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What three things do we have to connect with to be truly successful? What Today’s guest is both of us know, just that. Okay, here’s the question. How are we dark horses? You know, the ones everyone is betting against the ones they don’t expect to win place or even show on the track. And they’ll even laugh on us. When we talk about trying. How do we show the world our greatness and triumph? Come on? Well, that’s the question. And this podcast would give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse entrepreneur. My name is Tracy Brinkmann. What the hell is up my fellow driven darcars entrepreneurs. My name is Tracy Brinkmann, and I’m here to help us all level up our game. But to do that, right. When in case it’s your first time here and you are driven Darkhorse, entrepreneurs, and I promise you, you came to the right damn spot. If you’re the type of person who is committed to not just winning, but dominating your personal and business game, no matter what I mean, no matter what odds are stacked against you, no matter who does or, or who doesn’t believe in you, you are hungry to win beyond measure. It’s like that healthy obsession inside you. Well, then, you came to the right spot, because we’re gonna turn this into the number one resource for driven Dark Horse entrepreneurs. And if that’s you win, then go on down below and hit that subscribe button. That way you’ll get every episode that drops every Monday morning. Hey, go on ahead. While you’re down there, leave us a five star review while you’re at it, and certainly share this podcast with other business owners and entrepreneurs that you think would enjoy listening. Now, let’s get started. All right, my fellow darcars is today’s guest is widely regarded as one of the top business mindset and networking coaches in the world. He teaches his clients how to build and create the exact relationship they need to connect to their dreams to their message, as well as to their marketplace. For the last decade. He’s studied the science of achievement, and has been personally mentored by the legendary Les Brown. I grew up reading this guy. So we’re gonna chat a little bit about that. He’s currently the host of the million in new podcast dedicated to helping people uncover their inner greatness. Now, he’s worked with some of the world’s most most powerful celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, millionaires, and billionaires, all looking for the same thing, that power of connection to create the life of their dreams, his clients to you know, to name a few Les Brown, a con, Bob Proctor, Blackburn Rovers, onyx and gall and we just chatted about that a little bit ago. I mean, the list goes on and on. I actually went to his website and the list literally goes on and on. I mean students across five continents. He’s the producer of two feature length films, and the former co owner of the Trinidad nightriders. It just is that as if that’s not enough, he’s devoted himself to other causes. He was a big brother for two years of volunteer have free arts for abused children. And for the past five years, he’s volunteered for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, who’s focused on giving free hearing aids across the globe. And you know, last but not least, and I can relate to this one, the father of two beautiful children, so let’s give a roaring Dark Horse. Welcome to john teller Rico. Welcome to the Dark Horse entrepreneur.

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JOHN. Welcome. Thank you, Tracy, thank you so much for having me. Wow, that was a great introduction. I am so honored to be here with you really, it’s it’s a great privilege and a pleasure.

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I’m glad to have you here actually checked out obviously your podcasts and dug into a couple of those episodes. And the one that hooked me like I mentioned a little bit earlier, it was the Les Brown ones like I grew up reading and listening to Les Brown and some of my darker days he put him and the Brian Tracy’s and the Jim roans of the world as well. As you know, obviously, Anthony, Tony Robbins, pulled me out of some dark spots. So when you had him on your show is like, Alright, John’s a man, I gotta listen to him. He hooked me from the beginning. So I want to step back from the mic and let literally hand it to you. And let you tell your story kind of deal where you where you come from what you went through, why you doing what you do and why you love it so much.


Yeah, no, definitely. Tracy, thank you very much. And it was quite an honor to have Les Brown. He was my inaugural guest on my show. And it just we’ll get to that in a minute. But it just goes to show you that this stuff that you and I are doing what you’re doing out there. It really works when you apply the principles. I’ll just back up for a minute. I grew up in good old Flint, Michigan. Back in the time, boy, my parents got divorced when I was seven years old. That was a time when that was really uncommon back then. So it was not the best upbringing. My parents were divorced by seven. My brother and I live with our mom, kind of not the best of time she was on welfare and food stamps. My dad was hanging doors on the assembly line. So I think at that moment trees, I realized I had I wanted something better. A couple years after that I spent with my mom’s boyfriend’s daughter babysitting me and doing some things that babysitters are supposed to be going to two young kids. So that really set in motion, a very destructive teenage half. And yet it was all a secret Tracy on the outside, I was the perfect child very quiet. On the inside, I was just suffering and pain and depressed and angry and confused, started drinking alcohol at age 12. And just was really struggling to try and understand what had happened and how it could fit in. And yet I somehow had my guardian angel that was my grandmother. And you know what she was the one who every Sunday night made me listen to a gentleman named Mr. Les Brown on the radio back then, at the Unity Church in Detroit. And every Sunday, there was that message of hope. And I would listen to him and think there has to be something better for me, I know something, God, the universe has something better in store for me. And I just kept listening to that. And I promised her one day that I would meet that man. And from there, I poured myself into school. And that was my saving grace. And I use my education to get myself out of out of Flint, Michigan. So I end up going to college. And moving out to Southern California where I went to graduate school. And from there, I always kind of had the entrepreneurial spirit, every job, every job I took, I got fired. So I realized early on that I was not made out for the nine to five thing or answering to somebody because every time I tried to, you know, get excited, implement some great ideas and all that I was I was told, you know, you’re too young for that, wait your time get out there on the street and keep keep selling, keep selling.


Yeah, so in my 20s, I, I had a couple up and down. On successful ventures, I started on printing business that didn’t work out so well. And in the meantime, I had this almost like this other life, which was kind of the drinking and experimenting with drugs. And really, it was almost like a secret life. And that was it was a very destructive time. I ended up going and checking myself in for a while and trying to get myself sorted out about what I really wanted out of life. But I never forgot. And I always used to go back to that time where my grandma had me listening to Les Brown. And then I started reading other books thinking Grow Rich, I read augmon Dino back then. And I always knew that Tracy, there was some reason why I would see why I was here why we’re all here. And that’s to do something with with our life. So I never gave up hope. Even in some of the darkest, darkest, darkest days, I never gave up and knew that if I just persevered. Something would change. And it was probably I’ll just fast forward a little bit it was probably the secret came out. I saw Bob Proctor and I was just blown away by that movie, Joe Vitale and a lot of the people in that film, and it started reigniting something in me about Wow, really, if I can figure out how to master this thing between my ears, if I can learn how to control those dots, then I can really attract anything I want. If I just take action, you know a lot of people watch secretly, they miss the other part of the message, you can just sit back and wait for it, you actually have to then take action to go attract that thing that which you want. So I started going to some of these seminars, listening to less going to seminars, and Bob Proctor was teaching, learning about online marketing where I could travel the world. I love traveling, where How can but I started figuring out if I don’t figure out a way to make money while I’m traveling. I’m going to go broke broke trees, right. I said, let me manifest a way, how I can travel the world, meet amazing people and get paid handsomely to do it. And it took a while 2009 was probably the lowest part time of my life. I was working for one of the top online marketers at the time. And I woke up December 1 2009. I remember the day I remember the text, you’re fired. My wife and I at the time were living in Whitney, Texas. And we had three weeks we were thrown out pretty much on the street, no money and just I had to borrow money and go, we end up moving to a hotel in Atlanta for a good month. And again, I would always go back to my grandma’s words that you you’re destined to do something great with your life don’t ever give up. And I started listening to les again, I started listening to Bob Proctor. And I started taking action Tracy, that’s the important thing is I just started I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just knew that I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. And stop blaming everybody. I was so angry. I was a victim, you know. And yet the day that I said looked in the mirror and said I’m here because of the choices I made. That was the most freeing day of my life. And that’s when things started to turn around. really started to explode. And then the last decade is just been an amazing time, relationships, partnerships, it ventures that I would have never thought possible 10 years ago. And so now here we are. You’re right Les Brown on my podcast is guest number one and business partners with les. He’s a client of mine, I also very close in business partners with Bob Proctor, and been able to build and connect with some of the most amazing people around the world. So it’s been a great journey. And

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clearly it has now I think one of the things that I want to pivot back to for a minute, and you mentioned it a couple of times was when you when the secret came out, and I enjoyed that movie as well. And I think I think you and I are probably at that same level as I enjoyed that. It was like I was watching it and going, I this is cool. I get it. it resonated with me. But I actually had my daughter sitting here with me and she was probably 17 at the time. She’s like, what if you just sit there and think things, they’re going to come to you? I’m like, Well, yes and no. I mean, if you think the, the, if you send out the vibrations, that’s step one, I think step two, is the taking action. And I think that’s the step you mentioned that most people miss. And what’s funny is, for the longest time, prior to that coming out, I used to sign all my emails, think successfully. Tracy Brinkmann. And after that, I changed it to see what it is now, where it says think successfully and take action. Tracy Brinkmann. So it’s like, if you do one and not the other, you’re not going to do it. Like if you just take action and aren’t thinking successfully, the action you’re taking is probably not going to be as good. And then on the flip side, if you’re just thinking successfully, but not taking any action, probably not going to get what you’re looking for there either. Thoughts?


No, 100% I agree with you. 100%. Tracy, that’s why when I teach now, I talked about the most important thing, the most basic foundation is that you have to get your mind right. And when when you get your mind, right, anything’s possible. But until you do that, I don’t care what your message is, I don’t care what industry what niche you’re in, you’re not going to be successful. You have to understand, first of all, why are you getting the results you’re getting? And it’s because of your self conscious programming. And most people don’t want to look at or understand that they’d rather they’d rather watch binge on on Netflix, or, you know, they don’t like to, you know, deal with today. We got so many people who love, you know, playing fantasy football, they’re not even in, in today. They checked out on that and social media. So you have to get your mind, right. And how do you do that? Well, first of all, you have to look at the results you have in your life and ask yourself, why am I getting this? Well, you have to understand it’s because of the choices you make. Looking back, you have to understand it’s your programming. So then how do I change that? Well, you have to use what most people never use, because it gets beaten out of us as we get older. our imagination, we function from our five senses where we can see touch, taste and smell. But where the real magic and gifted life is, lies in our intuitive magistracy and our intuition that that people call it your gut feeling. That’s that’s God universe, whatever your mother moon, whatever you believe in. That is your higher sense talking to you and guiding you. Our imagination is the greatest gift ever created. And yet we get told as we get older Stop daydreaming Stop daydreaming, Tracy, stop looking out the window, right pay attention.

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Amen. Yeah, I hear you that i think i think that’s a that’s a great, that’s a great spot right there. That gut feeling. There’s so many folks I’ve talked to they just they had that, that gut feeling that drive that inner Cush, I’ve have to do this because and the because you know, probably their story brought them all these reasons your story brought you your reasons, you know, from your grandma, to the things that happened, you know, with your babysitter and etc, etc. You had to do these things, because ABC you made the promise to meet less to your grandma, etc, etc. and on. Again, back on the flip side, if you got that bad mindset that that net, I won’t say negative mindset because it in someone’s reality, it might not be negative to them. But it’s the mindset that’s not all positive. And I think the other piece of that is that mindset of not taking ownership, right? Because usually in Please, I’m going to hand this back microphone back over to you is like when you take control of that gut feeling and let it out. And whether that’s taking those steps and having that Okay, I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna get, here’s the results I’m hoping for. And whether you get those results or not least you’re taking that step forward, you’re owning that you’re taking that responsibility, responsibility versus well the reason I’m like this is because my parents were fat and we didn’t have money and we grew up in this place and I didn’t have all these great resources and I suck, I suck whatever it is. You’re you’re not taking that ownership and that responsibility right?


100% Tracy, that’s probably the biggest thing that stops everyone is that they want to blame somebody else because I did it for years. I did it for decades. Well, I’m this way because of what she did to me on this way because of where I grew up, or obviously because my dad didn’t know my parents better bla bla bla bla, is a story we tell ourselves and he gets so ingrained in our subconscious mind that we, we don’t even realize it’s almost like we run our life on autopilot. So the first thing you have to do is you have to have awareness before you can take action, your awareness, okay? What is running my life. And that goes to a time we have to just sit down in in quiet, without your phone without any distractions, and look at, okay, I’m here where I’m at, because of the choices I made 100% responsibility for everything in your life, then you try to find the lessons and everything, harvests, the good harvests, the good, this is a perfect example of what we’re going through right now, of this situation that’s going on around the world, I can guarantee you because it’s happened to me, I’ve spent more time with my children than I have. And since they’ve been born in the last five years, amen. I’m sure mothers and fathers have spent more time with their kids in this four months of this, you know, situation than they have at any time. I can guarantee you that we hopefully all come to learn that the richest stuff in the world is the things that don’t cost any money. Yeah, you can’t buy that. And people trade a, you know, one of their $10,000 handbags for a $5 mass these days. So the things that really matter, Tracy, and hopefully we can find a good in this is that the Earth, the universe, God is waking us up, to get back to what’s important love for each other respect, kindness, sincerity, freedom. That’s, that’s what matters. Amen. I

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hear you there. So I want to I want to do a quick pivot over here to one thing that you tend to focus on. And that’s that power of connecting, and you actually call out connecting to yourself to your message, and to your market, which is a really, I was like, Wow, I’ve got to hear what his thoughts on. I know, it is from my perspective, but I want to hear your perspective of how you resonate with that. Sure.


Sure, well, let’s take the first one, Tracy, which I call connecting to yourself, and that’s really connected to your, to your mindset, and what it is you want out of life. Most people don’t know what they want, because they don’t take any time to think they’d rather just, you know, guide them think I think your langosta that most people rather die than think, right? We have to sit down and ask yourself, What do I really want out of life? And we have to know that anything is possible. So we have to take the time to connect to ourselves, and what is it we want to do while we’re here? What is it that ignites you and excite you Every morning when you get out of bed so that you want to just and you don’t care about the money, you do it because you love it. And then what you’ll notice is the money takes care of itself. So the first thing you have to do is connect to yourself, connect to the right mindset, knowing that anything’s possible, connect to your imagination, and let it just wander and write down and just the most outlandish things you think that you can’t do. Because you can have be and achieve anything you want. So after you connect to that and figure out what it is you really want, you have to get clear on how you’re going to present that to the market. So I wanted to get my message out there because I want to help and teach people and I set an intention three years ago, I was very clear, I want to have the number one rated podcast in the country that helps people find their inner greatness and helps them to bring it out. So then you got to connect to your message, you got to be very clear about what it is. What happened for me a lot of times is you we have that shiny object syndrome trace and we start following this thing and the next thing you know we’re doing over here doing that and then you get another email with another great piece of copy and you get sucked into that sales funnel right and then you’re doing next thing you know you’re doing e commerce and then the next thing you know you’re doing a Shopify store and it’s Amazon. And then it’s what else everyone’s got. Well, even I have one but everyone has a master class these days. And it’s just everyone’s all over the place. So get very clear. You’ll notice with Les Brown, he does one thing he’s the best in the world at it. There is no better look at Bob Proctor he does one thing he’s been doing it for 15 years. There’s no one better on the planet than teaching thinking we’re rich and understanding the mindset of what it takes to be successful. And success is not about money. It’s about doing what you love. Right That’s what success is for me know that you can

Tracy Brinkmann  19:32

go ahead no no it’s I was gonna say you’re absolutely spot on there but go ahead hit Continue.


Yeah, so then the third one is so you connect to the mindset Okay, change your thinking, then you connect to the message what is it I want and I’m not going to stop and take no for an answer. I’m going to drowned out all the negative thinking replace those things in my in my subconscious mind with positive messages, gratitude reinforcement every day. And then third, how do I connect to that? The market how do i and this is where I bring in networking. How can I work with others so that we can create a win win situation where we, we all can get what we want. Because there’s no supply is infinite. It doesn’t mean that just for me to be successful, my podcast Tracy, you have to be unsuccessful yours for me to get money doesn’t mean someone else has to lose money. It’s abundance everywhere. So then how do you build relationships? How do you connect with other people when

Jon Talarico  20:26

you do that by


offering value and, and doing what I call little things for big connections? You do? You take an interest in people, not because you want something from them, but because you want to do something for them. So that’s how I built my relationship with Bob Proctor. That’s how I built my relationship with Les Brown. They didn’t tell me five years ago, Tracy, and now I am doing a weekly teaching call with les. He was the first guest on my podcast. He’s a client of mine. And Bob pot, Rob Proctor, one of the things I did for him that helped build that relationship is hanging in the wall of his office, I’ve been there, I’ve gotten the testimonial and endorsement from him. And we’ve done millions of dollars in business together. So when you set the intention of wanting something, and you do it from an unselfish place where you’re willing to give value First, let go let go of the attachment and see what happens. And it’s a it’s a beautiful ride when you just have that unwavering faith and trust.

Tracy Brinkmann  21:23

Amen, I know I’ve, I’ve been a big fan of that message of, don’t get me wrong, my money is like Zig says, money is ranked right up there next to oxygen, right? Yes, I’ve been without it. And I’ve been with it. And I’d rather be with it. But it’s not the end all be all of existence. I mean, if I know if I lost everything I had today, I would probably still have my amazing wife, I would definitely still have my two beautiful daughters. And that’s it. That’s all I need everything else I can rebuild from there. Money is just a byproduct of taking that ownership and making those connections with people. So many people out there, I think you might agree that they’re looking for that quick buck. So they’re looking for that next get rich, quick scheme. And that comes with that, you know, the shiny object and the great copywriting out there. But man if you can, if you can build those connections. And I think one of the greatest things that’s out there is networking opportunities. You know, I know you and I are in a group together. That’s how I met you in the first place. And if I got nothing else, from that networking opportunity, I mean, there’s lessons that are coming with it. But if I got nothing else, the opportunity to meet gentlemen, like you and Brian. And I can remember that there’s a couple other guys that are in their meeting all those folks, Tony as well, was worse than worth the price of admission. So making those connections is is a huge piece of things and building relationships. Because we all I think we’ve all burnt bridges that were like, Damn, if I hadn’t done that I could go make a great offer to them. And they would they would need it. But if you burn that bridge, there’s no offer to be made, right?


Yes, exactly. Exactly. No, Tracy, that’s another thing I teach is that you have to have the mindset, I don’t believe in a six degrees of separation, the world has changed. Things are too quick. Now. I teach a mindset of what I call two people removed. And I show example after example where I can get to anybody in the world through one or two connections. Just like and that’s how quick your life can change. A month ago, we didn’t know each other Tracy, you’re literally not one person away from speaking to Les Brown or Bob Proctor, let’s say, right? It’s that’s how magical life can be when you start to use your imagination. Get clear on what you want and and start to work toward it. Yep.

Tracy Brinkmann  23:52

Amen. And and like you said, you’ll connect with yourself, connect with your message, connect with your market and build those and build those connections. I’ll say daily, right? Yes, get up in the morning and keep redoing it. I want to do a quick total 180 here be sure when I was going through your bio, and I saw the filmmaker piece of it at will. I thought that was really cool. I have another friend Rick Cohen out in Southern California, who’s made a name for himself in the in the film world. And here’s my one canned question for this time with us together. I know we just been chatting organically here. But I knew you’ve made a documentary. But if you could make a documentary today about any person or any topic, what would it be about and why? Very easy question


to see that would be a documentary on the life of Abraham Lincoln. What what he was able to accomplish on educated born in a log cabin and what he went on to achieve knowing that he would probably I’m sure he knew in some level that he would lose his life for it, but what he did for mankind freed the slaves saw the injustice that was done to to other people, and rose to the greatest heights and is now known as probably, for me, the greatest president of all time. I just think it’s a fascinating story and a great inspiration. And that’s, that’s an easy one too easy.

Tracy Brinkmann  25:17

Yeah, that’s it’s funny you mention that my, my father in law is actually in the political collector’s world. And he’s been doing it since he’s like, 1980. Now. So he’s been, he’s been at this a while. And that was one of his guys that he focuses on, he focuses on Kennedy. And then Lincoln are a couple of the guys who dig in, and you get him started, we were out visiting the out in Pennsylvania visiting visiting Valley Forge. And we were taking the guided tour. And the gentleman was saying, and over here, it happened this and, and this happened there. And all sudden, Grandpa, were going to the store, oh, well, you forgot about this. And you know, for 15 minutes, you’d be sharing this amazing story. And you’re like, wow, you know, just that’s just it just clicks in his head. And the tour guide was like, I didn’t need to be taking notes here, because I need to be sharing this with other folks is, yeah, you’re absolutely right, one of the great stories out there, and there’s so many of them, right? And how do you pick one, but obviously, this is a great example. JOHN, I want to be mindful of your time, and I definitely appreciate how you’ve been hanging out. But if there is one tip, or one takeaway for our entrepreneurs out there, you’d want them to walk away from this episode with, share that please.


I would say that you evaluate your results. And then look at why you’re getting the results that you’re getting in your life. And then know that those can change. And they can change by having the awareness that you have to change your subconscious programming in your life. And that when you do that, when you start to live your life from your intuitive factors, when you have the unwavering faith in the things that you cannot see in your intuition, your imagination, your reasoning will, and you start to live from that place, you can open yourself up to a world of magic and beyond your greatest dreams. One of my favorite books is by neville goddard, the power of awareness, and he talks about living from the end. And he says determined imagination is the beginning of all America’s living from the end. So start acting as if your dream has already happened. The problem is most people forget to dream. They’ve numb themselves out so the one piece of advice don’t ever stop dreaming. reignite that imagination get back to that feeling and desire of when you were a little kid about all those things that you wanted to do in your life and know that you can still do there’s still time.

Tracy Brinkmann  27:43

Amen. That brings us full circle you were mentioning that earlier. So before I let you go, where can everyone find you? Where can you find john and all his goodness at?


Yeah, Tracy you can go to john tell the Ricoh gr o n ta le Ri john Talarico. And please would love it if they tuned into the million in new podcast. Subscribe, write a nice review, give us five star rating if you’re finding this stuff. useful as I know a lot of people have been and yeah, you can find me there, Tracy.

Tracy Brinkmann  28:16

Alright, I’ll definitely make sure all those links are in there, as well as the links for your podcasts. All right, john, I appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

Jon Talarico  28:25

You’re very welcome, Tracy, thank you for having me. Have a great day.

Tracy Brinkmann  28:27

Yeah, you too. All right, that was john Taylor Rico, man, what gems he just shouldn’t hear dropping knowledge bombs. So here’s three thoughts I wanted to share with you. Thought number one, john, like so many was able to pull himself what could have been a very destructive childhood. I mean, he threw himself into something in it at him in the long run. in John’s case, it was his education, he used his education to pull himself up and out of where he was at. So tell me what skills honed or raw do you have that you could use to level you up your game? I mean, are you good at planning? Can you see those detailed steps that need to be taken to get from point A to point B? Are you good at marketing? Can you see or are here inside your head? That cool message for a product or service that you’re working in? or working on? Or are you more kinetic and you can feel where something is wrong and you’re able to guide it to a better resolution. You see, whatever skill you have, and trust me, we all have at least one that we take for granted. Whatever it is, it’s inside you level it up, and level yourself up in your business up. Thought number two, john was walking that tightrope, or I would even say, riding that razorblade between two lives, his business life and his party life. You know, the drinking and the drugs right? Even when those things were battling against each other. He kept reading Reading motivational and educational content. And he never gave up. Hope. Then he figured out if he could master that thing between our ears, we could control anything we wanted to, if you just take action, see that came up again, when he was fired, see things changed, because he took 100% responsibility and said, I am here because of the choices I made. Here’s the thing. If you’re making bank already, you’re there because of the choices you made. If you’re not making bank already, but guess what? Same thing applies. So the question I posed to you is, are you going to keep writing your razor blade, or start making better choices for your life, for your relationship for your business? like john says, I’m going to quote until you get your mind right, you’re not going to be successful. Unquote. I think he hit the nail on the head there. Certainly not in a fulfilling way anyway. Thought number three, Connecting, Connecting to yourself, in your mindset, connecting to your message and connecting to your market, connecting to yourself. See, you got to take the time for those introspective questions. Who are you at your core? Who do you want to become? What do you want to do while you’re here? What sets you a fire inside? What would you do 20 473 65. Even if you weren’t being paid for it, right now, they’re all down, right? Break out of journal, a piece of paper, crayon, whatever, our whiteboard, write it all down in, do not feel to yourself, put the pedal to the metal and fast track all your dreams and wishes onto that paper onto that computer screen onto that whiteboard so that you can start connecting to them, and to yourself. Now that you have that, how are you going to present that to the market? What’s your ultimate goal? To teach people to help them level up to help them make money to find your inner peace, build your faster car, find the love of their life? What is your ultimate goal, get clear on what you want to do to connect with your message. And to connect your message to your market now connects to the market. Here you’re going to want to work with others in a way to create a win win solution, you’re going to have to bring your value to them. So they’ll see that how working with you will get them what they want. It’s like we talked with Tiffany in Episode Four, we were talking to Tiffany’s tombs, it’s not the golden rule you want to apply. It’s the Platinum rule with a little business twist. Do don’t you don’t want to work with people the way you want to work with them. You want to work with people the way they want you to work with them. Bring your value in 10 exit when you bring it in, bring it with face and And trust me, it will come back to you 100 fold. And oh yeah, of course. never stop dreaming. What lessons did you did you learn whatever they were, take a minute and write them down. And then put them in your calendar, figure out a time when you can implement a couple of things. One thing that you learned today, whether it was from this podcast or not, take a minute to write it down, put it in your calendar and say, all right, Friday at two o’clock, Monday at one o’clock, whenever it is, I’m going to implement this idea. Right, and then get back to me. Let me know what ideas you gleaned from this and how you put them into action. And what results you saw. email me at Tracy at Dark Horse I want to hear and I’ll leave you with that until I talk to you again. I leave you like I always do things successfully. Take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Check us out at www dot Darkhorse My name is Tracy Brinkmann

EP005 – Jon Talarico Connecting For Success

  • Jon shares how he pulled himself up and out of a destructive childhood and what one thing is used to do that.
  • Jon shares how we overcame the battle between his business life and his partying life and what role responsibility played in winning that battle.
  • Jon dives deep into connecting, what three things must you connect with to be successful in your life and in your business

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