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Will be sharing everything I learned, & am learning,  about entrepreneurship, productivity, mental agility, and mindset so you can buck the odds and win, place and show. Why? Because that’s how Dark Horse Run their race.

This show is for Dark Horse Entrepreneurs (you know the one everyone is betting against, the one they don’t expect to win place show or even step on to the track and some even laugh when we talk about even trying,) Those Dark Horses, with an awe-inspiring vision for today & tomorrow, that want to start, restart, kick-start or start stepping up their business game… all with a personal development twist because we know that if your mindset is jacked your biz-set will get jacked

I share all of my most laughable “HA-HA” moments as well as those “a-ha moments” along my race to building a passive income business. I will talk about those tough lessons learned, sometimes multiple times until finally, beating the odds and crossing the finish line – even if it was not in first place, because we cannot and will not win them all & because that’s where the GOLD is.

Know that this Dark Horse does not have all the answers so I will team with those that do, interviewing some of the most successful visionaries, celebrities, and thought leaders who practice ethical entrepreneurship, personal development, positive habits, & self-awareness as a part of their course to gain professional growth and wealth.

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