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EP 332 Which Type Of Course Creator Are You?

Looking to start a course but not quite sure what level you are at or where to begin? Or even what type of course you should create? What should you do or where should you go to validate your idea?

What Are The Four Type Of Course Creators Are There?


There are four basic levels of course creators.  1st obviously there are beginners.  We all have to start somewhere. Know, and remember, that even beginning course creators have valuable information that other can and will benefit from. 


After, the beginners are the journeyman.  Journeyman are just beginners that kept at it.  They didn’t give up with obstacles presented themselves (and they will present themselves often).  Journeyman know a bit more than the average man or woman and your looking to share it with those that share your passion for the topic. 


The next level is the one that so many attempt to come off as.  Here is a key to remember.  You do not have to be an Expert in order to earn followers, recognition and of course revenue with your course(s).   Quite the opposite.   When you try to portray yourself as an expert, but you are not one yet, people will recognize that and quickly turn away from you and your amazing content.  BE YOU and they will flock to the level you are.  They will even following you as you go from beginner to journeyman to expert and finally to… 

The Professional

The final level is the professional.  The level a few try to come off as, like the expert, but are quickly shown to be a lower level.  Again, BE YOU, you can attain this level but you will have to put in the work.  If you are already at this level CONGRATS!!  Keep grinding and honing your edge!

What Level Of Course Creator Are You?

In this episode I will go through each of these level in a bit more detail.  I will give you some actions you can take to earn your following no matter which level you are at.  You can also, create your own road map from one level to the next as you built your skills and students.

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