Lisa Shares her amazing journey; thoughts on “you can’t do it because..” mentality; engaging your clients point of view; and asks “Why are you dreaming so small?”

Paul shares about; lack of integrity, finding a gap and filling it, we are creatures that evolve, and importance of establishing trust

Alex Reminds Us; What We See Isn’t Always What Is; You Don’t Know What You Know; Join Them Vs. Beat Them; Focus On The 6 Human Needs

Jason talks about marching to your own beat; hacks vs stability; the customer value journey and how if you fail you are not re-starting from zero

Jabari chats about; being like the bumblebee, joining forces to create something amazing and why you should hold yourself to a higher standard.

Pam Shares That You Are The Only One That Can Change Your Life Or Business, Asks Who Are You Really, & How Your Mindset Is Key To It All

Ret. Colonel Carla D Bass shares universal wisdom; how she saw a problem and solved it; and the importance of writing succinctly yet powerfully!

Rory Douglas shares how he turned setbacks into superpowers; reminds us that life offers opportunities, take them; How mentors are important & that You need to spend time with…YOU first!

Zach shares why it’s YOUR fault; How he entered the college of entrepreneurship; Has a goal to make it cool to be yourself; How we need to embrace our dark side while developing character and skills!

EP 117 Rich Rudzinski Leveraging Tools And Being 100% Yourself
How Can You Take Your Freelance Or Consulting And Grow It Into A Full Fledged Business?

  • Rich shares what he did when he hit growth ceilings.  Are you hitting a growth challenge or ceiling?  
  • Rich share some great advice on working ON your business vs. working IN your business
  • Rich talks about Leveraging tools to improve collaboration & communication
  • Rich shares the benefits of being 100% yourself
  • Rich reminds us to use the tools and coaches out there to make our entrepreneurial path far less bumpy.

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