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EP 333 Kris Ward Your Business Should Support Not Consume Your Life

Do you believe yourself to be an entrepreneur or perhaps are you really a a SufferPreneur?  How could you tell the difference and how can you shift yourself back away from the suffering and back into the real fun and passion you started with?

Kris Ward shares a wealth of information on why you may be a suffer-preneur; How you are the most damaging part of your business and why you should build a WIN team.

How Can You Trim Down From 16 Hours to 6?

Training of Other for Starters

Okay so you want to trim yourself down from 16 hours to 6? Well how in the freaking hell do you accomplish that? Hmmm? I know, right? I can hear the little voices in your head telling you all the reasons why there is no way in the work you will ever be able to accomplish this. You have all these task you need to do. You do not have the time to train someone else to do it for you. And even if you did, you would have to go back over and re-check their work right? WRONG. There is a way that you can start to create, build, train and structure your team so that not only could you hand the work off to them (which by the you’d be handing off work that is their expertise to get done.) but you wouldn’t have to keep looking over their shoulder, rechecking or parentalizing it.

How Can You Get Ideas To Execution?

Okay so lets get ideas to execution – for me one of the first thing my mind has always gone to is “how do I systematize and automate the task” If i can figure out a way to take the task and hand it off to the computer well it will do it the way I told it to every single time. Well at least every single time until they update the software right? Then I can hand that systemized task of to someone else knowing the potential for error is minimized as much as possible. I mentioned a recent example of a tool i found to help with the creation of promo content for this very podcast. And while great in and of itself Kris reminds me that alone is not the full solution

Are You The Entrepreneurial Armchair Quarterback?

Are you an that armchair quarterback yelling at the t.v. at 4th and down. But it is not a game I am yelling at but rather it’s my business and more over my life that I am yelling at. Now I believe since you are listening to this podcast you are at least someone that wants to try an do better, be better, and perform better. But I want to make sure you pay attention to this next section. Because while you might already be on board as to why you need to begin to develop not only yourself but your W.I.N. team as well, Kris takes it a step further as she lays out the 3 Ds of why you need get your ass up off the couch and stop being an armchair quarterback or suffer preneur. Oh and by the way one of these three Ds is YOU! Oh and by far the most damaging.

Are You The Most Damaging Piece of Your Business?

are the bells going off yet? Did any of those three Ds (that Kris mentions in the podcast episode) resonate with you? Are you the most damaging piece of your business? Are YOU the very person delaying your own income stream from starting, re-starting or kick starting? And Are YOU the very reason for all the lost or as Kris called Diminished opportunities? If you answered yes to one or more of those then you next issue is probably going to be the very question I asked Kris next. “How in the heck do I afford a team? I mean really? I can barely make shit work as it is… and now you want me to spend money on a team?” Quick sidebar this reminds me of a fellow podcaster who was trying to grow their podcast and they were seeing success then they hit a plateau as most projects do. He was doing it all himself, spending 18+ hours per episode doing all the guest sourcing, interviewing, editing, content creation, social promotion etc. When he hit that glass ceiling he couldn’t figure out why. On top of that he couldn’t figure out why he had yet to be able to earn $$ with his podcast – He had not changed anything, it was successful and yet….. Then he paused and started looking at how much time he was spending on creation vs monetization. We looked at a window of time of a few months and through some detailed self tracking he found he had spent 600 hours in creation and editing etc but only 4 hours in trying to monetize. Now I know this is an extreme example but that evidence was clear. He had taken his project as far as he was able … ALONE. He needed to shift his attention to the monetization while still keeping the content at the level he had created… enter a team. Well enter his first editor which he found in an online job site and this person is still on his team editing what is now his 2nd podcast. Both of which are successful. He realized there was a point he HAD to have a team and had to figure out how to make it a wise use of resources. Is that where you are now? Kris has some thoughts on this very topic.

What Level Of A Team Builder Are You?

Now when it comes to team building I think there are different stages much like the stages of an online course builder from EP 332 are you a beginner, journeyman, expert or professionally. I am going to assume you are more on the beginner or journeyman side of things. Or perhaps not but you are here to brush up on your skills.

When it comes to team building, especially when it’s a new skill for you it is very important for you to remember the new team member. They are most likely going to come in enthusiastic, eager to the ground running and confident they can help you and your business. BUT at the very same time, they have no idea how YOU do things or want things done. As the person guiding their learning there are a couple things YOU need to do. One BE DIRECT – Here you need to tell them exactly what to do. Give them that step by step guidance along their path to success. Much like you would in an online course. Imagine you are teaching a youngster to ride a bike for the first time. You are going to telling them even the obvious things like where to put their feet, their hands, how to steer etc. then build their confidence. Remember how it felt the first time you rode your bike even for 3 feet without falling off! You were ready to zoom through the neighboorhood and jump ramps as far as you were concerned. Give them that confidence. Let here a bit more about team building from Kris more specifically some of the myths around team building

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