EP 051 Andres Roaro Why Is Yesterdays Epiphany Is Todays Crutch

  • Andres discusses the importance of communicating with your audience
  • Andres shares the importance of persuasion for business and for yourself
  • Andres reminds why we should listen!
  • Andres shared why we should take lessons from one part of our life and utilize them in other areas of life and in other business’ as well.

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EP 045 David Meltzer 3 Values And 5 Daily Steps To Improve Your Life And Business

  • David Meltzer shares the 5 things we need to do to completely change our life or business for the positive
  • David discusses his relationship with money and how it has impacted him over the course of his life.
  • David tells us why we all need to vote for what you want, to follow your dreams and passions.
  • David reminds us what three values we should live in daily.  Also, tells us why pain is an indicator that we should be paying attention to.

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EP 033 Tanya Stegman How You React To Tragedy And Change Matters

  • Tanya shares the varied path that brought her to the point of creating her very successful multi location business.
  • Tanya shares the importance of learning when to stop working IN the business and start working ON the business.
  • Tanya shares the story of how her business faces a tragedy that her entire industry had never faced before, and how her reaction to that was watched by everyone including the media.
  • Tanya shares how she took all her learning and is not leveraging that expertise to others outside her industry and helping them grow their business as well.
  • Tanya reminds us how and why is important to embrace the changes that happen, especially in 2020 with the impact of COVID
  • Tanya drops so many other tips and ideas in this episode as well!

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EP 026 Dee Williams Can You Build A Business On Your Deathbed

  • Dee talks about how your life is all about balance.  Balancing your career to home life and visa versa and the impact that balance or imbalance can have on your character.
  • Dee shares her thought about empowering our excuses
  • Dee shares her insight about building a business on human connection and how to tell which people coming into your world are sincere in building that connection with you.
  • Dee shares how she is scared shitless even when she is being bold.

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Tracy discusses the 7 stages of the customer journey and how that creates a successful & profitable model for your business.

EP 020 Tracy B The 6 Cs Of Entrepreneurship

  • Tracy shares the 6 Important Cs of entrepreneurship
  • Tracy announces a format change to the podcast that will be starting Sept 27 2020
  • Tracy pauses to say THANK YOU to all his listeners as we have hit 3,292 download in the last 43 days since launching!

David shares how he took a nickname & created a business, brought in others to enhance his own expertise and advises us all to just get it out there!

Luis shares many power tips for podcasting and business in general from investing in yourself to the power of leverage and why you should start with the end in mind.

EP 016 Tracy B The Plight Of Procrastination

  • How do you avoid getting hung up in the plight of procrastination?
  • Tracy shares some of the key procrastination drivers how we all fall prey to the plight of procrastination
  • Tracy shares some great tips and ways of curbing your procrastination
  • Tracy shares a simple tactic you can put in place today to avoid your procrastination

Tracy shares some of the key procrastination drivers and also shares some great tactical ways of curbing your procrastination.