it was some some rare thing.


It’s better for TAs crazy.

Tracy Brinkmann  40:03

That’s cool. Right on. Alright, I want to be mindful of your time. I really appreciate you coming in hanging out with us. You mentioned earlier you had that that cool. I think it was the automation book you wanted to

Tom Antion  40:14

Yeah, yeah, I definitely want to give that everybody this is a book that, you know, I, I really figured out and I was complaining one day, this is 1997. I’m complaining to this kid. That worked for me. His name is Celia. I want to tell you about him too. And he’s always his little smart alec Russian. He’s he says, You know, I complained about something. He says Shut up. And then he, he goes and finds how to fix it real quick, real quick. So I’m complaining that I have to type the same stuff all the time. People ask me the same questions all the time. So he says, alright, shut up. He comes in five minutes, he’s got this thing called shortcuts. And I just put in the answers like that I get all the time into this. And then I can just hit two keys and it types the whole answer in for me nice. So it saved me seven and a half million keystrokes that we kind of estimated. And that’s just one of the tips in this whole book and her cell phone automation tips and all kinds of stuff in there. So if they go to screw the community comm slash automate free to the community comm slash automate free they can download it right there. We sell for 27 bucks, but it’s that wasn’t for Tracy 27 bucks for this now. So give them some love.

Tracy Brinkmann  41:30

Excellent. I’m noting this down. So I don’t miss that. All right. And I want to obviously give you a chance you know, a plug all your goodness, if folks wanted to reach out to Tom learn more about screw the commute, podcast, your school or anything else. Where should we send them to?

Tom Antion  41:47

Well, yeah, so screw the commute, it’s a good place to go. And you can go to the resource section, but I am pushing Instagram a lot lately Antion and Associates, a nd associates. And the link in the bio takes you through a whole bunch of stuff that you can say as freebies there. My mentor program is the big thing that people get into for the year program. And they they stay in the retreat center for an immersion weekend. And it’s a year long training program. And it gets a scholarship to the school. Also, if you’re in the mentor program, you get a scholarship that you can gift to somebody, somebody gifted it to his daughter, and she had spent 80 grand on her education, crappy education, work in a crappy job. He gifted it to her and within four months, she was up to 6000 a month making a side hustle before she even graduated from the school. Wow, that’s really a great legacy gift that anybody could give for grandchildren or nephews or nieces. And a lot of grandparents all give them a car. A car shot in a couple years this way you’ve given them a career. Yeah, not gonna come home and live in your basement.

Tracy Brinkmann  42:53

hanging by their own car.

Tom Antion  42:54

Yeah, this school is good thing. And then we have a lot of everything we do is commissionable. So we we give for referrals, we get commissions for referrals. So so it’s just a lot of a lot of opportunity on online if you just check Instagram or go to screw the commute and, and you can find me there.

Tracy Brinkmann  43:12

All right, and i’m gonna i’m i’ve got all I believe I have all your links here. So I’ll be sure to get those in the show notes. For the folks who just click right over there and connect with you, Tom. Any final amazing thoughts? And I know you’re the man of humor. So this is going to be a good one.

Tom Antion  43:27

Well, yes, I’m I use a lot of humor, but I’m serious about helping people. And so I really want people to consider, you know, what, look around them what’s happened to their friends and neighbors and fathers and mothers with this pandemic, because they couldn’t sell from home, I haven’t been affected at all my students haven’t been affected at all, because we’re able to sell from home. So if you keep your costs low, and with digital products now it’s 97% profit. Yeah, so you can mess up pretty bad and still make it. And so I’d say get into the digital marketing arena, get somebody to help you, I’ll help you or just get somebody credible to teach you this stuff. And you will not be freaking out on any kind of thing that happens to you or your family. I call it like an insurance policy because I got hurt in a hunting accident a couple years ago. It would, it would have been such a great story how they got shot. But now I just fell on a log and perforated my intestines. I’m in intensive care. And I mean, the worst part about it Tracy was was they’re dragging me out of the woods. 13 inches of snow Blizzard, I’m screaming like a baby. And I swear I could hear some deer laughing as they say. So, but I’m in intensive care. Money’s still coming into my checking account. You know, someday if we if I come back, I’ll tell you how you couldn’t stop the money coming into your checking account if you tried with residual affiliate programs. That’s another kind of way to get money coming in, passively So, so we like so much for

Tracy Brinkmann  45:07

now. We will definitely have you back so you can share you’ve got so much experience and goodness warmed up yet. Thanks so much for your time, Tom, I definitely appreciate you.

Tom Antion  45:18

Good good talking to you, Tracy.

Tracy Brinkmann  45:20

All right, there you have it my dark horse friends and family, Tom Antion, dropping a quarter century worth of business value bombs on us in like 40 minutes. Here’s some thoughts I came away with thought number one give before you get right. Hence the title of this episode, Tom shared his amazing story of how he was able to acquire those four apartment buildings and that hotel by giving long Yeah, long before he got or even expected to get. So he was giving on a daily basis by handling all the day to day details from the lawyer that he convinced to go into the deal with him. Then he continued giving. Remember, as he acquired that oak from that reconstruction to the local field, he took that split it down turn into two by fours and remodeled the attic of one of the apartment buildings to get to more student residents into the building, right raising the rents. And then he repeated that process with another person with their four Plex and then another. And then every time his landlord would come over to do repairs in a place that he rented. Tom would help always offering the help. But He always was learning right he was learning the repairs in the process as a result of showing this desire to continue to help and to continue to learn as well as the as the initiative to do the work his landlord offered him is a hotel at basically remember a no money down deal. Why? Because he consistently gave before expecting to get and of course doing this persistently. Now I want to share some more thoughts of this giving first in tomorrow’s live Episode Episode 188 do something valuable. And then give it away. Thought number two, and Tom checked me on this one, make the wall of resistance paper thin Tom gave a great piece of advice here. Take the topic or hobby of your passion for yourself or your family and turn that into your side hustle and turn that into a business and claim the tax rewards. You know those tax credits and those reductions that come with doing the things you love as part of your business, he gave a quick step by step walkthrough on how you can do that. And in Episode 189, turning your hobby into a legitimate business. I want to take you back through that and give you some more examples that you might want to consider. Or perhaps they’ll just jog your memory or spark your creative juices into thinking, Oh damn, I should do that. I mean, how could it? I mean, how cool would it be to do the stuff that you love, save money, and better yet earn money while doing it? Yeah, it’s it’s just that it’s just that simple perspective, or mindset shift, or we talked about perspective and mindset shifts just last week, if not be sure you go back and check out last week episodes, thought number three, build an email list. Tom made an awesome point about social media, and movie taking them off the social media and moving them into email. The big players out there are still consistently making money via their email list. you’ll believe me check your email, but your email box right? How many emails are you getting from people? You’ve already done business with how many of them are pitching you their let’s say next level product. Maybe you bought their $47 product. Now they’re pitching you their 197 product? Maybe you bought their $2,000 product. Now they’re pitching you their 5000 product, right? Or maybe they’re pitching that product of appear? Yeah. Let’s think about that. Those if all those emails are coming in? Here’s the question. If that was not working, do you think they’d keep doing it? Yeah, Hell no, they would scrap it for something that was working. So in Thursday’s episode, Episode 190, email, the One Ring to rule them all. I’m going to share some thoughts on email and few unique tips you might not have heard yet. And thought number four, and I thought this was a real gem. Jump on the new features in social media. Tom dropped this huge entrepreneurial gem as I just mentioned, and I wanted to make sure that everyone noticed that when a platform that you’re on launches a new feature, use it. Why because when you use it, the platform will reward you by showing that content in that new feature to far more people than you’ll normally get to reach the do this in order to show more people something like Oh, see your friend is using this new feature. You should too. So what? So why not utilize that simple tactic to get your message and your product and your content out there to a broader set than usually would. I’m going to share some more on this in Episode 191. On Friday social media trends you should watch. Alright, my dark horse, friends and family, what inspiring ideas, tips or thoughts resonated from time to you today, whatever they were, take some time today and put them into action. Yeah, write them down, and then start get out there and taking action. Get out there, run your race, get your results. Let me hear about them. I’m deadly serious about this. Email me, Tracy at Dark Horse schooling calm and share the tips or ideas that you came away with how you put them into action, and what results you gained from them. I think I’ll even bring you on the show so that you can share it with the audience. All right. Next week, we are going to be honored by the presence of Lois coffee. Now she’s a professional speaker, trainer coach in Iron Man triathlete, and she has coached 1000s of people in business now, last year late like so many others, right? She had to pivot because of COVID. And she had gone she has gone from not having an email list. Not having a podcast, not even having an online tribe. Nope, she went from absolute zero online to five figures a month, in less than six months, you’re going to want to hear this story. Now I know you want to keep getting all these valuable tips and inspirational stories from this podcast and all the awesome guests. I’m lucky enough to bring on to it. So please go on down there. Hit that subscribe button while you’re there. Drop us a five star rating. Drop us some kind words in the review just takes a couple of seconds. And of course do not keep all this entrepreneurial, g o l d all to yourself. Share this podcast with other entrepreneurs and business owners you feel will get value from it. And with that, I’m going to leave you as I always do think successfully and take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Dark Horse schooling.com All right. My name is Tracy Brinkmann

EP 187 Tom Antion You Have To Give Before You Get
Why Will You Be Best Served By Giving First As An Entrepreneur?

  • Give Before You Get – Tom shared his awesome story about how he was able to acquire 4 apartment buildings and a hotel by giving long before he got or even expected to get.  So he was giving by handling all the day to day details for the Lawyer he convinced to do this deal.  Also check out EP 188 Do Something Valuable And Give It Away
  • Make the wall of resistance paper thin – Tom gave a great piece of advice here.  Take the topic or hobby of passion for yourself or your family and turn it into your side hustle. Turn that into a business and claim the tax credits and reductions that come with that.Check Out EP 189 Turning Your Hobby Into A Legitimate Business.
  • Build An Email List – Tom makes an awesome point about social media to email.  The big players out there are still consistently making money via their email list.  Don’t believe him or me?  Check your email box.  Check out EP 190 Email The One Ring To Rule Them All.
  • Jump On New Features In Social Media – Tom dropped a HUGE entrepreneurial gem here.  I want to make sure EVERYONE noticed it.  When a platform you are on launches a new feature…. USE IT!!  Why?  Because when you use it, the platform will reward you by showing your content in the new feature to far more people then you would normally reach.  Also, check out EP 191 Social Media Trends To Watch

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