Tony Whatley discusses how he generated simple ad revenue before social media growing to a 300,000 subscriber base? How does that apply today?   Should your side business only be side money?  What are the dangers in false expectations? 

Tracy shares some of his story.  Telling about the rollercoasters in his life and those dark tunnels we all travel now and again and what he had to own to get on the right track.  He also shares what this podcast is going to be all about.

From hitting the rock bottom of drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and even the death of an 18 month old daughter to running the planning & marketing of some of corporate america’s finest companies. My name is Tracy Brinkmann, and I know that life isn’t fair and participation awards do not feed your family… I invite you to learn from a fellow Dark Horse all that I have learned and am still learning about starting, restarting, kick starting and stepping up your entrepreneur business and marketing game while not ignoring that amazing tool between your ears..yep your personal development & psychology counts too!